Review of ‘I would rather be ‘His’ than ‘Hers’

Author – Amit Kumar Singh After reading the title of the book, I was anxious to read its content. The title triggered the birth of many questions in my mind, but all forms of curiosity got vanished when I completed reading the book. The novel is divided into five segments. The first segment-‘Innocence,Purity and Freedom’ … Read more

Review of ‘Killer In High Heels’

This is the second book in the High Heels series starring Maddie Springer. This one is even funnier than the first one! Lots of quirky antics,some things that I wasn’t expecting and some things I had figured out, but altogether entertaining. I was laughing out loud through the whole book, and literally couldn’t put it … Read more

Review of ‘Promise Of Death’

The Promise Of Death – Exploring the undiscovered country, obviously the title attracted me the most. It was driving me impatient to know the story behind the title. The introduction of the book introduces to the meaning of death which in real manner is the introduction to the meaning of life. With his engima author … Read more

Review of ‘The Cosmic Clues’

‘The Cosmic Clues’ the first astro-detective book by Manjiri Prabhu is a spicy book having crisp crunch taste and feather reading. A very interesting start and author has the aura to cleverly portray the characters. A very clever introduction and unsuspecting end gived the feather in author’s cap. The protagonist of the story Soniya Samarth … Read more

Review of ‘Pebbles of Wisdom’

PEBBLES OF WISDOM is a compilation of quotes and insights by Sadhguru from several talks,sathsangs and discourses over many occassions and many years. This collection of gems by Sadhguru is something that reminds the reader about ancient believes and mythologies. Pebbles of Wisdom, a tiny book holds 108 strong strings of wisdom. These 108 pebbles … Read more

‘Wise enough to be foolish’ by Gauri Jayaram

Review by Shweta Kesari ‘Wise Enough to be Foolish’ is a fictionalized memoir that traces the journey of an Indian girl’s life, with all its challenges and delightful surprises, as she blossoms from an insecure child into a confident young woman.The novel deals with the adventure, laughter and heartache, as she balances her love life … Read more

‘A Kaithali Street Tale’ by Arjun Chandrashekhar

Review by Shweta Kesari In Kaithali Street, the days get boisterous for Arjun with the arrival of an American researcher and his son – Mr.John and Julian John. Arjun’s friendship with the Yankee teen develops to tremendous dimensions through unexpected events of adventure and humor. While Julian John enjoys everything around him in the foreign … Read more