Review of Hiccups

Author- Harsh Pande ‘Hiccups’ by Harsh Pande is a heart throbing story of a guy and the story revolves around his relationship with his mother and beloved.Author’s consummate is lucidly shown.As the caption says-‘a love story with a difference’.Its not just another love story you will find in every next book, it is an exceptional … Read more

Review of Dead lawyers tell no tales

Author- Randy Singer ‘Dead lawyers tell no tales’ by Randy Singer is an interesting and intelligent book penned with intelligent imaginations. I loved the tale and loved the way author has presented it in a rare humorous way. The author’s pen has the power to draw the readers towards his writings. The title of the … Read more

Review of The Lost Stories

Author- JOHN H WATSON,MD Edited by Tony Reynolds Sherlock Holmes Series ‘The Lost Stories’ of Sherlock Holmes edited by Tony Reynolds ,is the book that matches the level of Arthur Conan Doyle’s books.It comprises of nine stories,where all the stories are very lucidly written and gives the perfect essence of Sherlock Holmes’s stories. Wonderful,well imaginative … Read more

Review of The Secret Archieves

Author- June Thomas Sherlock Holmes Series While reading the Sherlock Homes series, few things definitely strike my mind- mystery,suspense,humorous tactics of solving cases,would be a wonderful reading journey and definitely an enjoyable reading. This is the second book I’ve read of Author June Thomas.The first book (The Secret Journals) is comparitively better than this. After … Read more

Review of Maximize your memory

Author- Ramon Campayo ‘Maximize your memory’ by Ramon Campayo, an international bestseller author is a book that will help you in learning techniques to improve your mind and maximize your memory. As the book says- Improve your score on tests Read faster and retain anything Never forget names and numbers He focused on the various … Read more

Review of Improving your concentration skills

Author- Godfrey Harris & Kennith Harris Concentration is required in every field of life.While studying,while doing a specific job,while cooking,while playing and in every field.It is the most desired element in every field of our day to day life to do our job at its best. ‘Improving your concentration skills’ by Godfrey Harris and Kennith … Read more

Review of 100 thoughts that lead to happiness

Author- Len Chetkin ‘100 Thoughts that lead to happiness’ by Len Chetkin Is a diminitive book festooned with 100 thoughts that will show you the path to happiness. All these 100 ways are very simple to evolve in life and author emphasised on every single thought in a very effective manner. I didnt feel for … Read more

Review of ‘In Pursuit Of Lesser Offence’

Author- Sujata Parashar ‘In pursuit of lesser offence’ third pursuit series by Sujata Parashar is recommended by as the core theme of the plot is marriage and relationships. Well this tag on the front cover made me to ponder about the content inside it. The cover of the book seems classy but I couldn’t … Read more

Review of ‘Maharaja In Denims’

Author- Khushwant Singh ‘Maharaja in Denims’ by Khushwant Singh is a book perfect for history lover. A flavored mingle tale of history and intrigue,marking the suspense till the end and holding back emotions at the end seemed quite impossible. The title and cover seems appealing and unique to me when I hold it in my … Read more

Review of ‘What I Learned from the Richest Man in the World’

Author- Alan Cohen ‘What I learned from the richest man in the world’ by Alan Cohen is another gem in the list of ‘self-help’ books. The title of the book seemed simply to be a philosphical book to me,where a rich man would taught few lessons to a normal guy. But I was proved wrong.This … Read more

Review of ‘Over The Top’

Zig Ziglar ‘Over The Top’ by Zig Ziglar is a life turner book and very genuisely written.’Moving from survival to stability,from stability to success,from success to significance.’ This quote itself says the definition of life and being in the top. This book is filled with principles worth to incorporate in life.This book is one among … Read more

Review of ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’

Author- Robin Sharma ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’.I completely agree with the fundamental of the book that everyone is a leader in his/her own perspect and should act as a leader though no matter whether he/she has festooned with any title or not. Robin Sharma’s books come with inspirational messages along with tactic story.’The … Read more

Review of Love @ Air Force

Author- Gaurav Sharma Love @ Air Force by Gaurav Sharma, is a heart touching and ravishing tale of 36 year old officer Dr. Shabd Mishra, presented in a very humorous way. Satisfactorily enjoyable with crunchy bites of laughter which is credited to the presence of Sushil- protagonist of the story. A reader is easily captivated … Read more

Review of ‘Promise Of Death’

The Promise Of Death – Exploring the undiscovered country, obviously the title attracted me the most. It was driving me impatient to know the story behind the title. The introduction of the book introduces to the meaning of death which in real manner is the introduction to the meaning of life. With his engima author … Read more