Review of Seeing The Girl

Author- Anuradha Vijayakrishnan “Seeing the girl”, a debut novel by Anuradha Vijayakrishnan is an unusual story of three women named Janaki, Leela, and Amma. It is an esoteric book which is written in a poetic manner. The story basically revolves around the lives of these three chief characters of the book. Coming to the story … Read more

Review of Love,That Shit!

Author- Chandru Bhojwani ‘Love,that Shit!’ by Chandru Bhojwani is a self- help book that deals boldly with such topics which are knowingly or unknowingly,many or some ,are part of everyone’s life.This book is woven with author’s perception and thoughts about relationships and love ,and in which direction they fly portraying images of today’s scenario. As … Read more

Interview of Sanchit Mehrotra

1. How did you commence writing? What are your beliefs and opinions about writing? Ans: I used to write articles for school and college magazines, or for competitions like debate or creative writing. While in college, the fondness for writing grew, as I started to put my thoughts on paper in the form of poems. … Read more

Review of Computers : System & Applications

Author- P. Sudharsan & J. Jeyabalan ‘Computers : System & Applications’ by P.Sudharsan & J. Jeyabalan is a computer technological book which gives a depth insight on the basics of computer :it’s system & applications,as the name depicts.This book holds those topics,which are very basic for the begginers to know about and help the students … Read more

Review of Fire in the Unnameable Country

Author- Ghalib Islam ‘Fire in the Unnameable Country’ by Ghalib Islam is an unexampled book which makes it’s own position standing amongst the crowd.Author wants to say a lot through this book,lets check how much he succeeded. As the blurb goes-‘ Recall the magic of 1001 nights, the horror of A Clockwork Orange,the exotic puzzle … Read more

Review of The Fine Print of Life

Author- P.S. Wasu “The fine print of life” is the first book by P.S. Wasu. This book represents that how one can spend his or her lifetime creatively, blissfully and freely. The book helps you to understand the basic elements of life. It is a philosophical and analytical book which deals with the journey of … Read more

Review of The Journey Home

Author- Radhanath Swami ‘The Journey Home’,mystic yogis,gurus,and an epic quest through spiritual India is an autobiography of an American Swamy:Radhanath Swami.It is a classical book ,which is woven with spirituality and motivational thoughts via Swami Radhanath Swami’s journey to home.This book is embedded with precious stones of life which gifts you an another soul. As … Read more

Review of Mastering Public Speaking

Author- Dorothy Lynn & Jessica Selasky ‘Mastering Public Speaking’, Excercise Your Body Parts & Build Your Speaking Skills by Dorothy Lynn & Jessica Selasky is an indeed helpful book for those who has stage fear or who gets nervous while speaking infront of public.One may say it a guide book ,as it tell us step … Read more

Review of Chords of Life

Author- Angad Singh Saluja Book Picture ‘Chords of Life’ by Angad Singh Saluja is a twiggy book where author poured out his heart and tries to open the pages of his life and what he thinks or learnt from the various fragments of life through the ink of his thoughts.Though the book is diminutive but … Read more

Interview of Author Sujata Parashar

1. Your latest book ‘In pursuit of a lesser offence’ dealt with complexities in marriage life. Your other two books dealt with? -My debut novel, ‘In Pursuit of infidelity,’ was published by Rupa and co. in 2009. As is amply clear from the title, the book tries to explore man – woman relationship outside marriage … Read more

Review of Rainbows in the Desert

Author- Archna Pant This book depicts the life of women which has the effect of inspiring someone. Her life is composed of elementary joys and sorrows. Her day to day experiences have helped her to grow and made her the kind of person she is today. It happens when she goes through numerous ups and … Read more

Review of Programming in JAVA 2

Author- Dr. K Somasundaram ‘Programming in Java 2 ‘ by Dr. K Somasundaram is a book for all those who wants to learn Java from the very basic.Though the language ‘JAVA’ is very wide,author has given light on the core subjects and is specially written for the beginners. As the back cover says-‘The book starts … Read more

Review of Resemblance

Author- Arti Honrao Arti Honrao’s book has a special thing- that you could complete the reading journey in a single go with ease.All the three books by her are diminutive and woven with variety of emotions as the stories basically focused on relationships. ‘Resemblance-The Journey of a Doppelganger’,her latest book made me to ponder from … Read more

Review of The Orange Hangover

Author- Rahul Saini ‘The Orange Hangover’ by Rahul Saini is a book which deals with job problem,society problem and rolled up with a love story along with a suspense.Author Rahul Saini,through this book tried to mingle these four flavors but couldn’t portrayed a single thing as required. As the back cover says- Then -Cool lifestyle … Read more

Review of The Complete Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes

Author- Arthur Conan Doyle ‘The Complete Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes’ by Arthur Conan Doyle is a treasury for me.A widened treasury box where fifty-six different and my all time favourite treasures are kept. As the back cover says-‘A selection of most exciting adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson. The deerstalker cap,cape-backed overcoat,and the pipe.The … Read more

Review of A winning Attitude

Author- Rosie Hamilton Mcginty Some walk with positive attitude,some with negative attitude.Does someone walk with winning attitude? What actually is winning attitude? Very few of us actually know what in true manner winning attitude refers and others simply misunderstood it.Well to clear my these doubts, I picked up this book. ‘A winning Attitude’ , to … Read more

Review of The Twelfth Imam

Author- Joel C. Rosenburg ‘The Twelfth Imam’ by Joel C. Rosenburg is a completely different and out of the box book in my collection till date .This book is thick and extended in size as compared to other books and quite a heavy rather I call strong reading pack. As the blurb goes-‘ Tensions are … Read more

Review of My Life Story

Author- Arti Honrao ‘My Life Story’ by Arti Honrao plugged with variant stages of exemplar’s life.From the beginning to the end ,author has made her pen stiff and narrated the story in a constant flow. As the blurb goes-‘My Life Story is the story of Kavya who believes in living each day as it comes.As … Read more

Review of I will Love once again

Author- Krishna Verma ‘I will love once again’ by Krishna Verma is a simpatico tale of Krishna who wanted to live completely in present but his past love Priety didn’t let him to do so. In every girl he was seeking for Priety’s resemblance.As the title itself says-once the protagonist has fallen in love and … Read more