Review of The Line Reader

Title : The Line Reader


Author : Agni Tripathi




Blurb : A youngster decides to play a prank on his friends, pretending to be able to read the lines on their palms. But, what he sees on his own palm shocks him. Do the lines truly foretell what is in store for one?


A young couple suffers the perennial perplexities of young love. Is this one the soul-mate? Are the feelings mutual? Can they speak their minds out in time?


A young man masters the technique to wipe out memories. What could the consequence be?


Woven around the myriad ironies that are a part and parcel of complex human relations, moving from the tranquil hills to the sweltering plains, touching upon the lives of Metropolitan cities and the remotest rural villages, this collection of short stories will take you through the lives of the various protagonists, who are typical to India in her magnificent diversity.


Written in a lucid style with a mix of humour and pathos, the stories are sure to touch your hearts as they unfold…


My views :

‘The Line Reader’ is a collection of short stories. It comprises of 22 stories each having a different flavor. The stories dwell in the book are fascinating and it will definitely hold you from the very beginning.Talking about the very first story—


Fasting to Liberation : It’s a story about a doctor who is posted to a new place. He is lost in his memories and is seeing people who are fasting to liberation. The story is nicely presented in front of readers.


Killer : As the name suggests, the story is about a killer who is hunting the innocent people for his cause. Police officers are trying their best to catch the killer and are scrutinizing about the events one by one. The story is very nicely unfolded in front of the readers but readers need to read the story without losing their concentration otherwise they need to re-read the story.


Parting Gift : It’s a story about a gift i.e. a swiss chocolate box which is lost somewhere and protagonist’s friend is searching hard for it in their whole room. A story narrated very well.


The Line Reader : After reading the blurb I was very much excited to find the blurb in the book and then there is the story which defines the blurb. The story is about four friends who were hanging out together and then one of them plays a prank; a prank of reading palm lines and predicting future. A nice story based on palmistry.


Love Birds : It’s a love story of college students who were departed for some time. They both were at railway station and waiting for the train which was 40 minutes late. The story is based on the conversation played between four people on the railway station.


Bongaon Local : It’s a story about a graduate student who is posted to a village for initial few years of his career. The student is travelling by train and is already scared because of empty compartment and to top it there comes a man who unfolds the threaten secret about the village i.e. the village is scary and people are missing by every passing day.


Photograph : The story focuses on Electronic eraser which erases the memories or some part of the memory. An interesting read!


Quarter No. 7B : It’s the story about a medical officer who is posted in Ankro village and is about the mystery of Quarter No. 7B. Why does no one live in 7B? The story is about the answer of this question.


At the bus-stop on the 28th day : The story is about two people who fails to carry their relationship. The whole story is delineated with the help of days. The days are neither in increasing order nor in decreasing order. The days are jumbled up in the whole story. The story will be clear when the reader relates all the days together in his/her mind. A nice read!


God’s own Child : It’s a story about a Muslim boy. The story made an emphasis on the difference i.e. there is no difference between the human beings in God’s eye. But the people on the earth always make differences on the basis of caste and religion.


My Gentleman : It’s a story about a man who on his journey in a bus finds a gentleman. The story is based on a ticket drama played in the bus between the gentleman, man and the bus conductor. A good read.


Found : The story is centered around a lost umbrella. A student already in debt lost his umbrella and manages his expenses somehow. Then after asking for extra umbrella from his friends he moved to ‘Lost and Found’ place to get an umbrella and at last he owns his umbrella again.


Shall We Dance? : The story is about a dancing couple who takes part in several couple dance competitions and wins a few of them also. The story is rolled around dancing episode of their life.


Innocent : It’s a story about a child who is excited about his birthday. His day was awesome and he also gets numerous gifts. He unwrapped the gifts one by one and happy to have the most beautiful gift that day.


Mr. Ghosh’s Bungalow : The story is centered around Mr. Ghosh and his daughter. Mr. Ghosh who is excited for his daughter’s marriage is left in trauma and anguish when he came to know about the hidden marriage of her daughter. A common story!


Tale of Maxriter : The story opens very precisely. The story will turn your way to find the existence of a pen which is present in protagonist’s bag. Protagonist is thinking that why this pen is residing in his bag. He is then lost in train of thoughts to find the reason about the pen’s dwelling in his bag. A fascinating read!


Operation Infecto Leaderous : It’s a story about a political leader who is sick. Doctor said that he may be suffering from measles. The doctor is waiting for the reports to find the actual disease.


The Other Couple : It’s a story about a couple who are lost in their own world but suddenly a caller interrupts them. The call is from a child who is alone at home and is calling to talk to her mother.


All’s Well that Ends Well : The story is completely symmetrical along the title. It’s a story about a bomb tragedy on a train. The story rolls gracefully and everything will be clear at the end. The characters are played very well in story.


My Friend Jyothi : The story is about a boy who is admitted to a new school. He befriends with Jyothi on the very first day. The protagonist is lost in memories of Jyothi; how he befriends him, how people talk about the biryani tragedy and how people say him to stay away from Jyothi. After so many years he again meets with his friend whose identity is changed now.


The Meeting : The story is based on the meeting of two people who are in love but they never meet each other. They never meet in-person with each other and the time came when after numerous hours of talking day and night they are meeting. They are happy and excited at the same time. But soon this happiness vanishes when Sayak came to know about the accident of Ria through an unknown person who is calling from her mobile. Sayak was in trauma and very sad when he came to know about all this. The story becomes interesting when a reader came to know that Ria’s mobile is stolen and she is waiting for Sayak at the decided place. A very nice story.


Yesterday : It’s a story about past love which exits in present also. Two people who are in love departed away few years back. Now destiny gave them second chance when they meet again but it seems like they are not aware about each other’s life. They both met and they were still having feelings for each other but they both lied that they are married. A touchy story!


The writing style is easy and the narration done by the author is smooth. Different genres are presented in a single book. Author has weaved every story very nicely. I found only a few stories having a common theme and all other stories are simply awesome. Some of the stories are having tints of sadness and some may make you smile. Some stories may fill you up with emotions and some may surprise you.


The reading journey is very interesting that I had completed the book in one go. I was very excited to detangle these interesting stories one after another. It is a book with different varieties to serve to its readers. Author has done a very good work in his debut novel; looking forward to read more from him.


All in all an amazing read. Recommended to everyone who enjoys reading short stories.


Rating : 4.5/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

Review of Fluffy Feathers


Title : Fluffy Feathers

Author: Diwakar Pokhriyal

“Fluffy Feathers” by Diwakar Pokhriyal is a compilation of twenty-four short stories that showcases different flavours of life, some approaching, some asks you to take a step ahead to bring the change, some dipped in love,some haunting and mysterious.

A walk towards the night

The book inaugarates with a message to the society-Where has lost our morality and Who is at fault? It is basically a broadcast of author’s thoughts,his perceptions about today’s youth and what they term ‘Independence’ and how they make wrong use of it.I wish this message would come out with a story,then it could easily and more effectively cast its spell and spread the message.

My Lost Angel

The second story tries to portray a love story that fails to create the real ambience required for the story.Imagination is lacking in the storyline and that made me loose interest.The storyline could be blended with more events in order to make it healthy and interesting.

A promise of Love

I found the story incomplete.I felt that something was amiss.Story lacks nourishment and imagination.I also felt that author was in hurry to complete this story in order to moved on to the next one.

A friend

An impressive story of a guy Joy and his wish of making a friend.Discover how he met a friend and the bio of his friend.I found the suspense quite revealing before it is required, but all in all, it is an interesting story which kept me glued to it till the end.

Evaporating Solutions

Similar to the first story of the book, this story also deals with author’s thoughts and broadcasts his perceptions about the society and the way we treat our Independence.Agree to his thoughts,but as the book is a compilation of short stories,a story is required to put the message infront of readers in a fruitful manner.

A mediocre student

A story of a student who loves to play but lacks interest in studies.His parents were unable to bridge the gap and that gap results in unfullfilled desires of his heart. Theme is good but here also an imaginative plot is lacking.

A Lover’s Diary

There are two sequels to this story.The first one creates the suspense of letter that the protagonist found.In the second part,suspense started to unleash and at the end created more suspense. In the third part, everthing comes to an end and suspense vanishes.A nice attempt but could be presented in a much better way.

He was there

The story speaks of a silent love.I like the theme and the storyline of the story.There is no pause when one event switches to another at some places,this made it quite confusing.A good story.

Forget Society-To be a part of society

This story broadcasts the understanding gap between parent and children.There is nothing new in the story.The story is mainly in the form of conversations among some aunties which two young boys overheard and then concluded.

Slave of our thoughts

This story showcases a new facet of love or I doubt whether it should be termed as ‘love’ or not.I appreciate the author to bring this thought along with a story.It brings the message that ‘It’s upto us how to tackle the situation,act positively or negatively,rewards will be respectively.

Dream and Dream

A dream that turns into reality and above all the fear of coming that horrifying dream true that shakes the protagonist up-down.A good storyline and narrated well.All in all, an interesting and nice story.

The sour truth

A story of two physically paralized lovers.It tells that physically disabled people are no different from us and shouldn’t be treat differently.We all are same and we all have some disabilities in ourself.A nice effort and a nice message to the readers.

The Mirror-1

The story is of a farmhouse and the people who came to live there and faced unlikely disasters happened to their child.Quite an old storyline but it was nice.As the name suggests that there could be more sequeal of this story,but unfortunately there isn’t.

The possibility 1 and 2

The story has a sequel to it.’The Possiblity-1′ is a beautiful story with a nice end.The storyline is somewhat different and interesting.

‘The possibility-2’
The story of a human or a spirit? This story tries to create supense and isn’t that fruitful as demanded. I couldn’t connect to the story properly.Also, both the stories should be in a row if they are sequeals.

Darkness of Perception

“A sea is too vast to be judged from one bank.”
A story of biased perceptions.Many a times we misinterpret the situation or a person and that directly effects our perception about them.Sometimes we are not able to see the other side of the coin.This story tells the same in a quite nice manner.

Belief in love

An old story told in a different way.A story of true love which tells the meaning of relationship and pure love and there is no space for misunderstanding amidst two lovers.A nice effort.


The story tells the difference between having money in life but not having happiness.Many a times, youngsters have to go through their parent’s decision and they couldn’t able to lift up their dreams just because their parent thinks that only proper study and job could make them earn a healthy amount of money.This story is all about this.A nice story.

The Second Chance

Not everyone’s luck knocks the door second time.It is the story of a guy called DV,his desires and passion about cricket and his affection towards his parents.I liked the story and the theme,although the end could be more emotional.

What I like about the book is-in most of the story,author tries to tell a message to the reader.Albeit,he couldn’t implemented it very-well,but his thoughts impressed me.A very simple writing fashion has been adopted by the author.A novice reader could go through it easily.

About the downfalls of the book- I was eager to read something new out of this book.But it couldn’t stand on my expectation.Stories are lacking imagination.When one story tries to stand different from other,it was not able to make a connection with me.This book also required editing and proof-reading. A healthy conversation is also required to make the story interesting.Also, articulation of sentences could be much better in order to provide reader a comfortable reading journey.

Rating : 2.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review Of Bombcase Baxi And Cleo


Authors- Bina Biswas & Sayantan Gupta

Bombcase Baxi And Cleo by Bina Biswas who is a Professor of english & Sayantan Gupta who is a gynaecologist , is a book based on mysteries & puzzles. As the blurb says that this book is a collection of 8 short stories. These mysteries are eventually solved by two truth seekers named Bombase Baxi & Cleo.

‘Scrap with a silver lining’ is a story of a Mr. Patel who was the managing director of a company that deals with the import & export of scrap metals in Zambia. He approached Mr. Bombcase Baxi who is a truth seeker, when he was hassled because of an unknown frantic call. It depicts that how Mr. Baxi initially saves his daughter Preeti with the help of some ingenious people & finds out the truth related to silver metal.

‘The missing necklace’ is a mysterious story revolves around a missing diamond necklace. Cleo & Mr. Baxi intelligently analysed the unusual situation as the groom’s mother lost her necklace in a family occasion. Eventually both the truth seekers resolves the enigma.

‘The missing Links’ is a story that revolves about an uncertain death of a man named Mr. Roy. When Mrs. Roy approached to Mr. Bombcase Baxi, He visits her place in Darjeeling to find the answer for Mr. Roy’s death. Through interrogating several workers & family members in Mr. Roy’s place, he ultimately detects the real culprit behind this riddle.

The next interesting chapter of the book i.e. ‘The Avaricious Ghost’ is a story about a house owned by Mr. P.C. Roy. He had failed to sell this property as it picks up a bad name. The people said it was haunted. Mr. Roy was bewildered. He was shattered because of an ice-cold touch on his brow at night. Seeing this, his daughter calls up to Cleo for help. Cleo after reaching at the house sorts out everything & finds the truth behind this rapacious ghost.

‘The king Cobra’ is a story related to a strange death of a renowned archaeologist, Professor S.K. Samanta by a snake bite. Mr. Baxi reaches Nepal after being approached by Professor Samanta’s son. His son suspects homicide. With the help of the local police, other archaeologists & locals, Mr. Baxi reveals the truth pertaining to this peculiar death.

‘On the Double’ is a unusual story about Mr. Pokhraj Surana who decides to gift a diamond necklace to his wife. But when he reaches at the jewellery shop for the final payment ,he finds that the necklace is fake. Mr. Surana realizes that someone has been impersonating his wife & she is the one who managed to purloin the real necklace. Cleo comes up to solve the mystery when she was been called up by Mr. Roy’s daughter, the owner of jewellery shop. She eventually solves the riddle by the support of local police, & interrogating several people & suspects in the case.

‘Where is the Body’ is a story about Mrs. Shalini Kulkarni who comes up in police station to file a report of her husband ,Mr. Rajiv kulkarni being kidnapped. Mr. Deshpande , a police officer who was examining the case considers it to be a homicide case. His friends Bombcase Baxi & Cleo also assist him in this case. Eventually they find out the reality by interrogating various suspects of this case.

‘And Broke His Crown’ is the concluding chapter of the book which deals with story about Gomez who was been accused of murdering Thakur Sahib as Gomez was only the person when Thakur Sahib was killed. Gomez, the gym instructor who had a very special relationship with Malini, the wife of Thakur sahib. Cleo comes up to take the case when Malini called her. She investigates the case & finds out the truth.

This book is composed of short tales related to puzzles, mysteries & suspense. The author has plot the characters in a very interesting way. The short tales by the author are narrated in a very simple way, yet the stories are effectual. The book depicts some of the very peculiar homicide mysteries which are written in a very convincing manner. The prime characters of the story i.e. Mr. Bombcase Baxi & Cleo, both were impressive & imposing. The end of all the stories are quite unpredictable. The book is capable to hold the attention of the readers till the end.

I felt that this is the book was a light read along with some intrigue. The two truth seekers( Mr. Bombase Baxi & Cleo)had a brilliant intellect, judgement, understanding & sharpness. At some points , I was very inquisitive & fascinated by the story ‘s twist and turns. For me, the book was plethora of adventures & secrets. The way how the two truth seekers were immensely intense to find out the truth was captivating. The author was successful in grabbing my interest.
The book is a combination of thriller, suspense, escapades, & enigma. If you enjoy reading such kind of book this is the book for you. If you want a light read, you’ll enjoy author’s style of writing. On the other hand ,if you’re looking for a romantic or a horror suspense , this ain’t the book for you.

Rating – 3.9/5

Reviewer- Shivani Chauhan

Interview of Author Arti Honrao


Tell us about your world beyond literature.

I am single and live with my parents, three brothers, bhabhi and nephew. I have studied medicine. I lead a normal life, following a daily routine. I love spending time on the terrace of my flat, observing nature and enjoy clicking some wonderful pictures. I love playing with my nephew. I listen to music when and wherever possible. On the music system in my room, on my ipod while doing chores.

It’s obvious that every work of an artist is near to his/her heart.But ,I would like to know that among the three of your books,which one resides nearest?

The book of two short stories: Is This Love and Autumn -The Last Leaf. Both these stories I had posted on my blog and had not considered getting them published. Many of my readers wrote to me saying that I should. A few male friends told me how they could relate to the male protagonist in the first short story. A good friend of mine wanted to gift this book to his girl friend. It took a while, but I finally got it published. I gave away approximately 60 free copies of the book as promised to my readers.

As all of your books speak of relationship.What made you to write on this very subject?

It was not a decision to make. It just happens that I am good with understanding relationships. One of the reasons why people write to me about their relationships, seeking advice. Hence the whispered words section on my blog. I did try writing on different genres, however, I turned back to relationships because I am good at it.

What importance does relationship has in life and what are relationships to you?

Relationships are important. I am talking of ‘all’ the relationships in our life and not just about romantic relationship. Relationships in my life mean a lot to me. If you allow, I would like to share links of two of my articles on Relationships

  1. Relationships:
  2. Not-Leading-Anywhere-Road:

Which book took longest time to complete and which one took shortest?

Longest: Resemblance – The Journey of a Doppelganger (approximately a month) Shortest: My Life-Story (completed in less than a day)

Among all the characters in your book,which character resembles you most?

Sheetal from Is This Love?

What is a life without literature for you?

I would like to quote Isaac Asimov, “I write for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t, I would die.”

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

I have just started writing a short story series on my blog, which is open for free reading. I do not have any upcoming projects as such however I do want to consider making an anthology of short stories published on my blog.

A message for your readers and fellow writers.

Readers – Keep reading. Do not be too quick to judge any writer. I believe and agree that each reader has his/her own taste of books, nevertheless -a lot of feelings and efforts go behind writing of a book. To fill blank pages with words is a difficult task.

Fellow writers – Keep writing. Write for audience, however, visualise yourself sitting in the audience. Would you love to read what you have written? If you would not, then you do not have the right to expect others to. One of my quotes on writing a story, “When you write a story, don’t just write it – live it; When putting words into the mouth of a protagonist (or any character) imagine yourself saying them and while writing about the reaction of the listener, write it the way you would react. Let the conversations not be meant merely to be read but felt as well. If you do not feel what you write; how can you expect the readers to feel it?”

In a single word tell us about your books.

My Life Story- hardships
Is this Love & Autumn the last leaf-passion Resemblance- romance

Thank you for giving your precios time and wonderful answers.Wishing you a bright future.

Interviewer – Shweta Kesari

Review of Lady,you’re not a Man!

Author- Apurva Purohit


“Lady you’re not a man” by Apurva Purohit who is the CEO of Radio City 91.1 FM , is one of the best book I’ve come across. It basically deals with the unusual and exciting experiences of a woman at work. And undoubtedly this truly is an inspiring & an entertaining book.

As the blurb says that the book is narrated in three sections which are grand essentials for any woman who wish to succeed either as a efficient homemaker or as a successful working lady. They are as follows:-




The foremost part of the book depicts the need to accept oneself & get acquainted with as you really are. The short stories deals with women who experience guilt when they compromise with either the responsibilities of home or their talent, the multitasking capability of woman, modern woman who no longer thinks that suffering is seen as righteous, stereotype thinking vanishing, woman becomes wise with age, woman who feels comfortable in her own skin which is a sign of confidence and self esteem & also the need for women to deal with their internal demons. The next significant part deals with adaptation. Here the short tales depicts the adventures of woman who faces obstacles in life with a positive mindset, who is hardworking , who prioritizes her schedule as per requirement, who tries earnestly to receive help and support from her family, who trains her husbands who can organize home in her absence, who works as a team player for her family,who builds relationships beyond work with employees & which eventually also decides that whether you prove to be a victim or a heroine of your life!! The last but a very important part of the book deals with achievement. The short stories here presents the life of a woman in which author highlighted the matters related to their good fortune & luck, to maintain one’s individuality & originality, the proper time for marriage & motherhood , the technique to deal with male & female subordinates, the sheer happiness to be single & free, there’s no need of reservations for women to be victorious, need of ‘men’toring of future generations, maintaining a good name & repute , and also to appreciate oneself at times & celebrate success.

I feel that this book is a must read for each and every woman. The author described the ventures of women in a very frank and a practical manner. The book reveals the startling realities related to a woman’s life. A woman life basically revolves around her career & her married life. Through simple short stories the author is capable in giving some of the most overwhelming tips to handle any kind of situation that occurs in a woman’s day to day life either at home or at office. The fundamental aim of author is to make a woman realize that to lead a happy & a fulfilling life it is important to efficiently maintain a balance between home & work. The author narrated real life instances to make it very clear that there’s no need to sacrifice your talent & brilliance for your marriage but rather a woman can be a multitask manager with an extensive support provided by her family. The author emphasized on the three extremely major points for a woman to lead a contented & a peaceful life namely acceptance , adaptation & achievement.I loved the way how the author is successful in imparting immense knowledge of work-life balance with an amazing simplicity. A woman can entirely relate herself to the short tales in the book. The book consists of great remedies for each complication faced by a woman in her routine. This book is certainly capable to make a woman realize the worth of herself, her career, her individuality & her confidence. At the same time, the author described about the fundamentals of marriage & an utter significance to compromise & work with a well planned strategy at home which makes you an efficient home-maker. This book can be called as a guide which is composed of impressive methodology to manage several kind of people at work & home , & how to work smoothly at both the ends.

I am truly inspired & this book exerted a great influence in my life. While reading this book, I realized that it is like a set of tools to succeed professionally & personally. I came to know about the most astonishing facts which are part of a woman’s life. As a student, it really helped me to understand how things work at office & at home. It answered all my untold questions which was incredible. Through hilarity & simplicity the author depicted some of the supreme issues of a woman’s life which is commendable. I liked the plausible explanation of author. The author indeed deserves a huge amount of appreciation for describing various things in such an exceedingly simple yet effective manner. I became fully aware of particular things which can be resolved through a very pragmatic approach. Author’s words of wisdom are truly impressive & one can grasp abundant amount of knowledge through it. It cleared my confusion & bewilderment about certain things. At present, I am more serene & self assured. I am well informed about diverse issues & situations related to a woman’s life for which I am set .My personal experience with the book was very enlightening.

Rating- 5/5

Reviewer- Shivani Chauhan