Interview of Anupam Dasgupta

Anupam Dasgupta
Anupam Dasgupta

How long it took to complete your first book?

-Around 4 months.

When you started writing did you expect the same time span?

  • No, thought would take longer! I got stuck after 3 chapters, as in I took a break after writing 3 chapters cos I wasn’t sure how to shape the climax and unravel the plot. And then I wrote a chapter outline for the entire story…this cleared up things for me and I could finish off the book in the next 3 weeks.

What role does literature plays in your life?

  • I think it has a soothing effect on me, calms me down in tough times…interestingly ever since I wrote my book I feel a stronger emotional connect with the characters of any book I read

A dream of yours which is yet to chase?

  • I want to start up a business, preferably in the online retailing space for lifestyle and entertainment !! This is truly a dream and I hope that I start soon. I want to eventually diversify into other lines of businesses as well.

To what extent writing soothes your life?

  • It is an enjoyable experience and a very cerebral one at that. The reason I say so is that tweaking the characters’ lives and living a parallel life with them is quite a brainteaser 🙂

Reveal a kind of book which you would like to read but not yet written by anyone?

  • A mix of fantasy/sci-fi and philosophy. To drill down a little more, scientific gadgets, tools that would enable understanding the true meaning of life. This might sound a little mixed up (lol) but I would like to keep it at that and perhaps come up with a piece of fiction sometime based on such an idea 🙂

Share your experiences of initial days in literature field.

  • Initial days in literature field….in a reading sense started pretty early and my earliest memories include a lot of Enid Blyton in particular. I also used to read a lot of sports related essays, writings and compilations. As I grew up I developed an avid interest in reading and covered a span of works ranging from classics to modern day fiction, biographies to specific subject matter related books and so on. Writing has always been my passion and my works got published in periodicals, magazines and newspaper from a very young age. I believe I have evolved a lot over time in terms of my writing style as well as the substance I intend to convey. And would love to keep evolving and enjoying 🙂

Thanks for giving your precious time and for sharing wonderful answers.Wishing you bright future.

Interviewed by Shweta Kesari

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