Review of Via Delhi : A twisted tale of love

Title : Via Delhi : A twisted tale of love Author : Sabi Shaikh Caste difference has always been a major hinderance throttling many love stories.Sabi Shaik’s debut book “Via Delhi : Twisted tale of love”, showcases one such love-story where the protagonist fights to get their dying love-story a life. As the back cover … Read more

Review of The Buddha and His Teachings

Title : The Buddha and His Teachings Author : Narada Buddha’s life teaches one several lessons, about right and wrong, the meaning of life, the way to attain peace,path to Enlightenment and many more.As the book says : It is not a subject to be studied from a mere academic standpoint, but it is to … Read more

Review of …Then I Met My Sister

Title : …Then I Met My Sister Authoress : Christine Hurley Deriso “Then I met my sister”, as the name vividly says , this is a story of two sisters, not basically story of two sisters, but it focusses on how the protagonist (Summer) turns on the page of the life of her dead sister … Read more

Review of Silver is for Secrets

Title: Silver is for Secrets Authoress: Laurie Faria Stolarz “Silver is for secret” by Laurie Faria Stolarz is a story of six friends and their adventures trip where the main protagonists are Stacy and Jacob, where Stacy happens to have nightmares and she tries to protect the life of people who she saw in her … Read more

Review of Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Title : Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll Author : Swayam Ganguly “Love, Films and Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Swayam Ganguly is an enthralling story about three young men, finding their ways to fulfill their deepest desires, in spite of all the complications and hitches. The book is an amazing demonstration of the present scenario … Read more

Review of He Said She Said

Title : He said She said Poet : Angad Singh Saluja and Priyanka Bharadwaj An approaching and different title with an inviting cover design gained my attention at first.Prior to the content of the book, the title perfectly suits it and the cover design too makes a good impression. The book is divided into two … Read more

Review of Sale of Souls

Title : Sale of Souls Author : Vidhya Dhara “Sale of Souls: Love in Difficult Times” by Vidhya Dhara is a fiction story that revolves around land acquistion and the poor people fighting for their rights.The story broadcasts an evil facet of today’s era where economic development plays a major role than to care about … Read more

Review of Day is Night

Title : Day is Night Authoress : J.R. Jyoti “Day is Night:A collection of 62 Short Humorous Stories” is a short fiction book that encorporates various incidents and facts authoress has came through in her life and which many of us have also been encountered in our life. As the back cover says ‘ Tickling … Read more

Review of Twitchhiker

Title : Twitchhiker Author : Paul Smith As the name says it all, “Twitchikker: how one man travelled the world by twitter”, by Paul Smith, is a story where one day a unique idea hits protagonist’s mind and he rolled up his sleeves in order to make the idea work.Discover in the book how he … Read more

Review of Raise your Game

Title : Raise your Game Authoress : Suzanne Hazelton “Raise your game : How to build on your success to achieve transformational results” , as the name suggests it is a motivational book written to make readers learn the way to reach to success and achieve transformational results, mentioning the mistakes many of us do, … Read more

Review of Atisa and the Time Machine

Title : Atisa and the Time Machine Authoress : Anu Kumar “Atisa and the Time Machine: In search of Kalidasa”, by Anu Kumar is the third book of the ‘Atisa’ series.It is a young adult fiction/ fantasy tale which is an amalgamation of 21st century technique(involvement of science) ,and 1800 years ago historical story of … Read more

Review of Burning Sapphires

Title : Burning Sapphires Author : Suresh K Goswami “Burning Sapphires” by Suresh K Goswami is an intense story of Gulab Sahib, a Kashmiri girl who works selflessly for the people around her in order to build a secure, intellectual and a better place to live in. The book has a great storyline which is … Read more

Review of Dark Soul

Title : Dark Soul Author : Mitali Priyadarshini “Dark Soul:A lament within the core” ,debut novel of Mitali Priyadarshini, is a fantasy based romantic story of Tom and Kristaine,the protagonist.This is a story which is sprinkled by witty imagination,infatuation, love, suspense , mystery ,haunt, and numerous feelings.A simple story blended with wild imaginations in which … Read more

Review of Essence of the Dharmapada

Title : Essence of the Dharmapada Author: Eknath Easwaran “Essence of Dharmapada:The Buddha’s call to Nirvana”,by Eknath Easwaran is a religion and philosphical based book in which author has laid down various vital facets of Buddha’s life in the form of examples to absorb most of those teachings, also portarying Buddha’s teachings showcasing some facets … Read more

Review of Time’s Lost Atlas

Title : Time’s Lost Atlas Compiled by : Harsh Agarwal The creative design suited to the title approached me at first.The blurb at the back cover very precisely and eloquently gives the hint of what you are going to have in the reading journey. As the back cover says ‘ Ready to travel to Pakistan,London,Nepal, … Read more