Interview of Poet Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan

1). How would you like to define ‘poetry’ ?

The expression of emotions, ideas and impressions through the use of words in such a way as to convey to the reader the ‘essence’ of the poet’s subject as much as its form…

2). Which of your book took longer time to complete?

‘Bronze bell Jack..’ Absolutely. My third collection and the one that was constantly interrupted by ill health, mine and my wife’s, my step mother’s six months in hospital with a brain injury, my grand daughter running war with her mother and myriad other family dramas… Not to mention remodelling our apartment after my wife’s stroke.

3). Festoon ‘poetry’ with 10 words.

Impressionist, ethereal, metaphysical, magical, spiritual, philosophical, meditational, introspective, instinctual, primal.

4).If not poetry then what?

Novelist… I don’t think I could leave writing now: since being made Poet Laureate of the City of Plymouth I have committed myself to literature in a way so comprehensive I don’t believe I could go back… Besides, if you read my bio on my site ( I think you’ll find I’ve tried most other professions…

5). Any message for your readers?

Keep reading me… I have much to give yet and I believe my work is continuing to evolve. But most of all – keep reading… A poet is NOTHING without his readers!

6). Few words for whom you think your literature journey would be impossible?

My wife, Marlene, without whose belief and forbearance I would not be writing this now…

7). Tell me about your next venture.

I am working on a hard back collection – the entire contents of the last three illustrated collections: but no illustrations -just the ‘word’ – Hard-core. I have a children’s collection about a third of the way through and a collaboration with a local ‘naivist’ artist – an illustrated 120 verse narrative poem for children… THEN! I already have material towards a new series of collections. How’s that?

Thank you so much for the wonderful answers and giving your precious time.Wishing you a great future.

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