Review of The Bhagwada Gita

Author- Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda God talks with Arjuna, The Bhagavad Gita (Volume I & II) ;Royal science of God-realization.The immortal dialogue between soul and Spirit;a new translation and commentary.This is the ultimate book in the field of literature.No book can beat this book.It holds the epitome of being the King of literary. As the … Read more

Review of Remember

Author- Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley ‘Remember’ by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley,second redemption series, grippens my attention as I continue to read it.It is a book which can swing your mood and entertain you throughout the journey. As the back cover says,Strong-willed Ashley Baxter is trying to forget. She has locked up her heart, … Read more

Review of Man’s Eternal Quest

Author- Paramhansa Yogananda ‘Man’s eternal quest: The collected talks and essays by Paramhansa Yogananda is for those who is keen to know the peripherals of life.I wouldnt like to say it a spiritual book, rather I would call it a magical book.The trait it creates,the aura it clutches,magnetized me to it. As the book cover … Read more

Review of Dissolve the BOX

Author- Santosh Sharma ‘Dissolve the BOX’ by Santosh Sharma, is not just a book but it’s a Movement,as the book says.And I’m completely agree with this.This book could be very helpful for one to discard the loopholes and negativity and born up with positive attitude.It tells how to kill the viruses hailing in all of … Read more

Review of What would apple do?

Author- Dirk Beckman ‘What would apple do?’ by Dirk Beckmann is a book sharing inspirational ideas of giant success of Apple.It tells how you can learn from Apple and make money.It says to focus on what’s really important and leave out the rest.Again a diminutive book came to cherish my day. Being a computer science … Read more

Review of Redemption

Author- Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley ‘Redemmption’ by Karen Kingsburry and Gary Smalley creates the aroma and essence of true love.A tale of a selfless and pure love.Through this book, authors try to define love in their own different way and I quite liked it. The story revolves around Kary Baxter Jacob, who found her … Read more

Review of Love is Vodka

Author- Amit Shankar ‘Love is Vodka’ a shot aint enough,very lovely name with a classy cover.It beguiled my eyes at the very first look itself as it has a girlie coloured cover ‘pink’. As the blurb goes-‘ If love is all about freedom and honest expression then how can one associate it with loyalty? Being … Read more

Review of Meet the Strings

Author- Chetan Jaiman ‘Meet the Strings’,tale of emotions by Chetan Jaiman is a short story anthological book having nine intelligent stories based on different themes and stitched with plethora of emotions. Inquisitive stories penned with clever imaginations.Almost every story in this book leaves an unhidden or hidden message at the end.The quality writing style when … Read more

Review of Deluges

Author- Varsha Singh Her debut poetry book ‘Deluges’ is a mash up of variety of emotions plunged to a single soul.It is a collection of 60 poetries where every poetry holds its own aura dipped in its own essence.It merely took half an hour to read this book but it wooed me with dozen of … Read more

Review of The lost Journal

Author- June Thomas Sherlock Holmes Series Sherlock Holmes, ‘The secret Journals’ by June Thomas holds seven different stories of mystery and suspense which were unpublished on accounts of adventures.So,the name follows ‘The secret Journals’. All the seven stories are stitched with suspense,mystery,well potrayed characters,feather reading where some are splendidly written and some counted in the … Read more