Review of Daily Inspiration

Author- Robin Sharma ‘Daily Inspiration’ by Robin Sharma is another helpful book to inspire and motivate one.To make the reading comfortable and easy,it is designed in a calender format. As the back cover says-‘ WE ALL NEED DAILY INSPIRATION.To be brilliant in the work we do and in the lives we lead.To realize our most … Read more

Review of Maximize your memory

Author- Ramon Campayo ‘Maximize your memory’ by Ramon Campayo, an international bestseller author is a book that will help you in learning techniques to improve your mind and maximize your memory. As the book says- Improve your score on tests Read faster and retain anything Never forget names and numbers He focused on the various … Read more

Review of ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ by Og Mandino

The title says it all for this book- ‘The greatest salesman in the world’. Undoubtedly, the one who reads this book and implements the secrets held in the 10 scrolls would be a great salesman. But also anyone who would implement them would transform to be the greatest one in his/her field for sure. The … Read more