Review of The Complete Handbook of Nature Care

strong> Title:The Complete Handbook of Nature Cure Author: Dr. H. K. Bakhru With the enhancement in technology, diseases go in parallel. The use of technology cannot be stopped at this stage, what we could do is to keep ourselves healthy from even minuscule of diseases with the help of the book “The Complete Handbook of … Read more

Review of A Pluperfect Gift

Title: A Pluperfect Gift Author: Shalabh Bansal Love stories in market are easily available and one would get ample of love stories , some simple, some twisted and some reaches beyond reader’s imagination.”A Plupperfect Gift”, debut fiction of Shalabh Bansal is a also a love story that traverses on the maze of protagonist’s life.This story … Read more

Review of The Guardians of Halahala

Title: The Guardians of Halahala Author: Shatrujeet Nath Mythological books instinctively rise a shrill of excitement within readers at the very first look, as said before. Another book came into my sight and made the same impression over me. “The Guardians of Halahala”, second book of Shatrujeet Nath is the first book in the Vikramaditya … Read more

Review of Wisdom of the White Mountain

Title : Wisdom of the White Mountain Author : Kandathil Sebastian Stories that dynamically engulfs you are rare to find.”Wisdom of the White Mountain”, by Kandathil Sebastian is the second book in the Mountain trilogy.The story revolves around the protagonist and how and where his fate lend him to an unpredictable world revealing the veneer … Read more

Review of Love with an Ice-Cream wala

Title : Love with an Ice-cream wala Author : Amit Pandit Ambition chosen over love and friends seems to happen oftenly nowadays.Success and richness succeeded to some extent to beat relationships.But for how long? “Love with an Ice-cream wala”, debut fiction of Amit Pandit ,roams around the same story and says if you are loyal … Read more

Review of The Old Man and the Nymph

Title : The Old Man and the Nymph Author : Vipin Behari Goyal What happens when you are offering a treat that serves flavours.”The Old Man and the Nymph”,does serves reader with something different in plot and is based on the idea of Greek Mythology.The story revolves around four Nymphs encorporating sequence of imaginative episodes. … Read more

Review of The Princess in Black

Title : The Princess in Black! Author : Upendra Dharmadhikari and Changali Anand History itself has beautiful and energetic stories in it’s store.What when history comes in to shake hands with today’s stories.”The Princess in Black: An unheard story of Mughals”,co-authored by Upendra Dharmadhikari ( a history lover) and Changali Anand ( a cinema lover), … Read more

Review of From Ouch to Oops

Title : From Ouch to Oops Author : RamG Vallath ‘From Ouch to Oops:just don’t give up’,is a self-help book that traverses through the choppy nodes of RamG Vallath’s life,his journey from struggle to success,his fight from the disease called CIDP(Chronic Inflamatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) he tragically suffered from. As the back cover says : ‘RamG … Read more

Review of Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai

Title : Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai Author : Rishi Vohra What if you’re not offered with the treatment, other people of your age and society is offered with.”Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai”,debut fiction book of Rishi Vohra, covers the story of the guy called Babloo whose story of live traverses somewhat different … Read more

Review of Of Love and Lovers

Title : Of Love and Lovers Author : Pamela Singh Mathur How many times love stories has been trashed when cast difference works as a throne in between relationship?”Of Love & Lovers”, focusses on the same phenomenon in a beautiful and friendly manner.The story conveys the long over made tradition that is still being followed … Read more

Review of Myriad Hues

Title : Myriad Hues Poetess : Rachna Gupta ‘Poems’, call it magic, augury or whatever it cast its spell amiably when written straight from the heart.Rachna Gupta’s debut poetry book,’Myriad Hues’, consists of twenty-eight poems that are penned on different things and are coated with different perceptions,thoughts, feelings and imaginations of the poetess. As the … Read more

Review of Hooked,Lined & Single

Title : Hooked, Lined & Single Authoress : Rashmi Kumar ‘Whatever bad or evil you do in your past life,one day you would have to pay for it’.So,this book actually wants to say the same.Oh! wait a second,don’t misinterpret.This book is not a spiritual guide or something that is woven with philosphical thoughts.Instead it’s a … Read more

Review of A Prearranged Love

Title : A Prearranged Love Authoress : Anusha Vishnampet Mothers being hyper-conservative or very desperate about their daughter’s or son’s wedding pins them now and then to hook them with someone asap.This story is based on the same or started from the same track.”A Prearranged Love: a love story with a difference”,is a fiction story … Read more

Review of Stellar Signs

Title : Stellar Signs Authoress : Manjiri Prabhu “Stellar Signs”, is the second book in the astro-detective series ,interwoven with intelligent stories, sprinkled with suspense,and excitement that fills readers with inquistivity to know what would happen next.All the stories are based on different cases that the exemplar solves through astrology and her tactful mind. As … Read more

Review of Romance on Facebook

Title : Romance on Facebook Authoress : Amrita Priya There was a time when facebook is on everybody’s mind.Still it woes people and makes and breaks many relationship.I picked this book to commemorate some moments and dwell in some time back.The story is basically a keen traversal from eyeing each other through windows and terraces … Read more

Review of The Prisoner of Zenda

Title : The Prisoner of Zenda Author : Anthony Hope Children always get fascinated when they are about to listen or read classical stories.The Prisoner Of Zenda, is one such story children would love to read and reach to a new world of Kingdoms and the fight for the Kingdom.A story sprinkled with conspiracy,love, attraction,suspense … Read more

Review of And…They Fell in Love!

Title : And…They Fell in Love! Author : Vikas Singal No one knows when the spice of love will get sprinkled over their heart.Sometimes it chose the track where the probability seems lesser.Vikas Singal’s book ‘And they fell in Love’, comprised of three short stories ,different from each other, precise and vibrating, higlighting the same … Read more

Review of The Rebel

Title :The Rebel Author : Osho Saint Osho in his book ‘The Rebel’, purposefully brings a light to generate fire within the readers.He has his own different perceptions that he laid down in this book conclusively.After reading this book, one may notice his changing perception over different things in his/her life. As the back cover … Read more

Review of HiFi in Bollywood

Title : HiFi in Bollywood Author : Rishi Vohra You can fail at what you don’t want.So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. Rishi Vohra’s second book basically focusses on chasing your dream no matter how many hitches welcome you in the path.”HiFi in Bollywood”, is a tangled story … Read more

Review of Vasu and the Matsya Temple

Title : Vasu and the Matsya Temple Author : Rajeev Tanwar Fantasy books instinctively rise a shrill of excitement within readers at the very first look.Rajeev Tanwar’s debut book, ‘Vasu and the Matsya Temple: Ashtamangala adventures of Vasu’, is one such book that holds the power to take you to an another world and makes … Read more