Interview Of Author Angad Singh Saluja


1.Tell me about your world beyond literature.

Beyond writing and books, I am a business guy who is busy managing all his retail stores which comprise of consumer electronics and wine and liquor in different parts of Delhi. It does become pretty hectic at times managing the different business activities everyday and that is when I come back to writing which acts as food for my soul.

2.What draws you to become a poet?

Pain, Ignorance, Heartbreaks, Crime, Injustice and Wrong acts

3.When did you start writing the poems compiled in this book and how long it took?

I did take 6 months to complete my first work “Chords of Life” and then another year to compile my collection in the second book “He said,She said”.

4.Do you ever faced writer’s block?

Many-a-times I have faced it. I don’t try too hard to get it off my mind. That is also a part of writing. I welcome it and respect it as nothing is permanent you see.

5.Any tips you want to give as how to get through the dreaded Writer’s block?

Keep patience and feel glad that atleast you got something being a WRITER…

6.How this name ‘Chords of Life’ came to your mind? Were you sure that the poems compiled in this book would actually strike a chord with the readers?

“Chords of Life” is like my first child. The names, the compilation, the reviews from readers all hold a very special place in my heart. I wanted to keep it simple and at the same time send a message to the readers through the title about the content of the book. That is when I thought about this title “CHORDS OF LIFE” which reflected the different shades of a person’s life.The simplicity of the work and the honesty with which the raw emotions had been converted into words made me really confident that even the non readers would feel a connect with this book. And that is what happened.

7.As poetries in your latest book is divided into 3 sections.Have you thought of it from the very beginning or it just came up?

I had planned it that way because I wanted to reach all the levels of introspection in an individual’s lifetime. The inner-self, the relations and the society all form the core.

8.Some of your poems depict stories.Are those stories actually a part of your life or it just a recipe of your imaginations?

What do you think about that? It really does not matter till the time you felt that you were reading about your own life as you flipped the pages.

9.What was the hardest part of writing this book?

Whether to censor some feelings or let it be raw and honest. I chose the latter.

10. It’s obvious that every work of an artist is favourite to him/her.But I would like to know which is your most favourite poem from this collection?

I would choose “Insecurity in Love”.

11. Anything specific you want to share with the readers or your fellow writers.

Always remember a pen is mightier than the sword. Make use of it and ensure the world is a better place to live in for everybody.

12.Now it’s time for rapid fire questions.You have to give the answers in single word.

Poetry- Heart
Life- Love
Imaginations- Reality
Dream- Me
Love- Pain
Books- Treat
Library- Silence

Thank you for giving your precious time and wonderful answers.Wishing you a great success.

Interviewer: Shweta Kesari

Interview of Poetess Varsha Singh


When you were done with 60 poems what was the first thing that stricken your mind?

I wrote my first poem on 4th January 2012, and the 60th poem was written on 10th January 2014. It was a journey of around 2 years. The moment I ended up with my 60th poem, I sensed, that these poems have changed me to a greater extent. In fact, they have shaped me as much as I have shaped them. After this, I wanted to begin with something fresh in my writing, hence decided to make a compilation of the poems, who made me capable of thinking and witnessing the minute instances of life which mostly remains untouched or ignored in the rush of our daily lives.

What is the soul of poetry?

You are asking about the soul of poetry ! I find, that poetry in itself is a soul, a soul which resides within each of us, until we notice it, being serene and thoughtful; keeping our eyes open from within and out.

Who is your poetry guru?

I love reading poems a lot, but frankly speaking, I never had any specific guru for poetry, neither I tried following any poet. In fact, my Gurudev (my Mentor) is such person, who believes in multidimensional growth; hence he desired making me a complete human being and a good scholar, rather than only a poet. It is to him, whom I have dedicated my debut collection of poems Deluges.

What can poetry drags you to do?

Thanks for that question. I would like to mention Charles Bukowski here, who was a German born American poet. He beautifully said “Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.” I too feel the same. Most of the time, poetry drags me to write another one, and yet another again and again. Whenever I begin conversing with it, it drags me to live with it forever!

Share your experience of your first poetry book- the ups and downs?

The experience was very unique. I began writing, just for the sake of gaining some pleasure in between the pressure of my research. But later on, it took such a pace which was surprising for me as well. During the same time, I kept working on translations too which has been my passion since long. The moment I had 50 poems in my hands ready for publication, I contacted Sri Sudarshan Kcherry, the Managing Director of Authorspress. I was asked to send a proposal and a sample of my manuscript, after which I received an instant reply regarding the acceptance of my project. The poems of my first collection are very intimate to me, as they says a lot about my growth as a person. Hence, with the utmost support and faith of my publisher, I decided to give my book the form of a diary. The poems were arranged with the exact dates on which they were written, chronologically. The fonts were kept in calligraphy to give the feel of a handwritten work. In this way, a personal diary was finally and successfully made public on 29th March 2014. After the release of this book, there was a sense of detachment in me regarding the book. The reason was simple; the poems were no more mine, it now belonged to the readers.


Sum up your life in the form of poetry?

Sure. This is the poem which I wrote to celebrate my book Deluges.

Song of Joy

The mystery of
a kid’s keen
eyes glowing
with golden glories
walking through
the arms of mother
nature pulsating vivid stories
far away
from the masked muffled memories
fashioning the world
through self discovery
Singing the tunes of innocence
rhyming with poise and elegance
Running through uneven land falling . . .
only to stand
Delightful dreams
don’t suffice
if they come at night
for blissful joy
of such eyes dreams
bring joy
if they come with the day’s light !

© Varsha Singh

Thanks for such a refreshing conversation. It was a pleasure talking to you. Wishing you a bright future.

Interviewed by Shweta Kesari

“I can’t do wrong” by Shweta Kesari

Photo of my soulmates

I am not dumb

Yet I won’t speak wrong

I will keep my soul hidden

In the blanket of truth.


I am not deaf

Yet I won’t listen wrong

I will keep my head couched

In the bucket of saints.


I am not blind

Yet I won’t see wrong

I will paint my eyes

With the colour of nature.


I am a human

Surely, I will commit mistake

But can’t do wrong

With my soulmates

Even by fault.