Interview of Author Shreyan Laha


Your debut book “The Adventures Beyond Existence” is a paranormal romance. What would be your next book about?
A horror fiction. I have already prepared a rough draft and it is expected to be completed by early July.

When did you start writing ‘The Adventures Beyond Existence?
I started writing when I was in my school days – In January 2010 to be precise. However, I lacked courage and submitted it for the course of publishing almost three and a half years later!

If not literature then what?
Probably stick to a prototype course of study and get a decent job, world tour, football, insect photography – Everything which a lad of my age loves or wants to do!

Life is a ____ without books.

Joke. Life is a joke without books.

According to you, who is the king of literary world and why?
Very tough question. I prefer writing horror/paranormal romance and novels which people of every age group can read so obviously it has to be either of the two – R.L. Stine or Eoin Colfer. (Note: You didn’t mention queen so JK Rowling isn’t there) My sincere apologies are with almost a score of authors whom I didn’t mention.

Heaven or library. What would you choose and why?
Heaven. I would go to heaven and ask God to lend me enough money to own all the libraries!

At what age have you started writing?
I learnt writing ABCD when I was 11 months; short stories – when I was 11 years old and novels – when I was in class 11. And yes, my name has 11 letters! Coincidence?

When and how did the idea of writing a novel strike your mind?
Pattern of dreams! When I started to maintain diary, I didn’t write about my daily affairs in school, tution or day to day life. Instead, whenever I had a dream, I used to wake up and scribble it in my diary. One day, I decided to go through all the dreams I’d jotted down. Next, I eliminated the useless ones and set the interesting ones in order of sequence for eg. Which happening could follow the earlier event and which would provide me with a twist of plot and so on! Obviously I didn’t remember my dream everyday so before sleeping, I used to go for a nightwalk and roam around in isolated places like… a nearby underconstruction building – and when I reached the top floor, I used to imagine: Okay how can someone scare me? What can a ghost or spirit to do push me off this flat and so on! This is how I created my ‘paranormal romance’ The Adventures Beyond Existence!

What is happiness for you?
It means everything to everybody! Whatever we do, we do it for immediate or long term happiness! Same goes for me, like other living creatures. However, for me its spreading a smile on parents’ faces, love of siblings or most importantly, when a reader loves and reviews my book!

Interviewed by Shweta Kesari

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