Review of No Turning Back

Title : No Turning Back


Authoress : Hemlatha Gnanasekar




About the book : In “No Turning Back”, Swaminathan is a victim of parent rivalry. Unable to bear his father’s harsh words, his mother leaves the house one day; only to end her life. On learning about this, his father is traumatized so much so that he too ends his life impulsively. Swaminathan moves to his aunt’s house where he gets all the love. Swaminathan is married to a girl who turns out to be of a nitpicking character. Unable to get along with her, he walks out of her life one fine day, without as much as a word to anyone. Ramanathan, a Philanthrophist, he is now bent on uniting the couple and tries to change Swaminathan’s mind ? Does Ramanathan succeed in his endeavour?



“No Turning Back”  is a short novel intended for those women out there who take their husbands for granted and  wish to boss over them. The book is a warning to these  nagging women; for the angry outbursts of their  henpecked husbands could get them nowhere.



My View :

External Elements – The book inaugurates with a transparent preface which is enough to provide a succinct explanation about the story. The intriguing title strike many questions at once in my mind. The questions like Is it a path of life’s incidence or is it a ghastly way? All these questions were making me curious. Soon the shadowy effect at the cover of the book catches my attention to answer my questions; maybe there are ghosts in the story or maybe they are just human shadows depicting something. If the readers out there are landing up in the field of same questions then they need to complete the book in order to get the answers.



Internal Elements – All the characters are portrayed in an effective manner. Shanthi’s rude behavior and her taunts seem realistic. Although the story is regular, but it is presented in an uncommon way. The story covers different facets of Swaminathan’s (protagonist) life; he loses to carry a healthy marriage relationship. After his several efforts he finds it impossible to change Shanthi’s attitude and at last he left. Then there comes a new character in the story Ramanathan who put his efforts to reunite the couple.



Plaudits – Authoress has framed up the all the emotions (love, hatred and anger) equally in her book and its vibes can be felt easily while reading. The story doesn’t lack the originality and hence it perfectly ties up the phases around real life events.



Downfalls – The whole story is a common household tale. Authoress has chosen a common theme which is pleasant to read only if there exist some exceptional elements. Authoress has maintained this effect in her book and thus making it an interesting read.



Writing style – The writing style is simple. The way Hemalatha recites the story is commendable. The authoress knows very well how to capture a reader’s mind. The articulation of sentences is magnetic which will make you feel all  which the authoress mentioned in her book. At places she delineates the episodes with a calm effect drawing images of the events which are really nice and touchy.



Narration – I like the narration style picked by the authoress; from the first page till the last page she connected all the episodes without any stumbling block. It was the second time I had read Hemalatha’s work, and I would say this time also she touches my heart with her words. The way she narrates about Swaninathan’s condition of distress, the way she expatiates about environmental surroundings i.e. the tress, the silent night and much more; all are magnificent.



Testimonial – Wondrous Read!



Rating : 4/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of Breakup Before Love

Title : Breakup before Love


Author : Raj Singh





Blurb : Anoop, a crazy lover, struggling to lead a normal life and slowly moving towards it too, meets Ritu, the girl he loved. On seeing her after three years, he is confused whether she will recognize him or not. Her sudden reappearance drags him into the past. Friendship, love and betrayal had left him blank and completely stranded, but the way she reacts on seeing him gives him a ray of hope. It seems as if nothing had gone wrong between them. They hug each other and burst into tears unmindful of the people around them. Anoop repents for the dreadful mistake he had committed in the past and now wants her back in his life. He requests her for a permanent relationship. But will Ritu come back into his life again? Will she forgive him? And, will their life start over again?



My View : The colors of love are painted like a languid walk in everyone’s life, one day or the other. The quiet shimmer gently clutches you and lands you up in a chirpy garden where every bud welcomes you with a relish fragrance of infatuation. But what will happen if this aroma of love is slowly fading away with every hour and even after your unsurpassable efforts you are unable to feel it back. The book will make you walk on the similar slope of incomplete love having pebbles of pain, sorrow and heartbreak.




The simple title and cover of the book are perfectly suited to the story. Author has conveyed a sad love story in his book where the protagonist Anoop fails to clasp the love thread in his life. The story begins with the college life of Anoop where he falls in love with Ritu at first sight. They both became best friends in no time. Ritu who is unaware about Anoop’s love gets committed with his school friend named Samuel. Anoop was not in a condition to face all this and he goes on maintaining a distance with Ritu. Later wards Anoop gets a second chance to express his love when Ritu finally bids adieu to Samuel. Then Anoop expresses his feelings infront of Ritu but it seems like destiny doesn’t want to make his love complete. The end of the story is filled with sorrow and pain.




After reading the first chapter, I was zipped up with the excitement to read the whole book in order to discover some interesting and engaging episodes. But my all excitement discolored very soon. The theme of the story is so common that a reader can easily guess the very next episode. The whole content in the book is regular and is presented in a usual and common way. This effect will definitely ignite the feeling of boredom in reader’s mind. In short I would say – The story lacks the magnetic effect. To be honest I was not satisfied after completing the book. I was expecting for some fresh content whenever I was about to start the new chapter. I was totally disappointed when I failed to locate the newness in the book. The story is runs like a tortoise and goes on sketching the known and reckoning phases.




Author has mentioned that Ritu is Bengali but I didn’t found a single thing where I could feel the Bengali essence of Ritu. There are certain things in the book which are not well molded thus the book lacks in capturing my attention. Author just goes on reciting whatever he imagines; if Mr. Singh has focused on delineating the episodes in more interesting manner digging up the trite events than the book would be pleasant to read. The language is simple helping me to complete the reading journey without any deviation. A smooth narration is done by the author.




Altogether a common storyline presented in a monotonous manner.



Rating : 2/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of Out Of The Blue

Title : Out Of The Blue



Author : Ekamdeep Singh




Blurb : Love is understanding, mutual confidence, sharing, and forgiving. Love is invisible. It is a true feeling; it cannot be seen or measured. Sometimes, the voice of the heart is much stronger than all the other sounds and words spoken without feelings.


Love leads a person to the path of truth but sometimes, the truth spoken for love can lead us and the life of our love to the never-ending separation and the conclusion is only destruction.


Welcome to ‘Out of the Blue’, an adventurous story of a young lieutenant, Sebastian, who struggles through many hardships for his tormented old father and his lover, Carole. Furthermore, plans, suspense, lust, and jealousy provide a divergence from the loving atmosphere of Paris.



My View : The book holds an adventurous story which is woven around the unexpected events of the protagonist’s life  named Sebestian. The story goes symmetrical along the title; every episode played unexpectedly leaving Sebestian in trauma. The cover of the book already spoke that the readers will get a chance to meet the pirates while tracing the sea journey in their minds. Well it is an attractive cover which will surely set the readers on the reading track in no time.



Author has covered numerous events in this thin book. His father’s secret abduction of which he is totally unknown, his treasure hunt journey, friend’s avaricious and cruel behavior for him, his imprisonment in false case, Carole’s (Wife of Sebestian) adopted son’s meeting with him, his meeting with Margaret, his incomplete amour for carole, the fights with pirates and finally his unexpected death. There is lot more to discover in the book for readers. The story is fast paced. All the events are moving very fast that it would take hardly one minute to feel the switches between those events. The switches occur so often that a reader is welcomed by a new event before the establishment of a healthy connection with the previous one.



The writing style is simple. The narration done by the author is not impressive and was detaching me from the story over and over again. I had found several writings which does not provide any kind of linking with the story. Like protagonist’s childhood friend Catalina expressed her love for him (Sebestian) through a letter which he receives after her death ; this part is unnecessarily mentioned which was not helping the story in any way. Instead of mentioning such worthless parts if author had worked on polishing the important events, then the reading journey would be interesting.



If I see the age of the author, then I must say that he has done well in his book but from the reader’s perspective the book lacks in various ingredients which are very important to make a good story. Author needs to learn a lot for serving the story in an interesting way in-front of readers. I believe that Ekamdeep will surely improve his skills in future. His imaginations are very good but he lacks the art in expressing those imaginations in an effective way.



Rating : 2/5




Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of Gods Message To The World

Title : Gods Message to the World


Author : Neale Donald Walsch






Blurb : Is it possible that everything we think we know about God, and what God wants, is wrong? Look inside Gods Message to the World …


Could humanity’s ideas about all this be the greatest inaccuracies . . . ever? Would it matter if they were? The author of the multi-million-selling Conversations with God series places the question squarely before our world in another blockbuster book that could move our species closer to true spiritual revolution on the Earth, changing humanity’s future for the better, forever.


In direct and spiritually challenging language, Walsch here exposes the many ways in which he believes that humanity completely misunderstands God. He then describes in clear terms how the world could change overnight if humans accurately comprehended what God is, what God wants, who they are in relation to that, and to each other. Walsch calls this the “Missing Data” which, if ever embraced and acted on by our species, would create a spiritual revolution across the globe, bringing humanity both inner and outer peace at last.


Does anybody care why our species has been such a failure? Does anybody imagine it has not been? Does anybody want to know how this whole situation can be turned around in the virtual blink of an eye? If you do care about those questions, then you will read this book.


My View :

God is the one whom we consider the companion of our sorrows and joys. God is the one in front of whom we pray for our incomplete wishes. God is the one whom we recognize in painful moments and difficult situations. We had been taught several things related to God; some says God exists within us and some says God is all around us in every single atom. The book works as a guide in understanding the various terms related to God and uncovering the knowledge of humans about God.



The simple title of the book gives a blur hint about the insights of the book. Then there comes the blurb which will give a concise description about the book. I was in a tizzy when I completed reading the blurb. After reading the blurb the readers will be latched to the chapters very soon. The book will tell the readers very deeply about the presence of God. The book is about the God and about his believes.



Book also covers the different misunderstandings about God which human considers. Book throws light on different aspects of God which human concedes. The book will let you follow the path about God’s existence and faith of people in God. The book will tell you that we are mistaken somewhere and helps the readers to clear out the delusive images related to God.



The book explains 17 statements about the God which author has mentioned in chapter 2. The book focuses on aspects related to God and all that we have been told about God is accurate or not. Author has also talked about one’s believe in God in this book. The readers will found themselves curious to collect these details residing in the book.



The book is very interesting and I must say that author has done a commendable job. The writing style is simple which provides an easy read to its readers. Author had done a lucid narration in this book. The book will surely clutch the readers from the very first page. I was totally engaged while reading the book and the smooth and clear reading track aligned me more to the book.



Author has covered 28 chapters in the book. All the chapters are very well written and will definitely prod the reader forward in no time. Readers will get an opportunity to learn several different things through this book. The readers will surely enjoy while tracing out the channels of information discussed in the book. Some reads may not be comfortable when the book finishes as different people has different perceptions; so some may leave disappointed and some may be completely satisfied. All I could say is that it is a very good book to spend time with.



A fantastic read! Highly recommended to one who wants to scrutinize more about God.



Rating : 4.5/5



Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of Don’s Wife

Title : Don’s Wife


Author : Vinod Pande


Don's Wife










After several dastardly attempts on her life in different cities of the world, Kamini, the firebrand leader of the emerging new party, the icon of the youth, the idol of the world of glitter and glamour, the revered social reformer, the enigmatic wife of the dreaded underworld Don Harsh Jadhav, assassinated by unidentified gunmen at the unlikeliest of places, right at the front door in the porch of her own house. With mere two mortal shots, death had snatched her from life and what a life!


She could launch a million ships, both with her beauty and her exceptional brilliance. A fulsome life but a born rebel. Defiantly left all this to marry a man she loved, a man, she was to learn rather late in the day, was the son of one of the most feared mobsters in the country. A woman who went beyond, beyond the societal mores in her passionate relationships.


And, then the world did not remain the same. A saga began. A saga of revenge and hope, of aspirations and betrayals, of human tragedies and triumphs.


A story of tall men and even taller women where heroes are not only heroes and villains are not only villains.


Story of Kamini, more powerful in death than even in life.


My view :

The beginning of the story is intriguing and readers will surely found themselves latch to the book very soon. But the thick book of 500 pages cannot be completed forthwith and thus readers need to give some time to discover the various peaks and valleys submerged in the book. The title of the book very finely suggests that the story is centered on Don’s wife. The cover of the book shows the wretchedness of a woman and the woman is definitely Don’s wife; a captivating cover.


The story is sketched around the facets of Kamini’s life. A woman who falls in love with Don’s son named Harsh. Everything goes well in her life but then sudden drastic change oozes when several unspoken words related to her husband pops up at the edge of her life. Her life is totally changed when her husband leaves her one night and becomes criminal. Things are difficult for her and her life is slipping away with every passing moment.


Laterwards Kamini falls in love again with her bodyguard named Jayanth. Reader will be interested to find the reason behind Kamini’s death. There are three main characters in the book viz Harsh, Kamini and Jayanth. Kamini’s character is very finely weaved and is really touchy; a strong woman buried under the heaps of dolor. Author had done a good characterization in his book.


The writing style of the author is easy to go with. A very neat narration is done in the book providing a smooth flow in the reading journey. But the smooth narration becomes edgy when surplus events come into action. Some parts of the book are not well edited. Incidents are properly portrayed by the author. He portrayed the events which seem real and are catchy.


Every scene from love to hatred is played very well in the book. This book will definitely lead its readers to a story full of drama. Some parts of the book are unnecessarily stretched which may ignite the feeling of incense. If these unnecessary events were cut then the book would be more compelling. Although the story holds captivating episodes but the pace of the story is slow at times.


Altogether a book having pinch of crime, love, anguish and sex.


Rating : 3/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya


Review of The Shaadi Brouhaha

Title : The Shadi Brouhaha..


Authoress : Anjlee Shah




Blurb : Launching a newbie into the Indian matrimonial scene is like introducing a new iPhone in an already saturated market has to be sleek, overflowing with catchy features and better than the already available versions. So when twenty-five-year-old Nitya Trivedi is forced into it by her ever so enthusiastic mother and pestering relatives, she hardly knows what she has bargained for. In her journey to find her soul-mate, she becomes Dollarkumar’s Poundkumari, ends up fasting on party days to make peace with her horrorscope, attends hilarious ‘arranged’ meetings through various matchmaking portals and people – all under the nose of her extremely evil, but deliciously debonair boss Rudra Desai. With besties tying the knot and cousins ‘stealing’ prospective groom, wonder how Nitya’s mother will find the perfect match for her only daughter. But as always, love will find a way in the midst of The Shaadi Brouhaha..


My View : The Shaadi Brouhaha’ is the debut novel of Anjlee Shah. It’s a book with a well-shaped story having excellent illustrations. The story is about a girl named Nitya who walks around different paths to cover the path of her marriage life. The story is locked with drama and real-life events. The lovely cover and the perfect title worked in grabbing my attention and then there goes a story which is presented very neatly. From the beginning the story drives its path elegantly across the every recto and verso.


Sometimes the book will make you chortle when you process the words and sense the episodes in your mind which are whelming in the book. The whole line of episodes seems so true  and real in nature, from the relatives to the friends all will make you recognize the events of your life. Most of the events in the book hits so right and are relatable without a hint of confusion. To me it seems like authoress has very deeply studied the events related to marriage and planted them perfectly in her book.


The story moves forward with a neutral pace but soon Rudra emerges from the book making the story alluring. All the ingredients of marriage environment are stirred up accurately in the book. Reader will happy when he/she discovers those ingredients one by one and will be filled with excitement to discover more in the book. Romance, cousin’s entertainment, friendship and relative’s drama all are played very well in the story.


All the characters are way closer to real life characters. Authoress has sketched them very neatly from Jignesh’s mother and her pronunciation of words to Nitya’s maasi all will make your lips curve when you are about to turn the page. Nitya’s friends and her cousins seem realistic and all this makes the story charming. The story clasps a reader very easily. I found myself completely engaged in the journey.


The easy writing style and smooth narration is maintained throughout the book by the authoress. On one side some of the chapters are interesting and engaging and on the other side some of them are laced with bromidic phases. But I really enjoyed reading the book.  The book will entertain all its readers and there is no doubt in it. Anjlee has done very good work in her very first book and after this I wanted to read more from her.


Fascinating read! Recommended to everyone out there.


Rating : 4.5/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of Soil For My Roots

Title : Soil for my roots


Authoress : Minal Sarosh




Blurb : Soil For My Roots asks: Does a cross culture society bring out the best or worst in an individual? How do we preserve our roots? Or in present times do we really need to.

The protagonist, Angela feels that her situation is similar to the money plant which is uprooted from the soil and put in a bottle. She always feels the lines between various cultures are slowly blurring.

Soil for My Roots is a novel exploring these most confounding, unanswered, yet subtle queries of our times and maps how we as people have evolved in a multi religious society.


My views : The attractive title ‘Soil for my Roots’ will nudge your mind to find the answers of the questions like What kind of root? Is it a root of a plant? Why soil? Is it the soil of earth or something else? The simple book jacket depicting the title will shove you to search the soil inside the story so as to find the answer of your questions, as had happened with me.


We need our time and the freedom to play the events of our life according to our wish. Does culture and religion should have the right to stand as an obstacle between the paths of our wishes. Why a Christian girl can’t apply ‘mehandi’ if she wants and can’t wear the jewelry according to her wish. If so then why we are supposed to make wishes and carry the happiness thinking all the time that someday our wishes will come true. The story will drive your way to the same feeling when one wants to fulfill their wishes but their religion doesn’t allow them to collect the colors of their will in the painting of their life.


The story narrates the saga of  Angela and her cousin Sarah. The story whirls around Nasik and then later on Ahmedabad. It is interesting to find the traces of the prologue in the book and reader will be more glued to the book when they are about to acknowledge it. Authoress has very finely illuminated the events and places which swirls in the book and thus the description of the places seems realistic.


Authoress has gone over a fine tooth and comb to pour the events clearly and without a hint of confusion. Characterization in the book is effective and pragmatic. In one episode there are sub-episodes which are switching more often. These episodes are not well synchronized with the former one and due to this it is sometimes difficult to deal with the story in a proper manner as required. Readers will need to maintain clear images of the episodes in their mind from past to present and vice versa so that they can have a better and undimmed understanding about every passing chapter.


Sometimes events are unnecessarily stretched. The story would be proved to be more compelling if these unnecessary events were made invisible. The writing style is not easy making the reading journey slow and strenuous. The way authoress has written the story is really amiable; her written work is filled with affection and very gently pours the story.


Striking read!


Rating : 3.5/4


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of The Heart of Gold

Title : The Heart of Gold


Author : Hemalatha Gnanasekar 






Blurb : This Novel is intended for all those young girls who are too infatuated and fall out with their parents in relentless pursuit of their love and pleasure. The theme of this fiction brings out a clash of generation gap modeled on the so called concept of New Woman. The plot centers round Mukesh, who is dumbfounded when his newly married wife says that she is forced into marriage. She tries her best to maintain a distance with him. One fine day, she asks his permission to go out and meet her ex-lover. Mukesh is deeply hurt and warns her that if she ever goes out to meet him, he would renounce her. Nithya refuses to comply with his order s and leaves the house only to land in trouble. She is kidnapped and forced into prostitution. There was only one person who can save her. Nithya pleads with her husband to rescue her. Mukesh being a man with a Heart of Gold decides to suffer the wrong rather than inflict the wrong. While he rescues her, he is not willing to accept her back into his life. Nithya however, is bent up on staying with him, no matter what! Is she able to win his heart?


My views : The book will drags your path to the story of a lass who is unknown about the events playing in her life. Her working parents are too busy all the time that they even neglected the loneliness of her daughter and ends up to her marriage against her will. From her marriage to the time when she realized the fake love of her ex the events are wrapped tightly making the reading voyage easy.


Hemalatha has done a good job in her book. She shares all her thoughts and imaginations with a soothing effect. The chapters are strolling perfectly on the periphery of the story from past to present which makes them easy to relate for a reader without a hitch. This way of limning the story will clasp the reader from the very beginning. The story doesn’t fluctuate withdrawing unnecessary events.


The verbose blurb heretofore reels off much about the story. The reader will need to only find the answer of the question residing in the Preface– ‘Is she (the protagonist Nithya) able to win his (Nithya’s husband Mukesh) heart’? His heart which is of gold will surely forgive her. The title “Heart of Gold” connotes about the protagonist’s husband Mukesh. A nice cover murmuring about a girl’s plight , who is yet to face the coming waves.


The story turns out to be more interesting and charming when Nithya realizes that her husband is the only gem which she is avoiding all time long. The theme chosen by the author is perfectly emerging out of the story. When something wrong is about to happen then it will show its light tint. Like in the story after acquiring jewels Nithya’s ex-lover is missing for two months. Her mother understands what the truth is and forces Nithya to marry. But Nithya was blind in love and take revenge with her parents. The lesson which I could draw from the story is –“Despite of submerging in emotions one should be aware of, when the light tints come into action.”


There are times when a girl ensnares in such kind of situations and totally lacks the capacity of thinking. By this story the girls will able to understand and learn that the yearning is not always true and they should be aware of every step taken of their beloved to avoid such critical situations of life.


A winsome story!


Ratings : 4.5/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya


Review of The Forbidden Line

Title : The Forbidden Line


Author : Mayank Kashyap




 Book Blurb : In The Forbidden Line Virat is completely different from what his Dad wants him to be. With Pulkit and Saurav, who are like brothers to him and his girlfriend Manya, his life is perfect, until one fateful day when his world falls apart. Now, he has only one aim in his mind… Redemption.


In order to arrange the broken pieces of his life, he crosses all the forbidden lines only to end up destroying everything he had and then he faces the cruel reality behind his agony.


Why was Radhika waiting for Virat?


Will Virat’s story ends with a happy note?


A loss can never be reversed.


My views : Blurb of the book will fill the reader with inquisitiveness and soon when the book commences with the two prologues, the reader will be more curious to read the insights of the book. The story which book carries is common and congruence to life events happening nowadays. But author has portrayed the story as light as rain making it a touchy story. All his efforts are oozing out from every page of the story and discharging the tale from his imaginations.


The title- “The Forbidden Line” is the best suited title for the story. The reader can smell the aroma of love, friendship, aggression and revenge in the book. A reader will find common events till chapter 11 and the twists will loosen up when he/she rides the reading voyage ahead. The first 60-70 pages in the book are running with a neutral pace leaving me inattentive. The book would take some time to gather the interest and heedfulness.


The part of the book which could moisten the reader’s eyes is, when even after the efforts of Virat (Protagonist) and Pulkit their friend Saurav left them and passed away. When Saurav died then story has taken a doleful turn which could nudge the reader to remove the devils from the society. How on earth people keep on watching the drama when the girl is semi-nude in front of them. These kinds of events are happening in the society to which nobody pays attention to and all do they care about is their life. Author has portrayed the same in his book and maintained the events very well which are really praiseworthy.


The narration of the story is done very smoothly by the author. The writing style of the author is simple making the reading journey easy. There are some spelling mistakes in the book like on page no. 80 and 84 the spelling of ‘post mortem’ is written as ‘post modem’ , on page no. 97 author had written ‘Mon’ instead of ‘Mom’. Such kind of bloopers should be taken care of to make the book flawless.


A nice read!


Rating : 3.5/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of Envisage

Title : Envisage


Author : Jaydeep Khot




Blurb : In Envisage Kasak is a girl blessed with powers to predict the future. How does she do it? That’s what you have to find out by reading this crime and mystery novel. Will these powers help her to solve the biggest problem in her life? Will she be able to solve the biggest mystery?


Kasak loses her parents and becomes a part of a wonderful family, with her uncle and aunt. Ravi, her cousin is a naughty but an integral part of her life. From Kasak’s growing up to gaining her powers, everything will be unveiled as you turn the pages! Happy Reading!


My views : Envisage is the second novel of the author Jaydeep Khot. A well suited title and a ravishing cover will prod you to open the book as quickly as the second-hand moving in the clock. After the blurb there goes a simple and brief Preface which will tell you more about the book.


The very first chapter welcomes the reader to meet the protagonist Kasak. Kasak is a girl who can foresee the shades of the future. Kasak was a small kid when her parents met with an accident which leads her father to an unnatural death and mother in coma. She was brought up under his uncle’s care named Sunil and his wife Nazuk. Ravi is the only son of Sunil and Nazuk and he is very mischievous boy who enjoys playing pranks.


By the time Kasak grew older and fell in love with his classmate Shubham whom he happened to meet as a prom partner. Kasak also learned Taekwondo in her early age which she continued later wards after a long time break due to health issues.


By using the powers Kasam helped to stop so many unwilling and bad things to come into action. Kasak detangles the murder mystery of his only lover Shubham. At the end Kasak’s mother captured her senses and this news collected the breeze of glee around Kasak. But Kasak was gone in doldrums when she came to know that her parents intentionally met with an accident which has not only snatches the life of her father but also snatches the right to live a happy life with her parents.


The story is magnificent having impressive effect. The way Ching tells the value of each belt taking example of tree is really catchy and appealing. The first half of the story played at moderate pace and the story becomes compelling when the second half dig up from the every passing chapter. The end of the story is a cliffhanger and to find out the murderer reader will need to wait for the sequel. The most attractive chapter of the book is ‘Past or Future’ which slowly traces the future fastening the links together.


The book is written in such a manner that even a school going child can also complete the book within a few hours. So, I would say the writing style is as easy as pie. From the very first page story was moving with a very high speed. It seems author is in hurry to make the story reach the end as soon as possible. The narration of the book is smooth but is not well polished and lacks the soothing effect. There are grammatical mistakes in the book which will make your converge attention diverge within seconds. Altogether a story with a fascinating plot.


A page turner!


Rating : 3/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of The Departing Point

Title : The Departing Point


Author : Santosh Avvannavar, Jyoti Byahatti and Raghunath Babu Are




The feeling of incomplete love can tear you apart and will make you numb. It is a famous quote – To love is something and to be loved is everything. The book goes opposite of this quote making the love departed in mid-way. The Departing Point  is a collection of seven short stories woven with the feeling of love. Author has adopted a very well suited title for the book.


The cover of the book is simple. It consists of some balloons with words embedded in it like patience, hope, trust, kind etc. The concept of the cover is same as the other books of author. This is the third book in which I have seen the same concept having words on the cover page which are used to describe the insights of book.


The Last letter : The last letter is a story about a boy whose love becomes blur in the desires of his girlfriend. His love is more concerned about her career rather than about her relationship. She wants to fulfill her desire and hence she left in midway. The story is common but the way author delineates the story is heart-touching. The story has sections of letters, flashback and present. The whole story is depicted by the help of these three sections which goes on changing according to the number. A common theme but nice attempt by the author.


Derailed : It is a story about a college boy stuck between two girls. It is always hard to handle situations of having two girls aside. The situation becomes harder when you need to select your love. The story revolves around the two girls named Anjali and Emily and a boy. The boy addresses various uneasy situations and by time boy understands the value of love and friendship. A nice read.


Julie Loves Me : The beginning of the story was good and goes on pleasing and interesting after each turn but at last reader’s mind will be filled with sadness. A story in which a girl loves a boy and a boy loves a girl, they both unites, spent quality time together, make memories and at last their relationship ends and they separate. A story full of emotions.


Checklist Love : The title itself suggest that what the story is about? Protagonist has a checklist for everything which he wanted to achieve, so the case is with love. First he searches his love and then tries to get her love. He was almost successful in getting his love but things went wrong at last.


My cindrella : A story in which protagonist tries to acquire his love. At times the story is related to the movie DDLJ and protagonist compares his life with Raj. A nice read.


Open and Closed Love : The story is mediocre in the sense of capturing of reader’s mind and making them glued to the book. A story with no drama. The story is about a boy and his love for a girl who disappears first then appears then again disappears and the same rolled again and again.


Na Paki na Gulab Nadir ko baksh do Jannab : The story begins with a case playing in the court of law. As the story rolls out the protagonist and his love is clear in reader’s mind. Whole story is based on the conversations played in the court. A story with a nice plot.


All the stories are based on rejection. As the subheading says –“two people departed” , the book completely catches the subheading and in every story the love becomes blur at the end. The writing style is easy and one can easily complete the book without taking the help of dictionary. Some of the stories in the book are common, some may ignite the feeling of boredom and some may poke you to keep the book aside.


Altogether a nice read.


Rating : 2.5/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of Surrogate Author

Title : Surrogate Author


Author : Santosh Avvannavar

Shilpa Patil




Blurb :

A journey of an aspiring author having a penchant for writings through various Bollywood characters to inspire various other authors through this inspiring filmy story based on Devdas. It also consists of writing tool to practice. Get-set-to read a filmy remake of writing! Come fall in love with writings!



My views :


Author has selected a very nice theme which could actually help the newcomers and the one who endeavors to set their career as a writer. The book is framed on the love between an aspiring author and his first book Paro. The title and the blurb of the book are enough to get a clear hint of the book. The cover of the book is nice triggering facets of the protagonist life in eleven clouds. The book showcases the feelings of an author to complete his book Paro and get a bestseller tag.


The story is about an aspiring author named Authdas who went to London ten years ago to complete his education because of his family demands and pressure. After ten years when he came back to his home he makes up his mind to complete the work which he left undone so many years back. But he faces so many hurdles as his book get into another author’s hand. After overburdening the dilemma he finally went to seize his book and at last he was successful in fulfilling his desires.


The story is unfolded symmetrically around the nine months. The book will be helpful for the people who look around to become a successful author. Through a short and simple story the book splashes the state of the authors and struggle which they schlep in the journey of writing and publishing a book. Author had used concept of the Devdas movie and had related the story very well. The book will take less than an hour to get completed.


Now talking about the downfalls of the book. The dialogues in the book are not that much realistic and catchy making the book less interesting. The story is not at all attention holding leaving me unhooked so many times. The book is not well edited.


All in all a nice read. The book will be a good select not only for aspiring authors but also for the ones who loves to pen down their thoughts, stories and poems.



Rating : 3/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of Gods Table

Title : Gods Table


Author : Santosh Avvanavar

                   Jyotti Byahatti

                   Dr. Sandeep Huilgol




Blurb : A noble couple. In noble professions. He’s a doctor and she’s a teacher. What do they discuss over meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner? They are perturbed by the social, moral, economical and anthropological issues plaguing our country these days. Meet Amrita and Robert, a couple who will speak on behalf of you. Witness their daily discussions on problems you think are worth talking about. Education, Medication, Elections, Corruptions, Honour Killing, Child Marriage, Social Media – you name it and the disease has already made deep wounds in our country’s body and soul.


God comes to rescue along with Amrita and Robert. Delve into the gospels and teachings of God to find a solution to each malady, if you wish to accept it. Authors Santosh Avvanavar, Jyothi Ghirwari and Dr. Sandeep Huilgo present a unique fiction in conversations to remind you how God would have faced and erased a few of our society’s key problems.


My views :

The book begins with a short introduction about the painting of Leonardo Da Vinci named “The Last Supper”. The title of the book is intriguing so as the cover which shows different evil threats (murder, terrorism, abuse, alcohol, corruption, drug, suicide etc.) of the society in each and every dish placed on the table.


The whole book is a collection of opinions and discussion on particular topics. There are twelve topics which are submerged in the book and are discussed by the characters on the dining table. Beginning with the very first topic.


Deemed Universities are Doomed : The topic covers the insights about the teaching environment and lessons which are provided and taught to the students. What knowledge a student should acquire in what way is very necessary for the proper mental growth of a student. The same is discussed in the Menu 1.


3 ‘W’s of the World : Here three ‘W’ means Wealth, Women and Wine. Menu 2 focuses on how this should be managed in a man’s life. The discussion is regarding three aspects viz., Women should be obeyed, Greed for wealth should be removed and Wine should not be consumed in excess.


Euthanasia : Author illuminates the meaning of the term ‘Euthanasia’. Euthanasia should be adopted or not? If someone is in trauma and in a painful disease then is it ok to let them die? Is it just a saying that God will rest us in peace? Menu 3 focuses on these three questions.


Elections : One should actively participate in voting process. In Menu 4 the discussion is about the voting process and about a question – Does the voting process really help in selecting a right candidate?


Health is Wealth : Health is really important in today’s hectic life. Menu 5 also speaks about the same. Along with food, exercise should also be given equal preference. After all it is a saying that ‘In a healthy body a healthy mind resides.’


Honour Killing : Menu 6 is about the marriage, a marriage in which spouse are from different caste. Why people don’t have the right to choose their life partner in India? Why the family members kill their own daughter when they came to know about their love? Menu 6 lands up with the conversation of such marriages and their outcomes.


Abuse : A child should be handled with care and love but some evil people of the society treats them like a toy and don’t even bother about the pain of a small child. Menu 7 focuses on the child abuses i.e. physical, emotional, sexual, negligence and exploitation.


Death : You are always unaware of the very next moment in your life and you really don’t know what will be held next. And when it comes to death it is totally unpredictable. Menu 8 is discussion about the death and a simple thought- ‘Relatives should accept the death fact for their loved ones instead of cursing God.’


Social Media : Everything should be in control like food, anger, sleep, work etc. Excessiveness of anything can land you up in a bad situation. Social media is good but its excessiveness will bury you someday in a difficult situation. Menu 9 focuses on the same thought viz. Social media should be in control.


Girl : Menu 10 delivers a very important message- ‘Everything has a specific time so as marriages’. The discussion is about – “There exist some people in the society who considers girl child a burden and led them in marriage life in early age.”


Stains of Staines : The act of killing to someone by someone is common crime nowadays. People should value life of others the same way they value theirs. Menu 11 is about the life of oneself which is sometimes snatched by the cruel people of the society leaving them dead.


Doctors or Geneis : Menu 12 focuses on the willing of work. Work should be done with pleasure and enthusiasm. The compulsion of something or the unwillingness is not desirable as it may ruin the work.



Authors have done a good work in his book. All the selected topics covered in the book are important to be aware of by every individual. Apart from it, the discussion on each topic is really catchy and praiseworthy.


The writing style is simple. Three characters take part in narrating the book named Amrita, Robert and Paul. They discuss over certain topics and listen to the views of each other. The main character in the book is Paul who speaks at last and the rest both agreed on the same.


Although the narration was smooth but it may felt edgy sometimes when reader finds some of the grammatical mistakes making the flow weak.


A worthy read.

Ratings : 4/5

Reviewer : Megha Biloniya


Review of First love Matters so Does The Second

Title : First Love Matters So Does The Second



Author : Vishal Sah




Love is like a crystal which will shine in you every moment and the yearning will rejuvenate you by every passing second. When the feeling of rejection in love knocks your door you will find the pieces of your heart splintered. But it is not always the end of the love because far at someplace someone still exists to adore and cherish your love.



First love matters so does the second is the debut novel of author Vishal Sah based on the similar situation as mentioned over the top. The cover of the book is simple and captivating. The title clearly says that the story will lead you to address the vibes of love which are braided twice.



As the blurb goes : Everything was perfect when all of them were at school. Vishal was happy with Shreya, so were Shaurya and Myra. But little did they know that a life ‘not so perfect’ was waiting for them outside their school gate.


What happens when one chooses ambition over love? Would you be able to live with doing something you didn’t want to do? Could someone rectify their long forgotten past? Is it possible to win a battle against Death?


Explore what it is like to think that you are in love for the first time only to realize that you are constantly falling in love, as a wise man said


“First Love Matters … So Does The Second.”


The story is woven around the school and college life of a boy named Vishal Kapoor. The onset of story whirls around protagonist’s school life. He was eager to reach the school as after a long time he will get a chance to catch a glimpse of his crush. Story rolls and soon his crush named Vedika befriends him. Later on Vedika revealed about her dating to a guy named Arnav. Vishal became very much upset after knowing all this and soon his life goes on normal between his friends Shaurya, Myra and Ananya. One day he fall in love again with a girl named Shreya.



Later wards college life of the protagonist start.  Everything was going well but all of a sudden all his joy lost when he came to know he is suffering from a critical disease and he has only few days left.  At last he left and teaches the lesson to all his friends Shaurya, Myra, Ananya(cousin), Shreya, Aaryahi.



The story detangles gracefully with every crossing chapter. The episodes are very well played from past to present and the nebulous tints of every character’s life is visible at the end. The story is based on a common plot. Pinch of newness is missing in the story making it a just another story of a character submerged with the trauma of cancer.



The writing style makes it is easy for a neophyte to complete the reading journey without deviations. The narration of the story is moderate. At times things are not well understandable because of unclear sentences. If the articulation of the sentences would be better than the reader would be able to locate more interest.



A story having hues of love, pain and friendship.



Rating : 3/5



Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of Paradise Lost and Regained

Title : Paradise Lost and Regained

Author : Ratnadip Acharya


Blurb : Whispered the forest & its trees, ‘Little deer, tell us your story again.’
Smiled I & asked, ‘What will you gain hearing it time & again?’
Replied the forest at once, ‘It is not just a story of a deer,
but of we all—forest, earth, sky, trees, wind and river.
It is a testimony to trust, love, hope & courage
that we will all remember for ages.’
With a smile, again I began to narrate my story,
which breathed my love, fear, success, failure & glory.
It spanned from my birth in the forest to human captivity,
from where I escaped to explore life’s other possibility.
Everywhere and every moment I received help from Nature,
& it taught me to experience life from closer.
I learnt that the other name of life is Mystery,
and that it is beautiful with all its unknown twists and unpredictability.
Once I finished my narration, the forest was throbbing with life,
there prevailed only peace, silence & joy, and no strife.
‘Name your story,’ breathed the forest and every living entity it contained.
Thought I for a while and replied…
‘Paradise Lost & Regained.’

My view : The title Paradise Lost and Regained doesn’t unfold so much about the story which book carries. The title is singing a simple message that the heaven is lost and it is attained back. After reading the title questions like why the heaven is lost? How it is regained? And who is the heaven here? may be ignited in reader’s mind as it happened with me. But as the story is rolled every question’s answer is illuminated and clearly visible. The cover of the story is captivating showing a deer looking upwards to her companions i.e. the starts, the moon and the bird.

The story is about a female deer whose life is full of adventures or I would say she fills her life with adventures. The female deer spins a yarn about her life that how she is welcomed on the earth in the forest, what she had faced, what she had learnt and what she wants to achieve in her life. She witnessed so many events that no other deer has seen or noticed yet. When she is telling about all that she had gone through to the herd of deer to which she once belong, she found that they doesn’t found any interest in her adventurous trip and lessons. By this neither she is hurt nor she collected sadness around her, she simply accepts what they feel and left to live her life with joy again as the way she was doing earlier.

A message is residing in every chapter and most of the time the messages are so true and touchy that it will reminisce the moments related to your life. All the messages will provide a poke to the reader’s mind to sail the reading voyage ahead. There are so many messages in the book which I jotted down, a few of them which are really worthy are-
To live life a joyful and blissful life you have to learn to do something happily and consciously. It is called “Let Go”.

Actual growing up means learning to accept both the pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow happily on your way to life.
Never allow an emotion to overpower you that may drag you down to a pitiable state.
The less is the doubt within you the more is the life and its celebration.
Perform the task you are assigned with love, diligence and affection.
Whatever life brings welcome it. Let your soul stand and composed before a million universe.
Apart from the above messages there are so many messages which are submerged in book and you can feel it once you will start reading the book.

At the end of the story the reader can simply locate that the heaven is the forest which is the home of all the animals. And the deer wants to go back to his home. The whole story depicts about the phases of life. The way author has mentioned about the environment of the forest is attractive. The narration of the story is laudable and the short messages which are captured in the book are boost ups for charging the reader’s mind. The story holds a moderate writing style.

Portraying such kind of stories requires more knowledge and skills. Scrutinizing the things and then whelming them in the book is a bit difficult task and making them magnetic to hold the reader’s mind is more or less like a mountain walk. The author had maintained this attention seeking quality in his book and locked me up from the beginning till the end of the story.

I couldn’t catch any downfall in the whole book. And I could say it was a book full of good thoughts and lessons.

An inspiring story having bunch of lessons about life. I would recommend it to everyone out there.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Megha Biloniya