Review of Arjun

Review of Arjun

Title : Arjun


Author : Dr. Shinde Sweety


Cover of Arjun without a doubt by Dr. Shinde Sweety



Blurb : I knew there was nothing poetic about death.
I knew not that the most horrific battles are fought off the battlefield.
Arjun: The idealist in a non-ideal world; the warrior whose deadliest opponent was his conscience.
History forgot his voice, but misquoted his silence.


My self-esteem originates from me and ends in me.
Why does your honor depend on me? Find your own.

Draupadi: The untamed tigress, the fragrant flame, the unbridled spirit.


Power does not justify sin. Power is not virtue.
Virtue is that which lasts in spite of power.
Krishn : The enigma whose unique ideology churned the battlefield into a quest for Truth.


The Missile …The Trajectory … The Vision.
The trio that makes for the core of The Mahabharata.


This is their saga.
Insightful, visceral and candid.

Find ‘other’ famous Arjuns; compare Arjun vis-a-vis Achilles and Alexander; Explore Myths of Mahabharata.


All this and much more in ‘Arjun: Without A Doubt’.


My View :


After Shiva,Rama and endless inspiring and interesting stories of mythological heroes ,comes another mythological story in the list, and this time it is Arjun. What my concern before starting this story was I knew little about Arjuna, and I was wishing that authoress spare some time to Arjun’s background,so that I could cover this journey easily,and so do other readers like me.All the worries escaped from my mind, when I got to know that it’s just Mahabharata being told from two different perspectives-Arjun’s and Draupadi’s.


The hue that these two characters enamels on the epic story is a new experience.As the season’s unfold, and as both Arjun and Draupadi keep on covering the journey together,where their expressions and reactions walk side by side, this new twist to get in touch with the story all over again gives a fresh flavour to the story.Knowing all the known facts, and going through it all over again through a different angle plays the role of attention-seeker.


In the beginning, it was a bit of a task to switch the narration coming from two sides so often.But eventually one gets accustomed to the nature of author’s presentation, and gets friendlier with the echoes of two narrators.As the narrating style of the authoress is captivating and is good enough to get through the story, her imaginations and her narrating style compliments each other very-well.


There’s always good amount of excitement involves when an offer comes to you to go through the story, you know in advance.What author would bring to the story? How he/she would make it sound different? And what little twists and turns they would bring to the story? All the questions would keep the interest alive in order to find out the answers.And the same happened while I was going through this book. Of course, there are some minor hindrances in the journey, but at the end when you sum up the time spent with the book, you would find the journey interesting and engaging.


Dealing with the characters who ruled reader’s mind from a good time is one of a hefty task.And while authoress has taken this chance,she has done justice with the characters apart from a few sections.


Rating : 4.2/5

Reviewer :Shweta Kesari

Review of The Curse Of Surya

Title : The Curse Of Surya



Author : Dev Prasad





Blurb : Sangeeta Rao, a beautiful, feisty reporter at Channel 7 TV in Singapore, rushes to Agra on a special assignment after an early-morning phone call. At the Taj Mahal, she meets Alan Davies, a charming Welshman. But a terrorist attack on Mathura’s renowned Krishna temple turns them into fugitives from justice and the duo must decipher a series of complex cryptographs and unearth the illustrious Shyamantaka that belonged to Surya, the Sun God, to prove their innocence.



Joined in their quest by an elderly Frenchman, Anton Blanchard, the duo race against time in helicopters, motor boats and yachts. In hot pursuit are the brilliant and daring SP Nisha Sharma and the most ruthless terrorist organizations. Before she realizes it, Sangeeta is trapped in a world of betrayal, deceit and horror. Fast-paced and gripping, The Curse of Surya will keep you hooked and on the edge of your seat while you unravel one of the biggest mysteries in 5000 years.



My View : Mythological fiction-How strongly they play with reader’s mind and how easily they make their way to reader’s heart.With my new-found love for mythological fiction, how come I leave a book written by an award winning author.And then it was with me-‘The curse of Surya‘-a journey to find the lost gem, a journey of love, a journey to locate the evil mind.




Since reader would be introduced with so many characters in the beginning itself, to keep a mental note of all of them is a hefty task.But as you progresses ahead, you would realize that how beautifully author has done the characterization. Initially, it looks like there are so many characters involved in the story, but as the story starts to show its colour, it revolves around the few characters which are very-well described in the beginning.As was scared before, of falling into a messy story, not for a single moment confusion arrived at the doorstep.




The plot is so well-organized and so demanding that it demands you to give your complete attention and forces you to solve the mystery along with Sangeeta.An event comes and brief you about the scenario, and then the other comes and throws numerous questions at you, and the chain of events of goes on and on, and keeps on injecting your nerves with dose of thrill and excitement till you get to the bottom of the mystery.As you set your grip on the story, you would discern the momentum through which you are covering the journey.


I was all set to get myself surprised with the lined-up events, and then came the revelation of false identity of Davies which kept under the shadows for long driving me impatient to remove the curtain and to know his identity. At the back of my mind,I was trying my best to find who he could be,but my attempts went futile,as author has something to drive readers crazy with the mysteries he plunged to the story.He drops the events at such edge which makes one go impatient to encounter the events followed afterwards.




Along with a hooking story, readers would get a chance to experience a matured writing style.With his well-articulated sentences , and his finesse in portraying downpour of events plugged with humour and curlicued around thought-provoking episodes, this book sweeps you out to live a different life for some time.Even though when I was done with the story, the story marks its presence by toying with my mind, as I recall all the events I had encountered.




At the end,when Sangeeta was giving brief on tsunami ,I couldn’t digest one thing ,at such situation how come one can talk about tsunami in detail.When you are about to get struck by the Tsunami, how can one think of pouring her knowledge on a subject, and others listening patiently to her.




The blend of history with the madness of finding Shyamantaka is a hell of a story.I liked the concept and love the way it has been implemented.As promised in the blurb,the story is fast-paced and gripping, The Curse of Surya will keep you hooked and on the edge of your seat while you unravel one of the biggest mysteries in 5000 years.Promises are hard to keep, when author does, then there’s no way one could leave the chance to explore this Mythological fiction.




Mythological and thriller fans, this is a must read for you!Would like to read more such pieces by the author in the near future.




Rating: 4.5/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari


Review of Married Virgins

Title : Married Virgins


Author : Rituparna Deshmukh




Blurb: In Married Virgins Akira, deeply in love with Usain, dreams to create her beautiful world with him. Raghav, her colleague and best friend, loves her one sided unconditionally. Akira sees her dream world shattering when her parents refuse to give their permission to marry Usain who they think is a psychopath, tainted and useless. Akira tries to make them agree but all her attempts prove to be futile. Usain’s psychotic behaviour made the issue even worse.


When all hopes were lost, she decided to keep her failed love sacred and decided to remain a ‘virgin’ throughout her life. But how would it be possible when she has to marry someone to keep her parents honour? How would her would-be-husband agree not to touch her when ‘sex’ is an integral part of marriage?


She found the solution in Raghav who was her sole companion during all this misery. She proposed marriage to Raghav with a secret celibacy promise; they decided they wouldn’t get intimate with each other after marriage.


The story goes on to explore whether Akira and Raghav manage to stay virgins after marriage without getting intimate.


How they respond to their family when it comes to having a child?


What happens when Akira herself wants to be a mother while keeping the promise intact? What happens when psycho Usain enters the scene once again knowing their secret?


My View :


Reading the blurb, it was quite hard to keep yourself at blocking mode,regulating yourself to not to go through this story, as it speaks of excitement to endure the journey with the traces authoress has shown in the  blurb.With the concept in mind, author doesn’t only brings an interesting story for readers,but she let readers a chance to feel and enter into the protagonist’s lives to live this story.The story from the blurb might seemed like a common one, but the questions she throws at you,leave you with no option but to find them out while connecting the dots.



The way she narrated events felt like she is none other than Raghav itself,not letting herself open up to pour her thoughts.I felt little amount of hesitation in the narration where authoress wanted to tell so much, but something pulled her back.But as Raghav steadily tried to came out of his world and tried to build relationship with his colleagues, authoress too started to make a healthy relationship with the reader.Through her words she swiftly clutches reader’s hands and finishes the journey serving so much to the reader when he/she approaches towards the end.



Without a shadow of doubt, the story could be covered in a precise manner, merely taking some 250 pages or so.But after going through the story,I was not sure that if it would’ve taken a short-cut, it could be this healthy in nature.Also, she doesn’t beat around the bush, and her words just roam around the story, it was not a burden for me to cover the far-stretched story.Instead, this far-stretched story,made me more comfortable with the happenings and a friendly relationship established while covering the journey.



The sudden turn of events she overtures in the book, hooks reader at its best.Once you get friendlier with her narration fashion and covers 150 pages, you would find yourself so engaged that your mind budge you to find answers no matter how far the journey is.While pouring out her thoughts in simplest possible manner, her words somehow manages to enter your heart and force you to accompany the protagonists.



There are some missing words at some places, and some grammatical errors here and there,apart from these hitches, the book will take you to a ride of emotional turmoils twisting the story at very possible angle.



An interesting and engaging read!



Rating : 4/5




Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Love No Matter What

Title :  Love No Matter What


Author : Komal Ahuja





Blurb :Naina and Manish are waiting for their second child as excitedly as Khushi waits for her sibling. Their life takes an unexpected turn when Naina gives birth to an intersex child.


Everyone will ask if it is a boy or a girl. What are we supposed to say?
Manish doesn’t know how to handle the situation, and his family worries more for the world than the child who Naina names Devi. Naina fears that the family might not accept Devi, forcing her into leading a frugal life, dancing on the streets for earning a livelihood.


Will Naina be able to fight the world and give her child the life she truly deserves?
Devi also has a Dad she adores. Is Naveen really her dad or is there something more to this beautiful relationship?


Love, No Matter What! is set in Rajasthan, and gives you a peep into the world of the transgenders and the intersex. It makes us wonder: Are they different from us, or are they just as human as we are?


Discover as you read how love prevailed when all else failed.



My view: A story of an intersex. How many of us are familiar with this term and how many of us compare this term with the transgender.While someplace are being provided to transgenders nowadays, authoress brings a beautiful story for her readers which covers the story of an intersex, her success and the hurdles she come across with the support of the love showered on her.


The story-line that authoress has designed is full of ups and downs.At every next turn,she has something interesting to serve to readers.And to top it, the theme she has chosen is very rare to find in market.And when she steps ahead to choose a different theme, she courageously walks down the path to do justice with it in every manner.She, through this book not only narrates a heart-warming story but also conveys a message to reader which is required to be adopted by each and everyone in order to bring equality in every aspect.



She not for a single moment diverts from her track.She traces the bouncy rides of the protagonist’s life in an order which makes an interesting read for the reader and at the same time makes it comfortable by not involving unnecessary details and events.Although not familiar with the events happening with the protagonist, and the life-events of transgender or intersex unknown to the world, not for a single moment I felt like story is artificially designed.There are feelings and emotions of multiple characters attached with this story.One could feel involved and part of the story at every facet.



A fast pacing novel with authoress’ simple and artistically portrayed words.One could easily complete this book in a single sit and found himself drenched in pool of emotions.A very-well crafted story.



The only loophole I found in this book is the lack of proper editing.


An inspiring story which can change the mindset of people bringing a positive change for the world to grow.RECOMMENDED!



Rating : 4/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Disconnect


Title : Disconnect

Authoress :Devra Davis

Cellphone: the basic need of every human-being after food,cloth and shelter.From past few years, it has changed the world and people’s lifestyle to a great extent.No matter, whether the loved ones are near to people or not, but the cell-phone is always close to them.Where it has so many pros, its obvious that it would have cons also.

Devra Davis in his book “Disconnect: The truth about cellphone radiation” reveals the other side of the cell-phone which many of us are unaware of.And if you are one amongst them who use cell-phone , then it is must to have knowledge about both its pros and cons.

As the back cover says ‘ More than five billion cell phones are currently in use, and that number increases every day.Yet, the latest research ties cell phone radiation to lowered sperm counts, an increased risk of Alzheimer’s ,and certain types of cancer.What are cell phone companies doing to increase product safety? And how far will they go to protect their interests?

In Disconnect, Devra Davis, a National Book Award finalist, offers a clear and compelling account of the sea change that has taken place in way physicits and biologists think about radiation in the microwave spectrum.Synthesizing the cautionary advice of leading experts in bioelectromagnetics and neuroscience,Davis explains the simple safety measures that we must take-before it’s too late.’

If you are already a learner of latest technolgies then it might not be of that much useful to you as you may know many of the information provided in the book.But if you are a novice and doesn’t have much knowledge about technology, but feels to gain the knowlegde of darker side of cell-phone(which should be known to everyone specially those who use it) I ask you to go through this book once.

It tells us about tech details and how it effects us.Devra Davis’s research helped her to prove in this book how does cell phone play a disastrous role in our life.Albeit, a very useful device it is, but the authoress through this book help us to know the dark side of this device.

It also tells which system of our body may get effected from the harmful rays emitted from the cell-phones.Though company tells us some basic safety measures, but didn’t sound completely profitable, as with the increament of features and innovative technologies,it is posing it’s evil side more rapidly.

It couldn’t stand out as I’ve expected after reading the title.It seemed approaching and full of unleashing the other side of cell-phones, no doubt, it does but not to the point.

The author tries to convey message to every readers as how to protect themselves and their family.Effects,measures,symptoms and precaution you can all find in this book.I think one should read this book atleast once and protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmfull radiation emitting from cell-phones.

Rating :4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Fluffy Feathers


Title : Fluffy Feathers

Author: Diwakar Pokhriyal

“Fluffy Feathers” by Diwakar Pokhriyal is a compilation of twenty-four short stories that showcases different flavours of life, some approaching, some asks you to take a step ahead to bring the change, some dipped in love,some haunting and mysterious.

A walk towards the night

The book inaugarates with a message to the society-Where has lost our morality and Who is at fault? It is basically a broadcast of author’s thoughts,his perceptions about today’s youth and what they term ‘Independence’ and how they make wrong use of it.I wish this message would come out with a story,then it could easily and more effectively cast its spell and spread the message.

My Lost Angel

The second story tries to portray a love story that fails to create the real ambience required for the story.Imagination is lacking in the storyline and that made me loose interest.The storyline could be blended with more events in order to make it healthy and interesting.

A promise of Love

I found the story incomplete.I felt that something was amiss.Story lacks nourishment and imagination.I also felt that author was in hurry to complete this story in order to moved on to the next one.

A friend

An impressive story of a guy Joy and his wish of making a friend.Discover how he met a friend and the bio of his friend.I found the suspense quite revealing before it is required, but all in all, it is an interesting story which kept me glued to it till the end.

Evaporating Solutions

Similar to the first story of the book, this story also deals with author’s thoughts and broadcasts his perceptions about the society and the way we treat our Independence.Agree to his thoughts,but as the book is a compilation of short stories,a story is required to put the message infront of readers in a fruitful manner.

A mediocre student

A story of a student who loves to play but lacks interest in studies.His parents were unable to bridge the gap and that gap results in unfullfilled desires of his heart. Theme is good but here also an imaginative plot is lacking.

A Lover’s Diary

There are two sequels to this story.The first one creates the suspense of letter that the protagonist found.In the second part,suspense started to unleash and at the end created more suspense. In the third part, everthing comes to an end and suspense vanishes.A nice attempt but could be presented in a much better way.

He was there

The story speaks of a silent love.I like the theme and the storyline of the story.There is no pause when one event switches to another at some places,this made it quite confusing.A good story.

Forget Society-To be a part of society

This story broadcasts the understanding gap between parent and children.There is nothing new in the story.The story is mainly in the form of conversations among some aunties which two young boys overheard and then concluded.

Slave of our thoughts

This story showcases a new facet of love or I doubt whether it should be termed as ‘love’ or not.I appreciate the author to bring this thought along with a story.It brings the message that ‘It’s upto us how to tackle the situation,act positively or negatively,rewards will be respectively.

Dream and Dream

A dream that turns into reality and above all the fear of coming that horrifying dream true that shakes the protagonist up-down.A good storyline and narrated well.All in all, an interesting and nice story.

The sour truth

A story of two physically paralized lovers.It tells that physically disabled people are no different from us and shouldn’t be treat differently.We all are same and we all have some disabilities in ourself.A nice effort and a nice message to the readers.

The Mirror-1

The story is of a farmhouse and the people who came to live there and faced unlikely disasters happened to their child.Quite an old storyline but it was nice.As the name suggests that there could be more sequeal of this story,but unfortunately there isn’t.

The possibility 1 and 2

The story has a sequel to it.’The Possiblity-1′ is a beautiful story with a nice end.The storyline is somewhat different and interesting.

‘The possibility-2’
The story of a human or a spirit? This story tries to create supense and isn’t that fruitful as demanded. I couldn’t connect to the story properly.Also, both the stories should be in a row if they are sequeals.

Darkness of Perception

“A sea is too vast to be judged from one bank.”
A story of biased perceptions.Many a times we misinterpret the situation or a person and that directly effects our perception about them.Sometimes we are not able to see the other side of the coin.This story tells the same in a quite nice manner.

Belief in love

An old story told in a different way.A story of true love which tells the meaning of relationship and pure love and there is no space for misunderstanding amidst two lovers.A nice effort.


The story tells the difference between having money in life but not having happiness.Many a times, youngsters have to go through their parent’s decision and they couldn’t able to lift up their dreams just because their parent thinks that only proper study and job could make them earn a healthy amount of money.This story is all about this.A nice story.

The Second Chance

Not everyone’s luck knocks the door second time.It is the story of a guy called DV,his desires and passion about cricket and his affection towards his parents.I liked the story and the theme,although the end could be more emotional.

What I like about the book is-in most of the story,author tries to tell a message to the reader.Albeit,he couldn’t implemented it very-well,but his thoughts impressed me.A very simple writing fashion has been adopted by the author.A novice reader could go through it easily.

About the downfalls of the book- I was eager to read something new out of this book.But it couldn’t stand on my expectation.Stories are lacking imagination.When one story tries to stand different from other,it was not able to make a connection with me.This book also required editing and proof-reading. A healthy conversation is also required to make the story interesting.Also, articulation of sentences could be much better in order to provide reader a comfortable reading journey.

Rating : 2.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of More Men On My Mind

More Men On My Mind

Title : More Men On My Mind

Author : Radha Thomas

“More Men On My Mind” by Radha Thomas is an enthralling tale of a woman who’s never-ending search for a perfect date leads to a series of adventures which change the entire course of her life. The book is portrayed in an extremely riveting way and is all about the fascinating journey of a lady which takes her to places across the world in order to find her true love.

The story presents you a carefree, bold and sharp-witted chick, dealing with the day to day issues, in a hunt of an ultimate match for herself. And during her continual search, she explores various cities, places and most importantly scrutinizes her soul, her heart, her own self. As the title suggests, the book basically swirls around several men, belong to different places, professions and are totally distinct in nature or behavior. Starting from a Frenchman Jacques to an extremely unpredictable Auggie, she eventually meets a bunch of quite charming, clever to a completely freakish, suspicious, wretched sort of men who add an indelible impression on her life. The story also consists of some other interesting characters. As she struggles through her emotions and encounters divergent categories of men, her best friends or BFF’s always stood beside her to support her and even pull her up with words of advice and affection. Shas, a truthteller, who had been already working with her, proves to be a true friend and have been always there for her through thick and thin, no matter what. Also, Rue has played an exceptional role in her life. A small portion also covers the description of her family. Her mother, moreover a friend, who seek to understand her and have every time allowed her to live freely and independently. The story depicts how this Indian woman manages to find a quintessential gentleman for her life. What happens next is a sequence of thrilling events which will leave you in shock and in surprise as well..!!

The cover of the book is very appealing. The picture of heels and wine on a glossy red background is totally appropriate for the story. The book is a blend of humor and emotions. It is a hilarious take on men and relationships. In addition, it delineates sentiments and sensations from a woman point of view. It is a candidly penned story through which you would get a glimpse of author’s version of “sex and city”. The author expressed her thoughts regarding multifarious subjects such as the pace of modern life which includes relationships, bonds, break-up, friendship, love, profession, interests and much more..!!

The story contains several ups and downs in the protagonist’s life which are depicted in an amusing manner. As you will get involved with the book, you would feel the urge to find what happens in time to come. The woman’s voyage of looking for probably the best man for her is not so simple. As it is said to earn something priceless, valuable you gotta work a little harder! And something similar happened with this lady. She had to break to learn the fact based realities of life. Further, I absolutely loved the END of the story. It amazed me!

As the blurb says, it is a tale laced with unforeseen occurrences that take place in protagonist’s life. I liked the author’s outspoken and sarcastic approach of narrating the story. Her skilful twist of words, remarkable anecdotes of culture, delicacies and city made the story even more captivating.

Besides, I liked the intrinsic theme on which the entire story is based i.e. “Some things are worth waiting for. The most precious lessons or some of the best stories of life are gained through hard times, mistakes, insecurities, struggles.” All those who want to read something light, comic then this book is a nice one time read.

Rating : 4.5/5

Reviewer : Shivani Chauhan

Review of When We Clicked

Title : When We Clicked

Author: Yash Pawaskar

“When we Clicked: a twisted love story?” debut novel of Yash Pawaskar portrays a bumby ride of exemplar’s life named Akhil in an impressive manner blending the story with humour,suspense,fun,love and witt.A twisted tale portrayed in a facile way leaving you guess the suspense.

As the back cover says ‘Two strangers,one city, four days, one night, one lie and a fantastic journey.’When weg clicked’ is my twisted love story.I am Akhil Parlekar, a Mumbaikar in my early twenties.Like every other Mumbaikar I love my city, consider Sachin Tendulkar a God, but I’m about to die.

Before I was dying, I lived my life in four days, when we clicked.It was love at first sight for me, but not for her.I spent the four days with her wandering in the city, thinking that she would fall in love me, but the night that followed the fourth day, changed everything.

This journey is about emotions like humour,lust, hatred, betrayal,heroism, friendship and the biggest emotion of them all; love.I am letting you in my heart as well as my brain, you be the judge if this is a love story or not.

You are the protagonist of your life’s story, the central character around which all the other characters and incidents occur.When the protagonist of your story changes to someone else, you are in love.That person becomes the central character of your story and everything else revolves around the person you love.’

The red-coloured cover is attractive enough to gain attention of any love-story reader.Also, the title and the subtitle can made readers’ mind loiter in different directions in order to guess the story.Along with these two catchy elements of the book, here waits another thing for you-the blurb.After reading the blurb, I’m sure no love-story reader could back off.It very precisely speaks of the content leaving a proper amount of suspense giving meaningful details of the protagonist’s life.

In the prologue itself story clutched my hands.I couldn’t realize when I kept on turning pages and it came to an end.The sudden change of events at the end surprised me.I had never thought that the story would end like this.The way author has moulded this story in a suspensful fashion, leaving reader guess how to relate the story with the prologue and comes to an end,makes the story intriguing and engaging. I enjoyed the repartee done between protagonist and non-living things.They worked as a mood-refreshners and make this book more entertaining adding humorous conversations.Poems amalgamated in the story added a great charm to this book.Poems help this book to reach a level up.Prior to the story they are laid down and they festoon the story with its simplicity.

A simple and interactive writing fashion has been adopted by the author.Readers would feel comfortable with the writing style after initial few chapters.Less number of characters makes this story simple and the characterization is also done very well.Albeit the story broadcasts five days of protagonist’s life, but the way author has stitched several events made it interesting to go with in a smooth flow.

Talking about the dawnfalls of the books-there is no such bigger downfall of the book.From the storyline to the narration style, from prompt description to the blend of various flavour, author has maintained everything very-well.The only downfall I could see is-some printing mistakes here and there and some other small errors which couldn’t be reflected if proof-reading could be done well.Also,articulation of sentences could be a bit well.

All in all, a wonderful reading journey and yes, I was completely glued to the story till the end enjoying each and every moment author has described.Kudos to the author for this fantabulous work.Eagerly waiting to read more of him.

Love-story readers go and grab this book asap.This book could lead you to the fantastic world of Akhil and it holds the power to swing your mood to a whole new level.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of J.U.I.C.E


Title : J.U.I.C.E

Author : Mohit Jain

“J.U.I.C.E:Flavors of Management” by Mohit Jain deals with management theories in an impressive manner making reader glued to it and at the end feed readers mind with a clear concept of management,marketing and economics, quoting lucrative examples.

As the back cover says ‘We like story books.On thr other hand, majority of the students do not feel like reading academic books because they find them difficult to understand.J.U.I.C.E contains different stories explaining the concepts of Economics and Management.Readers would not feel that they are reading something relevant to their academics bit still by the end of it, they would attain a lot of knowledge regarding these subjects.Our motto is to make people view these subjects from a different perspective and expand the horizon of their thinking.’

One thing I’ve noticed of Mohit Jain’s book is- interesting and unique names where the reader couldn’t get any clue what he/she is going to read.But the very moment reader moved further towards the blurb, he/she would clearly know whether the book is near to their interest or not.On the other hand, an inviting,mild and artistic cover design gains reader attention frequently.

A feather-coated language has been used by the author.Author also knew which question would strike readers’s mind and he had framed all the questions and answers in the book very-well leaving reader with a clear thought of the topic refraining all the doubts.

With the help of diagrams,charts and figures and cute animations he had explained the fundamentals in a practical way, offering readers practical knowledge of the subject,so that one could easily remember the thing for life-time.Even though I don’t belong to Marketing and Management field, I was enjoying in letting know the nuances of these subjects. The best thing I found in this book is the way author has defined and proved Mother as the best Economist. He explained his thoughts impressively and humourously giving significant examples. I never knew that Economics and Management could be this much interesting.

The students who use to mug up things just because they couldn’t understand the subject properly,this book is made for you.You will get numorous examples to relate and better understand the subject.

Author has juiced up the best he could in order to better understand readers the tactics and techniques of marketing and management.Students go and grab this book asap, and feed your mind with the important fundamentals of management.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Blackmailed by the Boss


Title : Blackmailed by the Boss

Author: Raye Morgan

This is a short and crisp romantic tale of Chynna and Trent who accidently fall in love with each other.This is the story of unconditional love and it also whispers how the flower of love could blossom in no time.It’s just a magic which could happen at any moment, at any place, and to anybody.

As the blurb goes ‘Chynna owes everything she has to her older sister,Melinda.So when Melinda asks her to sneak into Trent Payton’s office one night to retrieve a file she left behind,Chynna can’t say no.

When Trent unexpectedly returns to the office , catching Chynna red-handed, he offers Chynna a choice-agree to his terms or face arrest for burglary.His request seems simple enough-accomapny him to be a party, pretend to be in love with him,and he’ll forget all about the incident.

Trent just needs an escort for one night, to convince his mother that her attempts to marry him off to an heiress of her choice won’t work.Finding Chynna in his office offers him the perfect opportunity.

Imagine their surprise when they find it easy to pretend to be in love- so easy that it’s difficult to stop when the night is over….’

The blurb of the book completely speaks of the storyline playing both the role of good as one as bad, as depicting the whole storyline could loosen the thread of suspense to some extent.On the other hand, reader would get exact idea whether the book would fall in their area of interest or not.

The story revolves around limited characters and there is no confusion at any state to be noticed.From the descriptions of the characters and situations,to the display of emotions ,everything is precise.Author has maintained to portray this short story quite well. The converstaions between the protagonists namely Chynna and Trent seemed interesting to me.

A good storyline it has, and author has framed it nicely.Writing fashion is attentive and easy to go with it.Author has the prowess to beautifully blend emotions in his story.Though the story is not descriptive, but it doesn’t lack feelings and emotions to that extent.

In order to create the perfect ambience for the story,I think the story should go in little depth atleast, if not more.It would make reader more involved.

Folks out there who loves to read petite and crispy romantic tales go for it.It won’t take your much time, and would give you a nice feel.

Rating: 3/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Rhythm of Love


Title : Rhythm of Love

Author : Rahul Prasad Kanu

“Rhythm of Love” by Rahul Prasad Kanu is a story of love, determination and friendship portrayed in an efficient way.This is the story revealing ups and downs of exemplar’s life (namely Dorji) and how the way he again climbed the stairs with the support of his loved ones when the ball was not in his court.

As the back cover says ‘ Everyone has a heart, an organ which pumps blood. For more heads, it beats 72 times a minute but for a very few, it beats, beats and beats, the count becomes meaningless the moment you feel the ‘Rhythm is not yours’. You are mesmerized!!! And when I say you cannot die at will. I mean it. God decides your day. Dorji is in love with Angel. Destiny writes their fate to meet in college. Dorji is ready to take his chances but when chances are for glances, you deserve to be in trouble. This is the story of Dorji- a warrior. This is his journey of falling in love and adoring love intricately entwining college, friendship, drugs and passion for love. Will Dorji succeed in his quest for Angel? Can honest endeavor unfold the path to glory and the difference between loving and being loved? Will his dream meet his desires? This is the story from ‘The Land of Thunder Dragons’ Bhutan. The chase of Dorji is on, Lub Dub, Lub Dub!!!’

In the very beginning of the story, author has created the suspense, the very suspense of Dorji’s life.That suspense made me to ponder what would be the story about.Guessing from the title of the story, I was pretty sure that it would be a love story but the way story initiated I became perplexed.But as the story paced up and I kept on turning the pages, everything falls in place and I was drowned in the world of Dorji.

The narration was in a constant flow. A very simple writing fashion has been adopted by the author, thought it was quite common but easy to go with.Characterization was also good.I could feel the emotions of the character to some extent and I could also picturize the scenes.

In the middle of the story, I got vibes that the story is just an another love story and I wouldn’t get anything new to grasp from it.But I was wrong.Author has added some spicy flavors to the story and hence the storyline falls in the context of a good one.

All throught ,I enjoyed reading the book and I completed it in a single sit.In a simple story, author has amalgamated many facets in order to not to make it outdated, and he has been succeeded in doing so.You will find some suspense waiting for you while reading the book, albeit they will be quite predictable(they were for me) , but author has presented them in a nice manner and that won’t let you down. Almost everything in the book is well-maintained and it gently serves the reader the meaning and essence of true love with some good lessons to learn.

If the articulation of the sentences or editing could have been a level up, this book would surely gain more points from my side.

For me, it was a light-read pack.I enjoyed with the characters and the author has done a good job being a debutant. A novice reader could go comfortably through this book.Also, the one who loves to read blend of romance, friendship and emotions go for it.

Rating: 3.8/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Sherlock Holmes, The Outstanding Mysteries



Author : Gerard Kelly

“Sherlock Holmes: The Outstanding Mysteries” by Gerard Kelly is another pastiche that deals with humorous and mysterious stories of Sherlock Holmes.This book is a compilation of thirteen stories where each story maintain its own niche and feeds the reader mind well with its exquisite riddles.

As the back cover says ‘ It has been argued that Sherlock Holmes is more famous, worldwide, than William Shakespeare and there is evidence to support the claim. The great detective is, almost certainly, the most famous fictional character of all time, and in this, the latest collection of his adventures from Doctor Watson’s old tin dispatch box, the mysteries range from the poignant tragedy of novice nun Jane Stiles to the thrilling race against time as Holmes battles to secure a fabulous legacy for his young client Andrew Newton. From the brutal serial killer known as The Mayfair Strangler to Holmes’ gruesome encounter with Catacausis Ebriosis or Spontaneous Human Combustion. From the locked-room mystery of Alexander Cavendish’s demise to the ruthless cunning of The Peddler of Death, Holmes needs all his deductive powers to unravel the clues and bring the guilty to justice. This compilation, comprising a Baker’s (street) Dozen of his adventures, re- creates the gas-lit, fog-enshrouded world of Victorian London as once more Sherlock Holmes
urges, ‘Come, Watson, the game’s afoot!’

The book has a shiny jacket displaying wonderful cover design and an attractive title.Also, the synopsis at the back serves it goal well and can pull any reader to grab the book and start reading it.

A simple writing fashion has been adopted by the author and a comfort layer has been provided for the readers to grasp more out of this book and to understand completely what author wants to tell.Good and witty conversations also add charm to this book.

All the stories play their role well but I advice you to read them in the given series as written as some of the stories are interconnected so you might miss the fun ,if not read in series.All the stories are balanced and sprinkled with mystery, riddles and fun and along with that there are more flavors to taste.

It will be a comple entertaining pack; specially for those who are an ardent reader of Sherlock Holmes series.No doubt, the book is written with humour and it does justice with the title.A one time read for sure and recommended to all mystery lovers out there.

Rating : 4.6/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Four Corners of the Circle


Title : Four Corners of the Circle

Author : Mohit Jain

Before expressing my views about this book, I would like to share a line with you people that I found in the book -‘ We are so lost in the race of being rich and successful that we have actually forgotten the real essence of education.’

‘Four corners of circles’ by Mohit Jain and Amita Sood, a book or I would better call it a guide written to help students in order to make them understand traits of education.In this book, they say several crucial points regarding education and the way it should carry on.

As the back cover says ‘ Ever heard about the four corners of the circle? Since childhood, it has been taught in schools that the circle has no corners.Life is a never-ending marathon.It keeps on revolving in circles, and everyone is in search of a final destination, a corner, that they never reach.This book is a small initiative to throw light on different aspects of the education system and how could we join hands to make it more productive.

It guides the aspiring students to follow a right approach,take correct decisions,and overcome distractions in their career.It advocates that the educational institutions should focus on enlightening the lives of the students by providing quality education, quality learning ambience, practical grounds to implement class room theories, and by helping students convert their black cat into a white one.The book is neither biased towards students nor education institutes; the sole purpose is to provide their individual perspectives and reach to a common conclusion.

The book contains five theories, which Mr. Mohit Jain has discovered in his sixteen years of teaching experience and which would help the youngsters reach closer and closer to their goals.

This book is about us.’

The first look at the cover couldn’t gave me the slightest of the hint.It made me to ponder what the book would be about. Though it looked appealing and also the title grabbed my attention, but I was unable to guess anything out of it.When I moved forward towards the blurb, undoubtedly, blurb clearly speaks of the content of the book

This book not only portrays but also lays some bitter truths about how education has treated now.I agree with each and everyone author has laid down in this book.A soothing layer has been maintained in the writing fashion which kept me glued to it till the end.

While writing the book, they very well managed that the book should fit in every box. Their thoughts are not one-sided.The book is for both teachers and students. Authors have given peaceful and gentle dictation of thoughts in this book. This book also let you know how both teachers and students should support each other.It should be properly balanced. Also, author has quotted some real life examples in order to let readers better understand their theories about education.

Authors have the prowess to express the complicated things in a friendly way.This book reflects positivity everywhere. This book is not just to read and put it aside in a shelf.It is to understand and learn what it says. Mohit Jain’s long time experience is lucidly shown in this work.His thoughts are sharply directed towards what is morally right not just because others think them right.

For all the folks out here who are seeking to have an MBA degree or wants to pursue MBA, I would like to recommend this book to all of you,guys read it before pursuing MBA.A must read and I’m sure it will help you to understand whether MBA is your forte or not. Our shelves require such books that deals with reality. This book accomplishes its task.Author has done his job in showing you the direction.Now its upto you which path to tread on.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Sherlock Holmes: The Whitechapel Vampires


Author : Dean P TurnBloom

“Sherlock Holmes: The Whitechapel Vampires” by Dean P Turnbloom, as the name suggests has an additional character of Vampire.This book comes out with a difference in storyline along with the blend of mystery.

As the back cover says ‘ In this fast-paced novel set in the Victorian London, a string of heinous murders in London’s East End has Inspector Abberline of Scotland Yard baffled and his boss, Commissioner Sir Charles Warren furious that no arrests have been made of the culprit the newspapers have dubbed “Jack the Ripper”. With pressure for an arrest mounting, a reluctant Abberline calls on Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson for assistance. Using a combination of intuition, luck, and good old-fashioned police work, the trail they follow leads them directly to Baron Antonio Barlucci. The wealthy Italian financier is a long time family friend of Sir Charles and a ruthless vampire. His trail of blood stretches from Paris to London and if he’s not captured soon an innocent young Italian immigrant will swing from the gallows for a murder he didn’t commit. The baron, though, has other plans. He’s come to London to enlist the aid of a young American, Dr Alan Tremaine, to cure his vampirism. To complicate matters, the baron has fallen in love with Sir Charles’s niece, Abigail Drake. Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts, “Jack the Ripper” aficionados and fans of old school vampires will find something to love in this meticulously researched novel that dares cross multiple genres.’

The lustorous cover invites reader’s attention and the inviting title made it more attentive.Storyline is good enough to spend some time with and is also implemented in a nice way. Along with suspense this book also serves romance that creates its own niche making this book more charming and interesting. Some facets of the story are really very-well imaginative and handsomely portrayed.

The story is a blend of vampires ,Jack the riper with all time greatest detective Sherlock Holmes.This new figment in Sherlock Holmes series brings a new charm in the story.The concept of vampire that has been added in this book gains the credit to grab my attention.At some places,author has done a commendable job to create the suspense. The story paces up in an constant manner that keeps the readers interest alive. The characterization is very good.It was easy for me to picturize the events as the narration fashion of the author is friendly in nature.

About the downfalls of the book: The real essence of Sherlock Holmes series is to some extent is missing.The highly imaginative mystery(as found in the other series) is amiss in this book and some events could be predicted easily and it comes out as thought or predicted.Also, I found some of the facets of the story unclear or confusing.

All in all, an enjoyable read where one would find something new in Sherlock’ s detective series.Also, for the one who loves to read Vampire’s story, this book could be very entertaining.One time read.A good effort.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

Review of Hottest Summer Night


Author : Rony Dasgupta

“Hottest Summer Night” by Rony Dasgupta is a petite story of protagonist named Ronit and her school-friend Asu.The story revolves around their present and past life and the complications they are facing in their life.

As the back cover says ‘ Ronit’s usual dozing after day’s long work in otherwise the hot and humid day got interrupted with the loud sound of the mobile ring-tone in the otherwise silent hot may night.He looked at his mobile it was Aishwarya or Asu popularly known among friends.Ronit turned his face towards the wall clock.He was surprised to get a call from Asu at this late hour.He answered the call with a puzzled voice-There was no sound from the other end.
Hello Asu,Is it you? Ronit asked.
The silence was replaced by a shrill crying sound.
Ronit(even more puzzled)- Are you ok Asu? What’s wrong? Why was Asu crying? And why would she call at such a late hour?’

The cover picture gives the hint that the story could be a love-triangle which to some extent proved true.But as to catch reader’s attention, I think it should come up with some more art that reflects the story in an attractive manner.The title of the book speaks of a highly-romantic story.The blurb reflects a part of the story, quite nice to gain reader’s attention but couldn’t generate inquistivity as required after reading the blurb.

Though the story revolved around only two characters ,but a perfect characterization is missing.The characters couldn’t accompained me while I was reading the book.Also, I felt that the emotions are left unattached.There were several places where I found lack of display of emotions. Even the conversation between Asu and Ronit didn’t seem so interesting and unique to me.It was just normal conversation every next person does just there was a add of some different spices, but not too spicy to give you a new flavor to taste.

Also, conversations play its role well when the story is elaborately displayed. I couldn’t catch up why photos are being amalgamated with the story.I couldn’ find any connection between the story and the photos. Unwanted descriptions at some places and lack of description at other places is I consider the biggest downfall of the book.

I wish author good luck for his next venture.

Rating: 1.2/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of The Case of the Chinese Mastermind

Cover photo of The Case of The Chinese Mastermind by

Authoress : Ketaki Karnik

“The Case of the Chinese MasterMind” by Ketaki Karnik, is a young adult fiction and mystery tale of stolen of important documents and catching the culprit.The story starts with a boring vaccation that turned out to be exiting and adventure for Varun,Raima and Kavya.They humourously solved the mystery which the elder ones to them failed to ,and they proved their worth.

As the back cover says ‘ When an annual boring family gathering in an isolated farmhouse turned out to be a gathering of the world’s most devious…With uncle Ravi’s immensely valuable designs stolen and his company refusing to call in the police, it is upto 14 year old Kavya, Raima and Varun, aided by Anna(Kavya’s older cousin), to solve the mystery.Blood-thirsty alien monsters.Killer cars.Hounds of horror.Rogue spies.Menacing threats.Six deadly Chinese daggers.A gun between the eyes.And it only gets worse…
Will the mystery busters succeed before the guests leave the farmhouse? But first, will they escape death that lurks around them?Stifle your fears and sharpen your intelligence as you hurtle into a treacherous whirlpool with the Crime Busters on their first adventure.’

A mystery case solved by three children presented and crafted well.At some moments, I got vibes that I was watching a mysterious twistfull cartoon show.As the story paces up, new facets of the story came into focus that laid to doubt new guest from the house.The first- half is bit dull.My level of interest increased when second half of the story started. Story created the suspense in the very beginning ,and literally, I couldn’t make out any clues about who would be the culprit.Albeit ,title and the cover picture provides you slight hint but it couldn’t draw towards conclusion.

A different writing fashion has been adopted by the author.For an ardent reader, it would be exciting to go with this writing style whereas for a novice reader, this could be difficult.Storyline is good enough to entertain children, neither too complicated nor too facile.One more good thing about the book is the story is not stretched unnecessarily, it is stitched nicely and laid down eloquently.

The downfall of the book is that the description of the characters could be much better.At many places confusion takes place due to this.As in the beginning itself number of characters had been introduced and it became quite difficult to recognize who actually is who ,apart from the main protagonists.Also, I felt that the thread of mystery looses its knot it between .

Children who are more interested in reading mystery tales, full of twists and turns and zig-zag curves in the storyline would get entertain on reading this book.Apart from the fact that those who has loose hands on english could slighltly miss the fun.

Rating : 3.7/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of The Quest of the Sparrows


Author : Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma

“The Quest of the Sparrows” by Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma is a story which depicts the spiritual journey of a common young man, Partiban. It basically revolves around the paramount aspect of life which is related to non material values. The story constitutes of divergent encouraging elements which as a whole make it a gripping tale.

As the front cover says ‘explore the joy of freedom’.. the book is all about searching a real self. Moreover, the book title suggests, that the story is inspired by the peaceful and free life of a sparrow. The book deals with the life of a man, Partiban, a reluctant guru. He begins an interesting journey which is filled with several ups and downs. According to Partiban, this spiritual expedition of 600 kilometers on foot to Ganpatipule in Ratnagiri was a practical spirituality workshop to achieve one’s true potential. He sets out this trip in order to make his followers realize that survival isn’t the goal of life. A much significant contribution still awaits us, which is related to holy beliefs and ideas. The group of followers is composed of several distinct types of people who were going through some or the other wretched conditions of life. As Swami Partiban and his disciples didn’t carry any sort of money or belongings with them in the journey, the story contains different anecdotes of how they manage their stuff and try to sustain in this trek. The book also takes you to the past of Partiban’s life where he was bewildered about certain situations and how he comprehends some amazing lessons of life through his father. Also, the book consists of an important character, Shruti ( Partiban’s girlfriend), daughter of a rich industrialist, but he couldn’t marry her because of his financial crisis. The story basically reveals the concepts of joy, peace and freedom via several characters that are represented in the book.

As you gradually get involved in the story, it will raise numerous questions in your mind. Will guru Partiban and his followers complete the journey? Will they reach to their destination? Or will they give up in the middle of this spiritual test? Will they perceive the true meaning of life and their existence?

The cover picture of the book is noticeable and of course the title perfectly suits the story. The thoughts expressed in the story are certainly deep which also shows author’s great intellect and research. It is a simple tale but very effective. The insights of life mentioned in the book can change one’s perspective of looking at things. The book is capable of lifting you up and can absolutely swing your mood.

I liked the author’s writing style as he presented some of the supreme notions of life without much preaching. The book in a way answered many questions that were constantly going in my mind while reading. Besides narrating about the carefree life of sparrows, the author has discussed about self evolution, meditation and the importance of connection to divine.

Several points which are mentioned in the book are thought provoking. Through this book one can introspect in his/her life which is extremely valuable. It was an easy and a fast read for me. The theory of “Practical Spirituality” is captivating and can help people to link to their spiritual side. The book can take you to an entirely different world where you can search a real meaning of happiness, liberation, courage, selfless attitude, and faith. Apart from explaining numerous beliefs and suggestions the story also demonstrates practically how one can achieve tranquility of mind and joy while leading a meaningful and creative life. The analogy that has been expressed in the book is commendable. It reminded me of this famous quote:
“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”

This is a highly recommended book especially for those who are keen to find answers of their inner requirements or want to explore a fully different viewpoint of life.

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shivani Chauhan

Review of Crumpled Voices


Compiled by : Pulkit Gupta

Edited by : Ila Garg

‘Crumpled Voices:’ is an anthology book of twenty short stories and three poems that are laid down to show different facets of society giving a voice to social issues. Crumpled Voices broadcasts layers of different traumas society is covered with.It displays almost all the social issues this society has been a part of and is still suffering from the same.

Down the way by Ila Garg

The book inaugarates with an emotional and beautiful poem singing the song of trees’ mysteries.It trickles the clock in our mind speaking of all the blessings trees has given us so far ,and what we are offering it in return.

This is who I am by Ila Garg

It is a simpatico tale of homosexuality emotionalising the part of exemplar’s side by being not adopted by the society.I wish the story could have more facets or flavours to show.The story becomes so candid that it missed the spice it should have.Although, I liked authoress writing style and it provides a comfortable reading.

Karma Returns by Pulkit Gupta

A story laced with misunderstandings and painful emotions of two couples and how that one facet of their life shattered their love and change their life.I like the way this story ends.It holds the emotions properly and leaves reader with multiple emotions and thoughts.The only thing I don’t like about the story is description of places.In short stories usually elaboration of places doesn’t seem good ,according to me.

The Last Whisper by Tanya Shrivastava

A story of love, displaying present status of women in the society and how they still are a part of men’s torture.A story implemented and presented well. A heart-touching story that is laid down by the authoress in a wonderful way.Story is balanced and it displays all the flavours the story demands.On the other hand, authoress owns a good writing fashion.

It is Honourable by Abhik Chakraborty

A story of commiting a crime of falling in love with a person who is of another caste. Author impressed me by his way of presenting emotions through words.Though the story has nothing new to read, but it displays the emotions of the victim very well.

The Curious Case of Missing Brahmins by Abhishek ‘Atul’

A well written and witty story reflecting the page of today’s era education system and how it turned into a business of gaining money.A beautiful story stitched with History and Philosophy.I liked the way the story is served with epic sense.

Color of a butterfly by Promilla Qazi

A story of a woman and the strength she gained while treading the path from being weak to strong.From the very beginning to the end, a constant pace has been maintained by the authoress.A good story teaching a great lesson at the end.

Indira’s story by Smita Salins

A story of how Indian wifes are still a part of torture and keeping themselves mum.It also narrates the tale when women are being mentally and physically tortured for not being able to give birth to baby- boy.I found the story quite common and known to everyone.It could be told in a different way showcasing a new storyline keeping the theme same.

The Corrupt Me by Nitesh Chitranshi

It narrates a story of Corruption and Honesty which could be happened with anyone of us in same or another way.Albeit the story is simple ,but it teaches a great lesson.A good effort.

The Fatal pride by Sreelekha Chatterjee

A story of how a small incident in exemplar’s life dragged him to become a criminal.It also narrates how number of criminals and crimes are increasing day by day.A nice try with an old storyline.

The Paradise by Prachi Priyanka

An interesting story sprinkled with love, guilt, remorse and feeling of heaven.A good attempt by the authoress to curve the story at different ends and presenting it infront of readers in a fruitful way in order to make the readers turning the pages.

Nature’s Revenge by Shruti Mall

The story basically states that ‘Everybody has to pay for their sin one day.’ A wonderful story with an appropriate title and engaging narration.

She was Raped by Nitin Soni

She was Raped is a straight forward dictation of thoughts in the form of poem written to let society know that our nation is no more a ‘Golden Bird’ or ‘Incredible India’ where crimes like rape is on heat.The poem is laid down in simple words by the poet but could be presented in a much better way.

The Crescendo of a Grand Symphony

I found the story quite confusing due to the narration style adopted by the author.Although a nice storyline but could be presented in a different and a much interactive way.

A letter to God by Sandeep Sharma

A story of 10 year old housemaid and her lovely desire.Author’s writing style has the prowess to make reader glued to his writing.He presented the short story in an attractive manner. A heart-wrenching and tear-jerker story.

Eighteenth Birthday by Nibha Gupta

A story in which girl-child are supposed to be bringing bad luck.Authoress has came up with a really nice story line and she has also presented it in a humourous way creating proper amount of suspense and sprinkling emotions.

The Indecent Profession by Durgesh Shastri

A beautiful story blended with love, lust, punishment and such professions which are ruining our society.It also states the statement ‘What goes around comes around.’A very good work by the author.

Light by Shrruti Patole Clarence

This is a story about criminals and their horrendous crimes victim has to suffer from.This story comes out with a message to bring out our strength and raise voice for our cause so that no other people can face the same.A nice story.

Freedom by Ketaki Sane

The story is about those women whose wings of freedom got cut while entering in a new stage of life called ‘marriage’.Apart from doing household chores ,still at some places women are not allowed to do work of their own choice.A good story and presented nicely.

A Second Chance By Gayatri Aptekar

In this world of technology, love, care and time are devoted to technologies as if it is the only world.This story speaks out the same with a good storyline and nice narration.

The Newspaper Reader by Chandrapal Khasiya

A story of a blind woman and how mysterically a truth unfolds at the end.One of the lovely story from this book.Author framed a witty storyline in the form of a short story in a beautifully organized way presenting a treat to the readers.

Together We Can Make by Priyanka Bansal

A story about people’s lack of knowledge about HIV and their pre-assumptions that made the infected person hurt by their behaviour.A nice story with a nice end.

Don’t Decolorize Me by Priyanka Bansal

This book ends with an urging poem to stop exploiting people through Acid Attack.This poem comes with an urge to stop this devil act portraying how much love one does with himself/herself.A nice poem.

All in all, this book comprises of such work that holds the power to change the society’s thinking which is way required at this period of time.Recommended.

Rating: 3.8 /5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of A Letter from my father


Author : Kanak Aggarwal

‘A Letter from my father ‘ , debut novel of Kanak Aggarwal, is a simple yet emotional story of the protagonist namely Daksh Aggarwal.The story revolves around his childhood and the way how his relationship from his father played an effective and major role in shaping up his life.

As the back cover says ‘ Daksh Aggarwal is a simple 18 year old Delhi guy who had only one prob in his life- his complicated relationship with his father.He has been passionate about making his dad feel proud of him.He saw both painful and happy times…he witnessed life and he witnessed death.His life was simple still complicated.

Out of all the complications was he able to set up a happy life for himself? Or in his bumpy journey of making his dad realize his worth he ended up doing something terrible? What does the letter from his father has got for him in it? Find out.’

The title of the book perfectly suits the story.The cover picture though not so attractive ,but gives a simple illustration of the story.The synopsis on the back cover generates an inquistiveness to find out the hidden mystery of Daksh’s life and the content of the letter written by his father to him.

Initially, I felt that the story is just another usual ones among the crowd where the author just wants to display his whole life starting from his childhood.But ,the circumstances changed and the story suddenly started to travel on a new track and there it grabbed my attention and interest.

A facile writing fashion has been adopted by the author. The story is laced with simplicity in writing style and complexity in exemplar’s life that kept my interest alive, and the story was also relatable to some extent.Some events really touched my heart ,and are enough to make anyone go emotional. The letter written by exemplar’s father to him is really an heart-touching moment and there it left its impression.This short story also gives a message to all the parents and their children.One could easily go with this book in a single sit.

At some places story is descripted more than required which I felt that could be avoided, and where the story actually wants to go in depth lacks elaboration there.The storyline is good and it could be implemented in a better way.I think the story should go in more depth then it will create its own new aroma ,and it would be more relatable then.But, being a debutant author Kanak has done a nice job.

It was a light-read pack for me,laced with emotions of a boy and his father portrayed in a nice manner.Albeitthe story is short ,but is tear-jerker.A good book to spend some time with , and to learn the lesson Daksh’s story teaches.

Rating: 3.7/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Mad Money Journey

Author : Mehrab Irani

Money-the most demanding thing in today’s era. Who doesn’t run after money? In reality we all run after money to get all the possible comforts and pleasures. But the question is how to earn and spend money so that money would always accompany us? Let’s find out the answer.

Many people learn how to earn money but most of them fail to learn how to use that money. Author Mehrab Irani’s book ‘Mad Money Journey’ broadcasts some fundamentals and his theory on ‘money’ in a witty manner portraying a wonderful story.This book will provide you financial knowledge of how to manage money and could also change your perceptiom about ‘money’.

This book will make you learn how to become financially independent through portrating the tale of John Pinto’s tale.

As the back cover says ‘Mehrab’s latest book is sweeping tale of mystery and adventure , with deep revelations on the nature of man and money.

Tired of his energy- and money- draining middle-class life, Dr. John Pinto decides to end it all by walking into oncoming traffic. But Life has other plans for him! Through a quirky twist of fate, John finds himself saved and launched into a financial pilgrimage across the world.Through a whirligig of exotic, shocking and sometimes dangerous encounters, he learns what it means to be financially independent.

The school of Life introduces him to people who have learned the 10 commandments of financial freedom the hard way. From Afghani terrorists to Kenyan marathon runners, from Bangkok prostitutes to Chinese mystics and many more- each soul on this incredible journey holds a key insight into the relationship between man and money. To achieve true freedom, John will have to face it all- a turbulent odyssey of hair- raising adventure, unexpected teachers, monetary rewards and an overarching mission.

A dazzling novel, written with wit, compassion, intelligence and deep humanity; travel with John Pinto to unearth the secrets of a rich life.’

From the very beginning story seemed interesting and it played well throughout the reading journey. I was very much inquistive to turn the pages and unfold the facets of the story and unleash the mystery. The way author has outstandingly melded fiction with reality rules over my heart.

Writing style has a constant flow and the story goes in a smooth flow.There is a charm in author’s writing style which kept me glued to it throughout the reading journey.The story was all the time stick to its theme. It was clearly seen that the author’s thoughts were clear and lucid while writing this book.

The combination of finance and fiction is really commendable. It feels good to read such books where a beautiful story teaches you some lessons which are way required for leading a happy life.

‘Money’ the most prioritized thing living in everyone’s head. Who doesn’t want to be rich? Who doesn’t want to see the richness of life? The way author has splendidly defined this small term through this engaging story gained my vote. It’s not just a story, its not just a theory book on money. Its Mehrab Irani’s gift to everyone who wants to learn money- management fundamentals.

A worth-read and recommended to everyone who wants to learn some finance management tactics along with a wonderful story.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari