Review of Shimmering Chimes

Title : Shimmering Chimes Poetess : Maaya Dev ‘Shimmering Chimes’, a poetry anthology by Maaya Dev is the compilation of whispers oozing from poetess’ heart which she has portrayed in the book curving her emotions and thoughts in the form of words.The voice comes from a pure heart,transparent in nature ,and touches the core of … Read more

Review of Crumpled Voices

Compiled by : Pulkit Gupta Edited by : Ila Garg ‘Crumpled Voices:’ is an anthology book of twenty short stories and three poems that are laid down to show different facets of society giving a voice to social issues. Crumpled Voices broadcasts layers of different traumas society is covered with.It displays almost all the social … Read more

Interview of Bhavya Sachdeva (Owner of Lampshade Publishing House)

1. How is your publishing house different from others? a) Our publishing house has a wider reach in the sense, that we have a tie up with 60+ Colleges and 50+ schools in Delhi-NCR that would allow us to conduct seminars to promote the books. b) We know a couple of distributors personally that would … Read more