Interview of Simson Biswal (Founder of Dream House Publication)

1. How is your publishing house different from others? • We believe in 3 core values Honesty, Quality and Satisfaction • We operate with an unique blend of Traditional and Self-Publishing mode • For self-publishing your books you need to pay 50 % of the cost for first edition only and it’s a onetime payment, … Read more

Interview of Prathap Kamath

Interview of Prathap Kamath 1. What are your outlooks and interpretations about literature? I look upon literature as a justification of my life; it is the only thing that gives me complete satisfaction, in reading as well as in writing. It has consoled, encouraged, intoxicated, and taught me throughout in life. Literature, for me, is … Read more

Interview of Vasanthi Sankaranarayanan (Translator of novel Oorukaval )

Your opinions about the book ‘Oorukaval’ by Sarah Joseph, which you have translated? In my opinion, the original of The Vigil, “Oorukaval” is a significant addition to Modern Malayalam Literature. The form as well as the visualisation of the concept is novel. The thing you like most about Sarah Joseph’s writing style. I like many … Read more

Interview of Author Arti Honrao

Tell us about your world beyond literature. I am single and live with my parents, three brothers, bhabhi and nephew. I have studied medicine. I lead a normal life, following a daily routine. I love spending time on the terrace of my flat, observing nature and enjoy clicking some wonderful pictures. I love playing with … Read more

Interview Of Author Angad Singh Saluja

1.Tell me about your world beyond literature. Beyond writing and books, I am a business guy who is busy managing all his retail stores which comprise of consumer electronics and wine and liquor in different parts of Delhi. It does become pretty hectic at times managing the different business activities everyday and that is when … Read more

Interview of Bhavya Sachdeva (Owner of Lampshade Publishing House)

1. How is your publishing house different from others? a) Our publishing house has a wider reach in the sense, that we have a tie up with 60+ Colleges and 50+ schools in Delhi-NCR that would allow us to conduct seminars to promote the books. b) We know a couple of distributors personally that would … Read more

Interview of Atul Purohit (Founder and CEO of Write India Publishing House)

1. How is your publishing house different from others? Ans: Our publishing house is different from others because of our risk-taking ability. We believe that if the author is taking his work seriously, he’ll put his best in his first venture but most publishers are hesitant in putting the required faith and money in them but … Read more