Interview of Author Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma

1. How much time it took to write your debut book ‘Love @ Air Force’?

It took me more than two years to write this book. I was a naïve when I started, didn’t even know the nuances of MS WORD, had a horrible speed in typing.  

2. Which character in your book you like the most and why?

Shabd Mishra for being an idealistic lover and emotional and Sushil Awasthi as I think his character was more real with no phantasmagorical qualities.  

3. How much the protagonist of the story resembles you?

I don’t think I loved anybody as he did but yes I am very much like him in other aspects.  

4. Festoon books with five adjectives.

Well, this question should have been asked from the readers. However, I think it is, Mature, Quite Realistic, Touching, Hilarious, Riveting. Please pardon me if I sound gasconading and self-aggrandizing.

5.Dedicate a poem to your dearest one?

गुमाँ था मुझे कि जीवन साँसों से चलता है, अब जाना है मैंने ये तो प्यार पर पलता है| खुश होता हूँ तभी लिख पता हूँ नए तराने, मेरे अपनों से ही हैं मेरी हँसी, मेरी मुस्काने|
Life dwells on breaths, was a myth I harboured for long. The Love of mates steers it, how horribly I was wrong. My admirers bring smiles  and make me strong. The felicity is the fuel that newer songs in my heart bong.

5. Like the character of your book Shabd you have been writing poems since you were eight. How many poems you have written till date?

I don’t exactly remember but the number must have crossed the one thousand mark.

6. A message for your readers.

The love you all have bestowed on me is invaluable. It makes me more responsible towards my writing and motivates me to put in whole-hearted efforts in improving myself. I will always try to come to the expectations you all have from me. I cherish your love, appreciation and criticism. Love you all.  

7. Tell me about your next venture.

My next book is a story of a young girl, who becomes a victim of a gang rape and follows an unusual path to avenge it. Hopefully, it would hit the stands later this year.

8. Share your experience of being in the literature field.

It is awesome. I am simply loving being in a circle of talented authors. I regret entering into it so late. Now I realize what I was missing. Interaction and exchanging ideas with people is such a learning experience. I love it.

Thank you for giving your time and wonderful answers.Wishing you a great future ahead.

Interviewed by Shweta Kesari

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