Review of The Shaadi Brouhaha

Title : The Shadi Brouhaha..


Authoress : Anjlee Shah




Blurb : Launching a newbie into the Indian matrimonial scene is like introducing a new iPhone in an already saturated market has to be sleek, overflowing with catchy features and better than the already available versions. So when twenty-five-year-old Nitya Trivedi is forced into it by her ever so enthusiastic mother and pestering relatives, she hardly knows what she has bargained for. In her journey to find her soul-mate, she becomes Dollarkumar’s Poundkumari, ends up fasting on party days to make peace with her horrorscope, attends hilarious ‘arranged’ meetings through various matchmaking portals and people – all under the nose of her extremely evil, but deliciously debonair boss Rudra Desai. With besties tying the knot and cousins ‘stealing’ prospective groom, wonder how Nitya’s mother will find the perfect match for her only daughter. But as always, love will find a way in the midst of The Shaadi Brouhaha..


My View : The Shaadi Brouhaha’ is the debut novel of Anjlee Shah. It’s a book with a well-shaped story having excellent illustrations. The story is about a girl named Nitya who walks around different paths to cover the path of her marriage life. The story is locked with drama and real-life events. The lovely cover and the perfect title worked in grabbing my attention and then there goes a story which is presented very neatly. From the beginning the story drives its path elegantly across the every recto and verso.


Sometimes the book will make you chortle when you process the words and sense the episodes in your mind which are whelming in the book. The whole line of episodes seems so true  and real in nature, from the relatives to the friends all will make you recognize the events of your life. Most of the events in the book hits so right and are relatable without a hint of confusion. To me it seems like authoress has very deeply studied the events related to marriage and planted them perfectly in her book.


The story moves forward with a neutral pace but soon Rudra emerges from the book making the story alluring. All the ingredients of marriage environment are stirred up accurately in the book. Reader will happy when he/she discovers those ingredients one by one and will be filled with excitement to discover more in the book. Romance, cousin’s entertainment, friendship and relative’s drama all are played very well in the story.


All the characters are way closer to real life characters. Authoress has sketched them very neatly from Jignesh’s mother and her pronunciation of words to Nitya’s maasi all will make your lips curve when you are about to turn the page. Nitya’s friends and her cousins seem realistic and all this makes the story charming. The story clasps a reader very easily. I found myself completely engaged in the journey.


The easy writing style and smooth narration is maintained throughout the book by the authoress. On one side some of the chapters are interesting and engaging and on the other side some of them are laced with bromidic phases. But I really enjoyed reading the book.  The book will entertain all its readers and there is no doubt in it. Anjlee has done very good work in her very first book and after this I wanted to read more from her.


Fascinating read! Recommended to everyone out there.


Rating : 4.5/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Once Again With Love

Title : Once Again With LOVE!


Author : Abhirup Dhar


Cover of Once again with love

“Once Again with Love’, a romantic tale is a debut novel of Abhirup Dhār. The book covers a usual story of two love birds, circumstances that distanced them and coincidence or destiny that made them again a pair. A book carved with simplicity, romance, and lessons on relationship.


As the blurb of the book goes:


“It’s a small world! Dev smiles and taps Mishika on her shoulders. One rainy afternoon; two ex-lovers meet after six years by chance at an airport. They have moved on but they sit to talk….Come…fall in love…out of it…in it again…and discover the meaning of being together with Dev, Mishika and Priyasha-three oddballs muddled by the phenomenon of love, confusion and relationships while they come of age.


‘Once Again…With Love!’ is a quirky take on love, confusion and modern-day relationships.”


I feel the lack of professional touch in the cover design of the book, it wants to reflect about the story, but it isn’t appealing and eye-catching. A fast pacing story with little description and no superfluous description, but I want it to be a bit more descriptive so that I can get indulge with the story and feel the presence of the characters. It paced so fast that at places I couldn’t find a place to delve. But for those readers, who like to go through short tales without much description and prefer light read, this could be the book you are searching for.


Talking about the storyline of the book, a very simple storyline in which author tries to add a twist in the end. I wish if the story could have some more twists and turns and if it could serve something unique, though how many love stories I’ve gone through I always seek for something different and unique and that is what I expected from this book when I started reading it.


Coming towards the writing fashion author has chosen, a very simple writing style, easy to go with, basically what novice reader would prefer. Articulation is also simple and nice, but could’ve been improved. Author chooses not to beat around the bush, very candid while narrating the story, one event overs and he directly switches over to another. In fewer words, nice characterization, conversations are fine and I could imagine the scenes to pretty good extent.


Simple,short and sweet!


Rating :2.7/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari




Review of When We Clicked

Title : When We Clicked

Author: Yash Pawaskar

“When we Clicked: a twisted love story?” debut novel of Yash Pawaskar portrays a bumby ride of exemplar’s life named Akhil in an impressive manner blending the story with humour,suspense,fun,love and witt.A twisted tale portrayed in a facile way leaving you guess the suspense.

As the back cover says ‘Two strangers,one city, four days, one night, one lie and a fantastic journey.’When weg clicked’ is my twisted love story.I am Akhil Parlekar, a Mumbaikar in my early twenties.Like every other Mumbaikar I love my city, consider Sachin Tendulkar a God, but I’m about to die.

Before I was dying, I lived my life in four days, when we clicked.It was love at first sight for me, but not for her.I spent the four days with her wandering in the city, thinking that she would fall in love me, but the night that followed the fourth day, changed everything.

This journey is about emotions like humour,lust, hatred, betrayal,heroism, friendship and the biggest emotion of them all; love.I am letting you in my heart as well as my brain, you be the judge if this is a love story or not.

You are the protagonist of your life’s story, the central character around which all the other characters and incidents occur.When the protagonist of your story changes to someone else, you are in love.That person becomes the central character of your story and everything else revolves around the person you love.’

The red-coloured cover is attractive enough to gain attention of any love-story reader.Also, the title and the subtitle can made readers’ mind loiter in different directions in order to guess the story.Along with these two catchy elements of the book, here waits another thing for you-the blurb.After reading the blurb, I’m sure no love-story reader could back off.It very precisely speaks of the content leaving a proper amount of suspense giving meaningful details of the protagonist’s life.

In the prologue itself story clutched my hands.I couldn’t realize when I kept on turning pages and it came to an end.The sudden change of events at the end surprised me.I had never thought that the story would end like this.The way author has moulded this story in a suspensful fashion, leaving reader guess how to relate the story with the prologue and comes to an end,makes the story intriguing and engaging. I enjoyed the repartee done between protagonist and non-living things.They worked as a mood-refreshners and make this book more entertaining adding humorous conversations.Poems amalgamated in the story added a great charm to this book.Poems help this book to reach a level up.Prior to the story they are laid down and they festoon the story with its simplicity.

A simple and interactive writing fashion has been adopted by the author.Readers would feel comfortable with the writing style after initial few chapters.Less number of characters makes this story simple and the characterization is also done very well.Albeit the story broadcasts five days of protagonist’s life, but the way author has stitched several events made it interesting to go with in a smooth flow.

Talking about the dawnfalls of the books-there is no such bigger downfall of the book.From the storyline to the narration style, from prompt description to the blend of various flavour, author has maintained everything very-well.The only downfall I could see is-some printing mistakes here and there and some other small errors which couldn’t be reflected if proof-reading could be done well.Also,articulation of sentences could be a bit well.

All in all, a wonderful reading journey and yes, I was completely glued to the story till the end enjoying each and every moment author has described.Kudos to the author for this fantabulous work.Eagerly waiting to read more of him.

Love-story readers go and grab this book asap.This book could lead you to the fantastic world of Akhil and it holds the power to swing your mood to a whole new level.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of A Letter from my father


Author : Kanak Aggarwal

‘A Letter from my father ‘ , debut novel of Kanak Aggarwal, is a simple yet emotional story of the protagonist namely Daksh Aggarwal.The story revolves around his childhood and the way how his relationship from his father played an effective and major role in shaping up his life.

As the back cover says ‘ Daksh Aggarwal is a simple 18 year old Delhi guy who had only one prob in his life- his complicated relationship with his father.He has been passionate about making his dad feel proud of him.He saw both painful and happy times…he witnessed life and he witnessed death.His life was simple still complicated.

Out of all the complications was he able to set up a happy life for himself? Or in his bumpy journey of making his dad realize his worth he ended up doing something terrible? What does the letter from his father has got for him in it? Find out.’

The title of the book perfectly suits the story.The cover picture though not so attractive ,but gives a simple illustration of the story.The synopsis on the back cover generates an inquistiveness to find out the hidden mystery of Daksh’s life and the content of the letter written by his father to him.

Initially, I felt that the story is just another usual ones among the crowd where the author just wants to display his whole life starting from his childhood.But ,the circumstances changed and the story suddenly started to travel on a new track and there it grabbed my attention and interest.

A facile writing fashion has been adopted by the author. The story is laced with simplicity in writing style and complexity in exemplar’s life that kept my interest alive, and the story was also relatable to some extent.Some events really touched my heart ,and are enough to make anyone go emotional. The letter written by exemplar’s father to him is really an heart-touching moment and there it left its impression.This short story also gives a message to all the parents and their children.One could easily go with this book in a single sit.

At some places story is descripted more than required which I felt that could be avoided, and where the story actually wants to go in depth lacks elaboration there.The storyline is good and it could be implemented in a better way.I think the story should go in more depth then it will create its own new aroma ,and it would be more relatable then.But, being a debutant author Kanak has done a nice job.

It was a light-read pack for me,laced with emotions of a boy and his father portrayed in a nice manner.Albeitthe story is short ,but is tear-jerker.A good book to spend some time with , and to learn the lesson Daksh’s story teaches.

Rating: 3.7/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari