Review of The Secret Notebooks

Author- June Thomson Sherlock Holmes Series ‘The Secret Notebooks’ of Sherlock Holmes by June Thomas is the best one among the three books I have read of June Thomson.(Two other books- The Secret Archieves and The Secret Journal). In this series,author has tried her best to potray her imaginations in a more lively way.More dramatic … Read more

Review of The Lost Stories

Author- JOHN H WATSON,MD Edited by Tony Reynolds Sherlock Holmes Series ‘The Lost Stories’ of Sherlock Holmes edited by Tony Reynolds ,is the book that matches the level of Arthur Conan Doyle’s books.It comprises of nine stories,where all the stories are very lucidly written and gives the perfect essence of Sherlock Holmes’s stories. Wonderful,well imaginative … Read more

Review of The Secret Archieves

Author- June Thomas Sherlock Holmes Series While reading the Sherlock Homes series, few things definitely strike my mind- mystery,suspense,humorous tactics of solving cases,would be a wonderful reading journey and definitely an enjoyable reading. This is the second book I’ve read of Author June Thomas.The first book (The Secret Journals) is comparitively better than this. After … Read more