Review of No Parking No Halt Success Non-Stop

no-parking-no-halt-success-non-stop by Abhishek Ratna

Title : No Parking No Halt Success Non-Stop   Author : Abhishek Ratna                   Blurb :  A self-help book for success at work! No Parking. No Halt. Success Non-stop! has 50 career lessons for today’s 20teen generation.   Practical and comprehensive, the book often stretches to the … Read more

Review of Indian Innovators

Title : Indian Innovators   Author: Akshat Agrawal  About the Author : Akshat Agrawal holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Delhi and an MBA from the US. During his IIT days, he was engaged in the design and fabrication of n artificial knee joint for above-the-knee amputees. Akshat is currently a Director at Alpha … Read more

Review of How to Get Government Jobs

Title: How to Get Government Jobs : A must -read for career information and guidance Author : K.P Shashidharan (Former Director General, CAG of India) Government Jobs are considered to be the most safest job in today’s era.People seeks for Government Job who are from different fields and having different kinds of degree, but they … Read more