Review of Via Delhi : A twisted tale of love


Title : Via Delhi : A twisted tale of love

Author : Sabi Shaikh

Caste difference has always been a major hinderance throttling many love stories.Sabi Shaik’s debut book “Via Delhi : Twisted tale of love”, showcases one such love-story where the protagonist fights to get their dying love-story a life.

As the back cover says: ‘The country that is proud of its “Unity in
Diversity” is just a myth. Is love a deal between two religions or a pure relationship between two

Saifuddin Khan was a Sunni Muslim boy who was pursuing his MBA and resided in the city of Nawabs, Hyderabad where as Mridu Bhattacharya was a Bengali Brahmin girl who was preparing for her BBA entrance exams and hailed from the beautiful city of Dehradun. Destiny strikes and they meet in the early morning hours one day in a very unusual manner and they become each others moral support in no time. Will their love story survive this ride or will it break down?

Will this twisted Love story actually prove to be greater than any religion or will the Char log kya kahenge factor murder their love story?

Who will be victorious in this Romantic, Bizarre, Rollercoaster Journey? ‘

A bubbly cover design with a pinkish flavour over it seems enchanting and attracting.To add on it, cover design pefectly suits the title.On the other hand, blurb vividly speaks of the story, and the interested reader could get a hold on it at the very first sight.

The story accelerates with a trial to attemp suicide and then goes into flashback juxtaposing present and past events. The story geared up after initial few chapters.Story started to sound interesting only after the mid-half.Events were moving in a constant speed and I was excited to reach to the end of the story and discover how the story would end.The story ends on a positive note and that’s what I was expecting from it.After reading the book, one would be left with a good feeling, a feeling of victory and winning over all the odds.

A very familiar and simple writing fashion has been adopted by the author.A simple and common theme chosen by the author to write on and present it before readers.Though it ended on a good note, but I was expecting some more twists and turns as the subtitle says : a twisted tale of love.Narration of the story goes in a facile way with no interruption of confusion.Limited characters are introduced in the story and characterization has also been maintained in a well-manner.

The events that are jumbled together can be presented in a more juicy way. The story could be narrated in such a way that it feels more relatable. The storyline is good but could be presented in a better way.Articulation of sentences at some places could be much better. Some grammatical and printing mistakes here and there are noticable. Many a times the story little way drifted from the main story. Repetitve conversations seemed clumsy at times.

A one time read and a nice book to go on with.For the folks out there who are seeking for a one-time-read love tale with a pinch of twist can go through this book.

Rating : 3.4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of The Buddha and His Teachings


Title : The Buddha and His Teachings

Author : Narada

Buddha’s life teaches one several lessons, about right and wrong, the meaning of life, the way to attain peace,path to Enlightenment and many more.As the book says : It is not a subject to be studied from a mere academic standpoint, but it is to be practised wholeheartedly.In this book, different facets of Buddha’s life have been covered to teach readers Buddhism in a better way.

As the back cover says ‘ The Buddha was the first most active missionary in the world.He wandered from place to place for forty-five years preaching His doctrine to the masses and the intelligentsia.Till His last moment,He served humanity both by example and by precept.His distinguished disciples followed suit.Penniless, they even traveled to distant lands to propogate the Dhamma, expecting nothing in return.

This treatise, written by a member of the Order of the Sangha, is based on the Pali Texts, commentaries, and traditions prevailing in Buddhist countries.

The first part of the book deals with the Life of the Buddha, the second with the Dhamma, the Pali term for His Doctrine.’

The book is sectioned into two facets :
First one is “The Buddha” which holds the description of buddha’s life from Birth to Renunciation, his struggle and enlightment, the Buddhahood, Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, teaching of Dhamma, Buddha and his relatives, Buddha’s chief opponents and supporters, Buddha’s royal patrons, His Ministry, His Daily Routine and His Parinibbana (Death).

The second facet highlights on “The Dhamma: The teachings of the Buddha” focusing on Buddhism and it’s salient characteristics, the four noble truths, Kamma and its working and nature , Origin of Life, reasons to believe in Rebirth, the wheel of life (Paticca- Samuppada) ,modes of birth and death, planes of existence, how rebirth takes place, moral responsibility, Kammic Descent and Kammic Ascent, Doctrine of Kamma and rebirth in the west, Nibbana and it’s characteristics, ways to Nibbana (Morality,Concentration and Insight), The state of an Arahant,The Bodhisatta Ideal, perfections, the sublime states, the eight wordly connections and the problems of life.

This book encompasses different stages of Sainthood and how Buddha helped several people to attain Sainthood. This book gives a deep insight on Siddhartha’s life.His whole journey has been portrayed in the book.

It was really great to know about the life of such a great personality, who instead of having all the treasures in life, left all wordly pleasures in order to walk for the wellness of humanity , and in search of Truth and Peace.

For the one, who is interested in Buddhism and wants to learn and implement the teachings of Buddha in his/her life, this book is good to start with.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of …Then I Met My Sister


Title : …Then I Met My Sister

Authoress : Christine Hurley Deriso

“Then I met my sister”, as the name vividly says , this is a story of two sisters, not basically story of two sisters, but it focusses on how the protagonist (Summer) turns on the page of the life of her dead sister Shannon whom she never ever met.Well, the whole process becomes interesting when the different facets of the story starts to discover itself.

As the back cover says : ‘YOU CAN’T MISS SOMEBODY YOU NEVER KNEW…

It’s not exactly easy living in a shrine to your dead sister.Since birth, I’ve known that everyone loved Shannon.She was perfect-beautiful, smart, talented.And me? Not so much.My parents always expected me to live up to her greatness.But I could never measure up to her, so why even try?

This summer, I’ve started reading the journal Shannon kept just before she died…and suddenly nothing is what I thought it was.The more secrets I learn about Shannon and our family, the more everything changes.And as it turns out,

An enchanting writing fashion has been used by the authoress, and I liked it the most.Articulation of the sentences is very good and the one-liners are mesmerizing and effective.No unwanted conversations has been a part of this book, nay it has maintained in a well- manner.

The way events have been jumbled is praise-worthy.Not a single thing looked repetitive or over-descriptive.All the events has their own charm, and it was interesting to read them all in a flow. The story has a taste of reality ,and also the way it has put infront the readers makes it seem even more real.

Suspense has been created quite effectively in order to maintain reader’s interest in the book. The story proceeds with a mild speed, neither too fast nor to slow,thus creating a beautiful ambience.

Many a times, authors came up with a wonderful plot, but fails to implement them in a proper way.Whereas, in this case, authoress presents a good plot that too with an elegant presentation style.The authoress very well know how readers would get indulge in the story.

Undoubtedly, an interesting story which will keep you glued to it throughout,making you feel the story and the characters and visualize the scenes effectively.A relatable and enchanting story.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Silver is for Secrets


Title: Silver is for Secrets

Authoress: Laurie Faria Stolarz

“Silver is for secret” by Laurie Faria Stolarz is a story of six friends and their adventures trip where the main protagonists are Stacy and Jacob, where Stacy happens to have nightmares and she tries to protect the life of people who she saw in her nightmares with the bouquette of lilly flowers.

As the back cover says : ‘School is over, and now Stacey, her boyfriend Jacob, and their friends have rented a beach cottage for the summer. But then Stacey has nightmares warning of forthcoming death- predicting the cruel death of Clara, a mysterious girl with a secret.And now Jacob, the only one who understands Stacey’s magic, is keeping secrets, too. Is Jacob betraying Stacey’s trust or protecting her from revenge and tragedy?

The first look at the book and it worked as a magnet.The title seemed unique and enchanting and on the other hand cover design is surely inviting.Also, after reading the blurb, readers couldn’t resist themselves from reading it.The story seemed full of suspense and it cordially welcomes you.’

The story accelerates making a good impression on reader’s mind providing the required base in the very beginning creating a beautiful ambience.
A beautiful theme has been choosen by the authoress and the stoyline is also very good but the insiginificant descriptions in between worked as hinderance resulting in divergence of flow.Author’s imagination played a vital role in this book but could be implemented in a better way that readers could easily relate with them.

On the other hand, characterization has been done very-well by the authoress.The story could be more relatable if presented well.I could visualize the scenes to good extent.I wish there could be more twist in the story, instead of the different magical tricks she applied.I was completely engaged in reading the last few pages.They hooked me to it until it came to an end.In short, the start and end of the story is interesting and the middle portion is a bit clumsy.The authoress properly maintained the suspense in the end, and I liked it very much.

The downfall of the book are as follows : at many places such events has been amalgamated that doesn’t require to be a part of the story.Also, authoress has given way more description at some places than required.

For all the folks out there, who wants to try something different you could go for this book.It’s an interesting story book serving you a fresh flavour.

Rating: 3.4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll


Title : Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Author : Swayam Ganguly

“Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Swayam Ganguly is an enthralling story about three young men, finding their ways to fulfill their deepest desires, in spite of all the complications and hitches. The book is an amazing demonstration of the present scenario where life largely revolves around love, music and films. It is a quick, fun and an engaging story which is narrated in an extremely riveting way.

The beginning of the story is based on how train journeys in India are enjoyable with unfamiliar people who can later turn out to be very good friends. Three men travelling to Kolkata, get to know each other during their trip and later destiny choose to bring them together. Sunil, graduated from FTII, wants to direct great movies in Bengali film industry, whereas Sameer, a NRI, returning to his hometown is also in a search of a perfect partner, and Dipsy, who wants to pursue his career in music. With different aspirations, they seek to achieve the lofty heights of success in the respective fields.

As we all know that, difficulties prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. These three gentlemen, with divergent objectives, face a couple of setbacks in life. As in, Dipsy’s life had always been affected by the differences between him and his father. And after being rusticated from his college, his life was already messed up! Sunil finds it tough to maintain his long distance relationship with Tanya. Moreover, he had to face some harsh realities of Tollywood. As a matter of chance, Sameer falls for a matchmaker.

The book is basically divided into three parts; BOOK-I deals with the meeting of the characters, BOOK-II depicts what all they encounter to reach to their destination and BOOK-III eventually divulges the final outcome of the story.

But will these three manage to overcome the hindrances that life has to offer to them? Will they make up to their agendas and be successful in achieving emotional stability? Will they be able to sort out certain issues of family and love? And most importantly how these three would be brought in conjunction by fate? Well, not revealing much of the story, but one would be really anxious to know the climax of the story.

As the author belongs to Bengal, he exhibited several anecdotes about the place, crowd, and its culture. The characters are inspired by the common people, hence, helps you to easily be engrossed in the lives of the three chief protagonists. Besides, the side characters have been wonderfully depicted. Each one plays a significant part in the story.

The twists and turns mentioned in the book are also relatable. To follow our passion, is what we heed in this era. The youthful energy, if channelized into right directions can do wonders. And this is greatly presented in the book.

The title and the cover of the book are very appealing. Both grabbed my attention towards them. They are perfectly apt for the storyline. Even, the perfect heading of all the chapters are attractive that will add on to your excitement and curiosity. The tale is based on real-life situations with a pinch of humor make it more captivating. Some of the one-liners that are introduced in the story are hilarious. The author adopted a simple yet vivacious style of writing.

The insights of Baul movement and tradition clearly show author’s deep research and knowledge. Furthermore, elucidation of music bands, singers, film directors, actors makes the story interesting.
I find it an absorbing book. I completely enjoyed each and every fragment. Instantly, I got connected with the youth’s state of mind, emotions, stumbling blocks, fantasy, relationships, friendship and family. The different stories of different people just get transformed after a simple rendezvous on a train which also turns to be a long-lasting bond.

All in all, it is a humorous, delightful, vibrant and touching story.
A light read that would ease you and definitely cheer you up!
Eagerly waiting the next one from the author!

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shivani Chauhan

Review of He Said She Said


Title : He said She said

Poet : Angad Singh Saluja and Priyanka Bharadwaj

An approaching and different title with an inviting cover design gained my attention at first.Prior to the content of the book, the title perfectly suits it and the cover design too makes a good impression.

The book is divided into two portions doing justice with the title of the book: poems from He’s side(Poems offered from Angad Singh Saluja) and She’s side (poems offered from Priyanka Bharadwaj).

This is the second time I was reading poems by Angad Singh Saluja’s.Impressed by his first book, I was pretty excited to read this one.Asusual,he portrayed his thoughts very well through poems.Blending his thoughts, imaginations and feelings he presented all of the poems in a lucid manner.The poems from He’s side needs more strength to render its aroma and a lasting effect.Albeit, like his first book namely ”The Chords of Life” he has used a simple language and laid down his thoughts in a facile way. Also I felt that his poems lacking the elicir to last its impression.Although they are good at one read.But those poems are cherished most which you want to read,read and re-read and you never get tired of reading them.

In his previous collection of poems he has worked on different topics while in this book he dealt with few broadcasting the feelings of being left alone by beloved, betrayal and some fresh and sensitive topics like rape victims, justice to love, Breathe in the death bed.My favourite poem from ‘his’ collection are Born Once Born Twice,Yes,I’m Raped,Covered. Some poems are really mesmerizing while some just stand at the niche of nice and could be implemented in a much better way,although not disappointing. His prowess is his facile way of presenting his thoughts that surely gains one of my vote.

The poem’s from Priyanka’s side offers a great delight.Albeit I was reading her writings for the first time they impressed me to a great extent.She maintains a charm in each of her poem.The way she has presented poems impressed me a lot.Her way of broadcasting her thoughts in the form of poems enriches reader’s heart.The thing I like most about this section is the poetess’ way of implementation.Albeit for a new reader, this section might be a tough task but for an ardent reader it would be fun.My favourite poems ‘her’ wardrobe are ‘Font 35’, ‘I Am Afraid’,’The Old Woman,The Old Man’.

Both the poets owns different presenting style but they came out with a good collection of poems.For a novice reader of poems, this book is a good one to go with.You would get two different fashion of representation of poet’s thoughts that too in a friendly manner.Altogether, I really liked all the poems amalgamated in the book and they together served me a good treat.

Rating: 3.4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Review of Sale of Souls


Title : Sale of Souls

Author : Vidhya Dhara

“Sale of Souls: Love in Difficult Times” by Vidhya Dhara is a fiction story that revolves around land acquistion and the poor people fighting for their rights.The story broadcasts an evil facet of today’s era where economic development plays a major role than to care about environment and the poor,helpless people.The author embodies the realities of poor villagers in this book.

As the back cover says : ‘Sale of Souls’ a remarkable love story of two village youngsters in the backdrop of the land acquisition where the gullible villagers are fighting to retain the ancestral village.Roshni an young advocate joins the poor villagers to fight the powerful lobby of industrialists and politicians.Samar a part time lecturer, trying for a peaceful solution to all the issues in the village with his approach of ‘Sustainable development’ finds himself in love.

The story is set in a remote village on the Coast of Canara, known for its beautiful environment and bio diversity, which is earmarked for the land acquistion.The story revolves around the sensitive issue of conflict of the poverty vs development vs the environment.

I found the title unique and inviting and appropriate for the story.The title and the cover design didn’t give any idea that the story would be about land acquistion.I was totally susrprised that the story is mainly focused on land acquistion and the problems occured due to that as I was considering it to be a love story.

The story accelerates slowly in the beginning and it caught my attention after initial few pages.Author’s writing fashion made me glued to it till the end.A very simple writing style has been adopted by the author.A novice reader could go through it with a great ease.

Articulation of sentence is nice and the story has been maintained in a flow. Switching of events occurs in a smooth flow.The characterization has been done well.Lucid writing style made it easy to go with the story.The theme chosen by the author is nice and is presented eloquenlty.The narration is sticked to its theme.

The main thing that acts as the hitch is, at many places narration switches from first person to third person resulting into confusion. Some printing mistakes here and there that could be avoidable.Apart from that, all other things fall in place and is maintained nicely.

All in all,the book is good to read once and is specially recommended to those readers who are keen to read about land acquisition and life of poor villagers as this book creates a good ambience of the livelihood of villagers.

Rating : 3.4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Day is Night


Title : Day is Night

Authoress : J.R. Jyoti

“Day is Night:A collection of 62 Short Humorous Stories” is a short fiction book that encorporates various incidents and facts authoress has came through in her life and which many of us have also been encountered in our life.

As the back cover says ‘ Tickling the funny bones is known to produce chuckles, giggles and hearty laughs-all tonics for healthy living.

Day is Night is a tickler capsule packed with 62 ingrediants, aimed at clearing hazy vision, lifting sagging moods and keeping despair at bay.

Illustrations are added to hasten the action and enhance the effect.

Caution: Side effects such as sharp pain, a burning sensation, uneasiness and prickly pinpricks have been observed.Don’t, however, panic; these are indications that the medicine is working.’

Title is unique and catchy and so do the cover,and only this very thing made me to pick this book.What more fascinated me in this book is : witty comparison authoress has made of different situations.I liked them at lot. A picture is provided in each of the 62 stories that very-well defines the topic.Pictures are likeable and funny.And they perfeclty suits the title. I thought of this book as an amalgamation of short stories, as mentioned on the front cover, instead I found authoress’ views and perceptions on some topics she has chosen to tell readers about.

Authoress observations and perceptions are laid down in this book quite nicely.Although authoress claimed the stories to be humourous, I couldn’t say all of them are humourous but some of them are. This book will help you to see many realities of today’s era and generation.The good thing is authoress has showcased all of them in an eloquent manner with appropriate pictures festooning the articles. Writing style is nice and authoress has avoided unnecessary description gaining one more plus point.

Readers would get several flavours to taste in this book. Some articles are really hilarious and witty, while some stand at the niche of good, some at nice and the rest are just okay. Each of the article holds a message but not that powerful. The articles I liked the most from this book are :

Face to face with Sati
Of Face-lifts and Facials
Marry in Haste, Repent at Leisure
Dress Bound
Obvious is elusive
Infatuation Thy Name is Husband
Nothing is Good or Bad
The Bright Side of Things

It felt like I was reading 62 different articles that are amalgamated in the book. Such content would look good in magazines or as articles in newspaper.For me this book doesn’t work out well, as I had expected a lot after seeing the title and the synopsis.

Rating : 3/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Twitchhiker


Title : Twitchhiker

Author : Paul Smith

As the name says it all, “Twitchikker: how one man travelled the world by twitter”, by Paul Smith, is a story where one day a unique idea hits protagonist’s mind and he rolled up his sleeves in order to make the idea work.Discover in the book how he started this journey and how far he reached.

As the back cover says ‘ THE FIVE RULES OF A TWITCHHIKER :

– You can only accept offers of travel and accomodation from people on Twitter.

-You can’t make any travel plans further than three days in advance.

-You can only spend money on food,drink and anything that fits in your suitcase.

-If there is more than one offer, you choose.If there is only one, you have to take it within 48 hours.

– If you are unable to move on from a location within 48 hours, the challenge is over and you go home.

BORED IN THE SUPERMARKET ONE DAY, Paul wonders how far he can get in 30 days through the goodwill of fellow ‘Twitter’ing social networkers. He sets his sights on Campbell Island near New Zealand- the point on the planet opposite to his home in Newcastle.In an adventure wrapped in nonsense, he travels by car, bus, boat, plane and train, sleeps in five-star luxury and on-star sofas, resorts to the hair of the dog in multiple time zones and schmoozes with Hollywood A-listers- all the while wearing the same pair of underpants.’

First look at the book and it smelled like it is presented to serve me something very delightful and humourous.Both the title and the subtitle seemed fascinating and unique.

Utilization of Twitter in a fruitful manner is the concept of the book.As far as,the story paces slowly, giving every inch of detail of protagonist (the protagonist himself narrates) ,how the idea pops up in his mind, how the idea worked, how he get the chance to visit different and fascinating places of the world with the help of social networking site called Twitter, and the ups and downs he had faced during his ventures at various places.

Author has chosen a great theme to gain reader’s attention at first sight. Outline of the story is good, but could be executed in a much better way. Author owns a different writing style and I kind of like it.The backbone of the book is the narrating fashion of the author.Albeit, there is nothing so mesmerizing to read in this book, still it kept me glued to it just because of the presentation.Though it is good to know how one can travel the world by Twitter and this unique idea surely gains one of my vote.

So many events amalgamated in the story, but very few are different from others while rest of them sound uninteresting and repetitive.The different places he had visited could be presented in a much better way, the way in which one can atleast have the charm to imagine those places,feel the new ambience and feel indulged in the book.I also felt that there should be some more events (different and unique) so that readers would be glued to the story.

Instead of 340 pages,this book could be possibly be covered in 150 pages with precise description and in this way author’s motive would be accomplished quite nicely.

A light read obviously with a pinch of humour( the different idea and theme) served before readers in order to show them how author has made a good use of Twitter.

Rating : 3/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Raise your Game


Title : Raise your Game

Authoress : Suzanne Hazelton

“Raise your game : How to build on your success to achieve transformational results” , as the name suggests it is a motivational book written to make readers learn the way to reach to success and achieve transformational results, mentioning the mistakes many of us do, and some helping activities to get through all the loopholes.

As the back cover says : ‘ Why do some people succeed whilst others languish? What are the differences that make the
difference in success?

Suzanne Hazelton has been discovering what makes successful people successful for the past two decades; she now makes her practical wisdom accessible to you.

Suzanne has written this new guide specifically for the business owner already familiar with success, who has started to notice the beginnings of being ‘stuck in a rut’.

It highlights over 55 common mistakes that people make when trying to raise their game.These mistakes, with the tips to avoid them, are included so that the reader can learn from other people’s mistakes to put them on the fast-track for achieving transformational results.

Raise your game will help you identify what you can change, set your vision for what you want, and give you a process for making incremental changes to achieve your next level of success.’

A very simple writing fashion has been adopted by the authoress, even a novice reader could go through it with a great ease.Throughout the book the flow has been maintained proficiently. Various activities are also adviced in this book to bring those in habit and practicised whenever required.

In between of each chapter,you will find ‘Mistake’ which most of us do and ‘Tips’ requires for the transformational success which proves very useful.In short,they summed up and concluded the whole chapter in an effective manner. Some very inspiring thoughts are added in this book which I liked very most.All of those thoughts are healthy and new to me and are appropriate where they have been used.

The examples that are set in the book are very relatable and encouraging.The best example quoted in the book is : “Aesop Fable of the Sun and the Wind”, simple yet captivating.Authoress has focussed on very minute-minute things rummaging from the jar of life and discussed them in a fruitful manner and positively in this book.

The only thing I demand from this book is :I needed more real-life examples,narration of some stories as an example, as it would greatly help to last the message on the reader’s mind authoress wants to convey.Apart from it, the book played it role very-well.

The authoress tried her best to express and present her thoughts in a simple and effective manner using diagrams,figures,tables,graphs and flowcharts.At the end, I feel enthusiatic and energetic.One of the Great book to charge me up!

Rating: 4.9/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Atisa and the Time Machine


Title : Atisa and the Time Machine

Authoress : Anu Kumar

“Atisa and the Time Machine: In search of Kalidasa”, by Anu Kumar is the third book of the ‘Atisa’ series.It is a young adult fiction/ fantasy tale which is an amalgamation of 21st century technique(involvement of science) ,and 1800 years ago historical story of King Vikramaditya.

As the back cover says ‘ The era belongs to legendary King Vikramaditya,1800 years ago.

The brilliant star-reader Varahamihira, one of the famed Nine Gems of the King’s court, predicts a rare eclipse that has alarming consequences.Soon after, the scrolls carrying his predictions go missing.While the court considers how to retrieve them, they receive news of yet another disappearance-none other than their celebrated poet Kalidasa! The kingdom errupts in an uproar.

Meanwhile, in our own time, an adventure begins for Atisa, the teenage owner of a time-travelling flying machine! On a peaceful night in the snow-capped Himalayas, Atisa hears mysterious wails of distress through his state-of-the-art sound-catcher.In a whirlwind of events, he is transported to the midst of ancient Pataliputra and its imbroglio over the missing scrolls and poet.

Will Atisa save Kalidasa and the scrolls?’

The story accelerated with an interesting start.It created a fascinating ambience in the very beginning.All the facets of the story are unexpected and unpredictable adding a great charm in the reading journey.This book holds witty remark of history and science.Both are blended well,narrated profounely and presented vigorously.

Description is precise and crisp and there are numerous unpredictable events in order to make reader’s interest alive. There is no unnecessary description involved.Different unpredictable events one after another sprinkled with witty imagination altogether makes this book a good read and offers reader a new taste.Authoress owns a different writing style,and the way she has moulded the sentences makes the journey even more interesting.

The suspense all throughout has been maintained in an effective manner. The pictures provided with some chapters made it quite easy to go with the story and to link properly.Pictures also helped to visualize scenes in a succourative manner.The way authoress has given life to her wild imaginations impressed me.

A different, interesting and humorous storyline make this book stand out of the crowd. I could even see this book soon turning out to be an animated movie.The one who likes to try something unique and different can try this book, as this book brings before you a new combination, a new flavour.

Rating :4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Burning Sapphires


Title : Burning Sapphires

Author : Suresh K Goswami

“Burning Sapphires” by Suresh K Goswami is an intense story of Gulab Sahib, a Kashmiri girl who works selflessly for the people around her in order to build a secure, intellectual and a better place to live in. The book has a great storyline which is inspiring and conveys a strong message to mankind.

As the blurb says that it is a story which takes you to one of the most aesthetic locations in the world, Kashmir. The story commences with a seven year old girl, Shahzadi Gulab Sahib, strolling around the fields in her village, recollecting the days spent with her father and thinking about her ruthless step-father. And all of a sudden, a group of intruders make an instant attack on Gulab sahib. This particular incident leaves her in amazement when she met the leader of the mercenaries who assured her to be back in ten years to tie a knot with her.

With this dramatic opening, her life changed and the story reveals some unanticipated events which are narrated in forty chapters. The story consists of several anecdotes about Gulab Sahib’s school days, her family, friends, village and its inhabitants and much more. The entire journey of this girl included numerous struggles which eventually bring out a charismatic, sharp-witted, loving and caring woman. Moreover, the story unfolds scenes of the terror stricken valley, Kashmir. Be it the horrific exodus of people from their homeland or the consequences that were faced by Gulab Sahib and her family or anything else.. every portion of the book describes some sort of reality based facts of Kashmir and its residents.

The author portrayed two shades in the book. The foremost part covers the misery and distress of people, while the second part delineates the brighter side i.e. courage and determination. A wonderful combination of reality and fiction enrich the storyline.

The main highlight of the book is Gulab’s character. Despite of all the troubles, heartbreaks, she did much to ameliorate living standards of the community and ultimately creates more desirable environment. Her character is a sheer example of bravery, compassion and persistence. As one gets involved with the book, a reader would find it more captivating.

It was a fast read for me. The author made a successful effort in delivering the story as the language is simple and one could clearly visualize the sequences. The sections of landscapes, mountain ranges, waterscapes all are vividly presented in the book. The title instills a sense of curiosity in reader’s mind and is absolutely appropriate for the story. However, the cover page could be more attractive but a powerful theme of the book makes us overlook the shortcomings.

I like the book for its encouragement and enthusiasm. Certainly, the story is different but it is stuffed with feelings, adventures and lot more. The author has put-forward some significant issues prevailing in our society. The book enlightens the readers and basically deals with a thought i.e. –

“Whatever you do, you need courage. There are always difficulties arising that may dishearten you. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs. Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them.”

Those who want to be entertained with a dramatic, original and passionate story, this is a nice one time read for you people!

Rating : 4.2/5

Reviewer : Shivani Chauhan

Review of Dark Soul


Title : Dark Soul

Author : Mitali Priyadarshini

“Dark Soul:A lament within the core” ,debut novel of Mitali Priyadarshini, is a fantasy based romantic story of Tom and Kristaine,the protagonist.This is a story which is sprinkled by witty imagination,infatuation, love, suspense , mystery ,haunt, and numerous feelings.A simple story blended with wild imaginations in which one after another you are welcomed by new adventures.

As the back cover says ‘ Ailing mother dies screaming that her unborn child is evil and now the only family Tom knows is granny and best friend Kristaine.

At a height of time when he’s experiencing his first love,he realizes that he’s possessed and soon finds his girl missing and holds himself responsible.

In that tumultuous situation he bumps into a mysterious world only to find his dead mother alive who reveals that his father is to be blamed for his mishap.

Now can he get back his only love?

Is he giving to survive with the nasty secrets forever or will he find a way out?

“What if I wake up one day to find you all dead…because of me?”,Tom asked with innocence.’

The “Dark Soul”,the title itself holds a dark mystery.Along with it,the subltitle ” A lament within the core ” helps to generate inquistiveness within the readers.Both the title and the subtitle are appropriate for the story and are catchy enough to gain reader’s attention.Cover design is simple yet speaks very well about the story and suits the title.After reading the blurb,I could easily smell the fragrance of the story emanating from it.It was working as a magnet and attracting me towards it.

I was reading fantasy book by an Indian writer for the first time. When I started reading the book,I was not sure whether it could stand on my expectations or not.Let’s check out,how well it worked on me.

The story from the very beginning cuddled me in it’s arms.I was completely glued to the story.Every facet of the story is interesting and blended with multitude of emotions.Storyline is fantastic,though at some places future events were predictible,but still it was holding its charm. The love triangle of Jessica,Kris and Tom is beautifully presented and is blended with proper amount of suspense and emotion.(The facet of the story I liked the most.)

A simple writing fashion has been adopted by the authoress.Even a novice reader could go through it with ease.Articulation of sentences is also nice.It is a blend of romance and fantasy that worked accordingly.Both has their own aura and authoress balanced both the things very well.From wild imaginations to crispy love,readers could feel everything and can visualize every scene profoundly.The story was pacing in a constant flow.I couldn’t feel any undemanding description or lacking of description anywhere.Rather the story is portrayed in a friendly manner.Authoress way of moulding sentences created perfect ambience for the story.

There is no such bigger downfall of the book.It’s just that suspense could be created in such a way that it wouldn’t be predictable for readers.Apart from that, a very good work by the authoress.

And now that I know authoress is working on the sequel of this book,I’m eagerly waiting to hold the sequel of the Dark soul in my hands.Wishing her very good luck for her future endeavours and I hope the sequel would make me even drool more.

Rating : 4.7/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Essence of the Dharmapada


Title : Essence of the Dharmapada

Author: Eknath Easwaran

“Essence of Dharmapada:The Buddha’s call to Nirvana”,by Eknath Easwaran is a religion and philosphical based book in which author has laid down various vital facets of Buddha’s life in the form of examples to absorb most of those teachings, also portarying Buddha’s teachings showcasing some facets of his life.

As the back cover says ‘ Eknath Easwaran, translator of the best-selling edition of the Dhammapada, sees this powerful scripture as a perfect map for the spiritual journey. Said to be the text closest to the Buddha’s actual words, it is a collection of short teachings memorized during his lifetime by his disciples. Easwaran presents the Dhammapada as a guide to spiritual perseverance, progress, and ultimately enlightenment — a heroic confrontation with life as it really is, with straight answers to our deepest questions. We witness the heartbreak of death, for instance — what does that mean for us? What is love? How does karma work? How do we follow the spiritual
life in the midst of work and family? Does nirvana really exist, and if so, what is it like to be illumined? In his interpretation of Buddhist themes, illustrated with stories from the Buddha’s life, Easwaran offers a view of the concept of Right Understanding that is both exhilarating and instructive. He shares his experiences on the
spiritual path, giving the advice that only an experienced teacher and practitioner can offer, and urges us to answer for ourselves the
Buddha’s call to nirvana — that mysterious, enduring state of wisdom, joy, and peace.’

An appearance of pink lotus on the white background and the carvings with the pink colour itself generates the aroma of peace.Cover picture,title and the blurb at the back side all the three are apt for the content the book holds.

Like Eknath Easwaran’s other books,this book also imparted with a feather like writing fashion.Reader will completely involved and find a space for himself/herself while reading the book. The book itself answers many of the questions arising in your mind.It will help you to open many of the closed cells residing in your brain and shows you the path in order to feel free and rejuvenated. The book is written with utter simplicity and any reader could easily find himself/herself induldge in this book.This book may cancel out the negative thoughts taking place in your mind which are acting as a source to effect your life. It tells the definition of life in accordance with Buddha’s perception. In this book,author has very potently presented Buddha’s words.

Some very humourous examples has been portrayed in the book in order to make readers very well understand Buddha’s thoughts, as his thinking is beyond our imagination.No matter how bad or low you are feeling while you are about to start this book.But at the end of it,your mind,body and soul would be at the state of peace. A good book to know about Buddha and the journey of his life. Even after completely reading this book,the impression would last long on your mind.

It’s way difficult to find any dawnfall in a book that serves you eternal peace.If you are keen to learn teachings of Buddha ,this is a good book to go with and feed your brain with the eternal thoughts of Buddha. For a peaceful existence,this is one out of many books ,I would like to recommend you all.

Get in the boat.Start the journey.You will find for yourself what is beyond the world of change and suffering.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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Review of Time’s Lost Atlas


Title : Time’s Lost Atlas

Compiled by : Harsh Agarwal

The creative design suited to the title approached me at first.The blurb at the back cover very precisely and eloquently gives the hint of what you are going to have in the reading journey.

As the back cover says ‘ Ready to travel to Pakistan,London,Nepal, China, New York,India,in one single book?

With 11 stories encompassing 11 major events of the last decade,this anthology is a concoction of tragedy,romance,mystery and thriller,brewed to perfection to ensure a nail biting experience.

Reminisce and relish the events which shook the world.Breathe the freshness of past, dive into the reasons that shaped the world as it is now,walk through your bygone times,fly across the continents marking your longest journey ever-for you hold the Times’s Lost Atlas in your hand.

Beneath by Budhaditya Bhattacharjee

The book inaugarates with a mysterious and suspenseful story good enough to charge me up.The beginning is very interesting and mysterious and it held my hand until I unveiled the supsense it holds.The end of the story is quite unexpected and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story.A good story to start with.A good job by the author.

The Motown Conspiracy by Sakshi Shrivastava

The start of the story is bit low and there drifted my attention to some extent.But the good thing is story comes to its level after 3-4 initial pages.The story unravels the face of those people who are helping terrorists.The story also gives a message to be aware and to get complete information when you are about to enter in a new firm or going to indulge with someone you don’t know for good time.

The One and Only Purpose

More description of emotions and less number of events and I found it undemanding.Albeit the authoress owns a nice writing fashion that acts as the backbone of the story.Unlike other stories I was not completely engaged to the story.Albeit I like the theme.

In the Dark by Pooja Wanpal

The way authoress has presented the story is praiseworthy.Of all the time it was keeping my interest alive.The way authoress has described every event and protagonist’s emotions and thoughts created a perfect ambience and I could easily visualize every single facet of the story.Also, she has chosen a great incident to write on.

The Rising by Malavika Roy

The authoress has framed the story very-well.Each of the facets of the story is interesting and is blended nicely.Theme is good along with the storyline and authoress has presented it in a friendly manner.She has narrated the short story in a pleasing way maintaining its charm.A beautiful story with a wonderful end.

The Flich

The story is a juxtapose of past and present events of Samuel Frederick’s life, the exemplar who got cheated in the name of love.The poignant description of the events and feelings of the protagonist made it easy to go with the story and it added charm to the story.The authoress very well knows how to present a short story in an appealing manner in order to make it interesting and engaging and how to do justice with the story. In order to unveil the suspense the story holds my hands from the very beginning,and I was completely hooked to the story.

A symphony of Concurrences by Vishal Bagaria

Like the previous story this story also juxtaposes past and present events,although both are way different from each other and holds their own flavour. The story is a bit elongated than other stories present in the book.Well,that helps to create a nice ambience needed to make the story more lively and interesting.Events are well arranged and narrated elegantly that made me hooked to it till the end. A well-knitted story sprinkled with suspense,infatuation,terrorism,fear,suspection and crime.A very engaging story.

Pangs of Pain by Shruti Jain

What would you do if at any stage of life you got only single option to save any one of your children? No answer and perplexed,right?And how would you feel if you are to be blamed of killing one of your child?Helplessness could make you do so.
This story revolves around a drastic event a family faced.The story is about a very difficult decision a father made in order to save his daughter and let go off his son.This story made me go emotional and I couldn’t stop myself from shedding tears for this heart-touching story.I just simply love this story.

United we fall by Anurag Anand

After an emotionally drenched story,there came a story of full of intelligent minds.Not revealing much about the story as it would clearly give you the hint to identify the story.I ask you to read it yourself and discover.Author has done very good research on the story he has chosen.He has described everything very well and narrated the story in a friendly manner.The events and the feelings,the environment many of us haven’t experienced in reality and are unaware of the events taking place there.Through this story author has unleashed some facets and that too efficiently and it also shares the message of ‘unity’.This story made me experience a new feeling.

Innocents at War by Adwitiya Borah

This story showcases the fear of innocent becoming victims of death caused due to the fight between Hindu and Muslim.There fear that death can knock anytime at their doorsteps.Many people are being killed in the name of religion even though they are at no fault.A wonderful theme chosen by the author and every person should know this evil truth and feel the pain the victims have been through reading this nicely portrayed story.The story shares the message of humanity and brotherhood.

The Victims by Vishnu Vardhanan

The author broadcasts the feelings of the protagonists very-well.As mentioned in his bio,he communicates with his writing being a natural introvert and he communicates so well.The story is of a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’s suffered guy called Abhinav.The author unleashes the facets of story humourously making me hooked to the story till the end.A very good effort by the author.

All the stories are graciously presented and all the authors owns a very nice writing fashion.The book served eleven recipes on a single plate baked with different events,sprinkled and garnished with numerous feelings.

For a girl like me who doesn’t have zilch of knowledge of current affairs,this book acts as a bliss.Not only I enjoyed reading the stories but also I’ve fed my mind with such much-needed-to know-events of the history.

There are no such downfalls I could locate.Where some stories are very good others are good.But,all in all a good book to go with.

I also appreciate Harsh for bringing this out of the box theme before readers and selecting beautiful stories for this book.A very good work by all the authors who are a part of this book and wishing all of them very good luck for their future ventures.

Rating : 4.8/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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