Review of No Parking No Halt Success Non-Stop

no-parking-no-halt-success-non-stop by Abhishek Ratna

Title : No Parking No Halt Success Non-Stop   Author : Abhishek Ratna                   Blurb :  A self-help book for success at work! No Parking. No Halt. Success Non-stop! has 50 career lessons for today’s 20teen generation.   Practical and comprehensive, the book often stretches to the … Read more

Review of Past lives Present Stories

Title : Past Lives Present Stories   Authoress : Judith Marshall       Blurb : Discover how flashes from past lives can appear as signs and synchronicities, childhood impressions, dreams and memories, even spontaneous shifts in consciousness or time. Providing time-tested exercises, Past Lives, Present Stories shows how to explore your past lives and … Read more

Review of It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice

Title : It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice Author : Amisha Sethi The definition of ‘Life’ given by many,in one form or another,through examples or real stories,but that only proves to be worth,when reader could actually relate to it, and comprehend the meaning of Life,juxtaposing his/her life with the protagonist’s life.’It Doesn’t Hurt To Be … Read more

Review of Mind is your Business and BODY The Greatest Gadget

Cover of Mind Is Your Business

Title : Mind is your business   Author : Sadhguru     The latest book by Sadhguru is a unique package offering buy one get one free, amalgamation of two books in a single one. The unique idea of combining two books in a book is likeable and interesting. Something new which is presented nicely … Read more

Review of Poetry for Everyone

 Title: Poetry for Everyone Poet: Diwakar Pokhriyal “Poetry for everyone”, for everyone? How can that’s be possible? Only few people are able to understand and read poetry, how can this book could be for everyone? The first look at the title would definitely pose such a question in the non-poetry reader’s mind or he/she would … Read more