Interview of Alva Fleming

Interviewed by Shweta Kesari

Jamaica 2010

1. What role do books play in your life?

As a child and teen I read. I always had my nose in a book. Now occasionally I pick up a book but for the most part I read e-books but not exclusively. I like old books with yellowed pages. I like the look, feel and smell. Who knows where and when an old book has travelled or who has turned the pages. Reading does play a roll in my life for much inspiration can be found, sometimes in a word, paragraph, chapter or the entire body.

2. What is your motive while you work on any literary project?

I write to inspire readers to think for themselves, to draw their minds away from the standard programming of society. I write in hopes of sparking fires for humanity to realize we are all one species regardless of gender, race, religion. We will either figure this out and save our species and our planet or we, and I generalize, will not and shall perish as a species. There are two paths, they parallel and intersect but we choose which path we are on. More people need to wake up to this and choose for themselves rather than leaving the decisions to large corporations and elected officials. We must become more conscientious of our decisions, small choices made by the masses can ripple out and affect everything. We decide what stays and what goes in retail stores for example, if we do not buy an item it goes away and there are many items which need to go away. We are taught from a young age to want, corporations would turn our wants to needs, try to make us believe through advertising that we can not live without many of their products, I hope to wake people to this manipulation. To sum it up I guess I write to try to wake people to what is going on in the world, to free their

3. Who according to you is the King of poetry and why?

I do not wish to sound egotistical but I am. I write much raw and little do I refine, sometimes it is without rhyme but has a flow. It is part of my very being. There are many who have influenced me but everything I write is fresh to me, so as I write and fine tune reading as well and if I can not find something that I want to read I can always write.

4. How would be your life without literature?

I would just be a gear in the machine.

5. Is there anything which is more lovable to you than books?

My family, a few close friends and hope for humanity to get over the need for financial gain via the oppression and destruction of others and the Earth.

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