Review of Arjun

Cover of Arjun without a doubt by Dr. Shinde Sweety

Review of Arjun Title : Arjun   Author : Dr. Shinde Sweety       Blurb : I knew there was nothing poetic about death. I knew not that the most horrific battles are fought off the battlefield. Arjun: The idealist in a non-ideal world; the warrior whose deadliest opponent was his conscience. History forgot … Read more

Review of The Curse Of Surya

The Curse Of Surya by Author : Dev Prasad

Title : The Curse Of Surya     Author : Dev Prasad       Blurb : Sangeeta Rao, a beautiful, feisty reporter at Channel 7 TV in Singapore, rushes to Agra on a special assignment after an early-morning phone call. At the Taj Mahal, she meets Alan Davies, a charming Welshman. But a terrorist attack … Read more

Review of Married Virgins

Married Virgins by Author : Rituparna Deshmukh

Title : Married Virgins   Author : Rituparna Deshmukh     Blurb: In Married Virgins Akira, deeply in love with Usain, dreams to create her beautiful world with him. Raghav, her colleague and best friend, loves her one sided unconditionally. Akira sees her dream world shattering when her parents refuse to give their permission to … Read more

Review of Disconnect

Title : Disconnect Authoress :Devra Davis Cellphone: the basic need of every human-being after food,cloth and shelter.From past few years, it has changed the world and people’s lifestyle to a great extent.No matter, whether the loved ones are near to people or not, but the cell-phone is always close to them.Where it has so many … Read more

Review of Fluffy Feathers

Title : Fluffy Feathers Author: Diwakar Pokhriyal “Fluffy Feathers” by Diwakar Pokhriyal is a compilation of twenty-four short stories that showcases different flavours of life, some approaching, some asks you to take a step ahead to bring the change, some dipped in love,some haunting and mysterious. A walk towards the night The book inaugarates with … Read more

Review of When We Clicked

Title : When We Clicked Author: Yash Pawaskar “When we Clicked: a twisted love story?” debut novel of Yash Pawaskar portrays a bumby ride of exemplar’s life named Akhil in an impressive manner blending the story with humour,suspense,fun,love and witt.A twisted tale portrayed in a facile way leaving you guess the suspense. As the back … Read more

Review of J.U.I.C.E

Title : J.U.I.C.E Author : Mohit Jain “J.U.I.C.E:Flavors of Management” by Mohit Jain deals with management theories in an impressive manner making reader glued to it and at the end feed readers mind with a clear concept of management,marketing and economics, quoting lucrative examples. As the back cover says ‘We like story books.On thr other … Read more

Review of Blackmailed by the Boss

Title : Blackmailed by the Boss Author: Raye Morgan This is a short and crisp romantic tale of Chynna and Trent who accidently fall in love with each other.This is the story of unconditional love and it also whispers how the flower of love could blossom in no time.It’s just a magic which could happen … Read more

Review of Rhythm of Love

Title : Rhythm of Love Author : Rahul Prasad Kanu “Rhythm of Love” by Rahul Prasad Kanu is a story of love, determination and friendship portrayed in an efficient way.This is the story revealing ups and downs of exemplar’s life (namely Dorji) and how the way he again climbed the stairs with the support of … Read more

Review of Sherlock Holmes, The Outstanding Mysteries

  Author : Gerard Kelly “Sherlock Holmes: The Outstanding Mysteries” by Gerard Kelly is another pastiche that deals with humorous and mysterious stories of Sherlock Holmes.This book is a compilation of thirteen stories where each story maintain its own niche and feeds the reader mind well with its exquisite riddles. As the back cover says … Read more

Review of Sherlock Holmes: The Whitechapel Vampires

Author : Dean P TurnBloom “Sherlock Holmes: The Whitechapel Vampires” by Dean P Turnbloom, as the name suggests has an additional character of Vampire.This book comes out with a difference in storyline along with the blend of mystery. As the back cover says ‘ In this fast-paced novel set in the Victorian London, a string … Read more

Review of Hottest Summer Night

Author : Rony Dasgupta “Hottest Summer Night” by Rony Dasgupta is a petite story of protagonist named Ronit and her school-friend Asu.The story revolves around their present and past life and the complications they are facing in their life. As the back cover says ‘ Ronit’s usual dozing after day’s long work in otherwise the … Read more

Review of The Case of the Chinese Mastermind

Authoress : Ketaki Karnik “The Case of the Chinese MasterMind” by Ketaki Karnik, is a young adult fiction and mystery tale of stolen of important documents and catching the culprit.The story starts with a boring vaccation that turned out to be exiting and adventure for Varun,Raima and Kavya.They humourously solved the mystery which the elder … Read more

Review of The Quest of the Sparrows

Author : Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma “The Quest of the Sparrows” by Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma is a story which depicts the spiritual journey of a common young man, Partiban. It basically revolves around the paramount aspect of life which is related to non material values. The story constitutes of divergent … Read more

Review of Crumpled Voices

Compiled by : Pulkit Gupta Edited by : Ila Garg ‘Crumpled Voices:’ is an anthology book of twenty short stories and three poems that are laid down to show different facets of society giving a voice to social issues. Crumpled Voices broadcasts layers of different traumas society is covered with.It displays almost all the social … Read more

Review of A Letter from my father

Author : Kanak Aggarwal ‘A Letter from my father ‘ , debut novel of Kanak Aggarwal, is a simple yet emotional story of the protagonist namely Daksh Aggarwal.The story revolves around his childhood and the way how his relationship from his father played an effective and major role in shaping up his life. As the … Read more

Review of Mad Money Journey

Author : Mehrab Irani Money-the most demanding thing in today’s era. Who doesn’t run after money? In reality we all run after money to get all the possible comforts and pleasures. But the question is how to earn and spend money so that money would always accompany us? Let’s find out the answer. Many people … Read more