Interview of Author Gabriel Hemingway


1. What do you like to do most-writing or reading?

Hard to say. I depends what I am up to. I try to do both read and write everyday, not always successfully.

2. Is there plan to write any book apart from thriller?

I’ve only completed three novels. They happened to be suspense stories, thrillers, but not the traditional type. Suspense stories demand a focused narrative and I enjoy the work it. Maybe one day a different kind of story might come up. For now, though, I have new ideas for more suspense and thrillers with a political side to keep me busy.

3. Which is your favourite thriller book and thriller movie?

There are wonderful books that are suspenseful and thriller-like that are the kind of book I’d like mine to have a similar feel, LIBRA by Don DeLillo, The Feast of The Goat, by Vargas Llosa are very high on my list. I watch a lot of movies, I get a kick of the Jason Bourne films.

4. What draws you in this particular genre?

What draws me to suspense is natural a process, for me. I don’t question what wants to get on the page as much as I mold it, like a sculptor who sees a figure inside at a block of stone. I chip away until it becomes clearer to me and I can narrate it simply.

5. How was your writing experiencing with your first book?

My experience with my first book was one of discovery. It came out of a short story that a group of my friends read and said I had to turn into a novel. I wrote it for them, in a way. They read the first draft in weekly installments. I was strict with the dealines, a chapter a week. The book ended up including maybe 60% of that original draft, but the basic plot was there.

6. Books are like what to you?

Books are small miracles. They can teach you about yourself in ways that no other art form can. One learns from books without the sense of being taught. Books have the magic of making one feel to be the discoverer, to forget someone wrote it, what one experiences during the reading becomes personal.

Interviewed by Shweta Kesari


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