Review of Thousand Unspoken Thoughts

Title : Thousand Unspoken Thoughts   Poetess : Prerna Khatri      Blurb:    “Don’t use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry.” ― Jack Kerouac ‘Thousand Unspoken Thoughts’ brings together the collection of poetry of an amateur poet who uses words to see through the world. Prerna, though being an … Read more

Review of Shimmering Chimes

Title : Shimmering Chimes Poetess : Maaya Dev ‘Shimmering Chimes’, a poetry anthology by Maaya Dev is the compilation of whispers oozing from poetess’ heart which she has portrayed in the book curving her emotions and thoughts in the form of words.The voice comes from a pure heart,transparent in nature ,and touches the core of … Read more

Review of Silent Steps

Title : Silent Steps   Poet: Gopal Lahiri     Silent steps reaches towards you and speaks a lot,some known some unknown,directly or indirectly, it gushes what it wants.Hold on dear poetry readers because here comes a poetry anthology by Gopal Lahiri.   This is the second book I read of the poet and it made … Read more

Review of Living Inside

Title: Living Inside   Poet: Gopal Lahiri      To a poet, poems are like elixir of life and to readers it’s like a soothing wave that enriches’s life’s health. Gopal Lahiri’s book,’Living Inside’, which is a compilation of poems works like a delightful rain soothing each of your emotion.After reading his book,I was sure … Read more