Interview of Author Sujata Parashar


1. Your latest book ‘In pursuit of a lesser offence’ dealt with complexities in marriage life. Your other two books dealt with?

-My debut novel, ‘In Pursuit of infidelity,’ was published by Rupa and co. in 2009. As is amply clear from the title, the book tries to explore man – woman relationship outside marriage and its impact on married couples. My second book, ‘In Pursuit of Ecstasy,’ was also brought out by Rupa and co. in 2011. The book revolves around teenage life, drugs and explores the delicate relationship between youth and parents. And the third ‘pursuit,’ as you already mentioned deals with contemporary issues of marriage and was published by Alchemy and was released earlier this year.

2. The thought of coming up with the ‘Pursuit’ series popped up after the success of your first book or you had thought of it from the very beginning?

-The idea to turn it into a series came only after the success of my first novel. But I was clear in my mind that each book should tell a different story. The only things similar between all the three is the theme and the common sounding titles. Also, if you read the title of the books carefully, you will notice that all three of them has word which begins with a vowel each: The first one has the vowel “I” (in the word Infidelity), the second has the vowel “E” (in the word Ecstasy) and the latest one has the vowel “O” (in the word Offence). This was deliberate move.

3. Share your experiences of being in the literature world.

-I became an author by chance. The journey is still young but I’m learning and enjoying myself. Also, I’d always enjoyed reading and continue to do so. Although, now I read books more to study and absorb the finer nuances of creative writing.

4. Which would be the next book in ‘pursuit’ series? What will be the core of that book?

Well, I’m working on another fiction. But I don’t think it will be a part of the ‘pursuit’ series. The pursuit series was supposed to end with my third book on marriage which was released earlier this year. But many of my well-wishers and readers shared that they enjoyed the series and don’t want it to end. Moreover, my own interest in studying human relationships deepened with each book and so I’ve decided to continue with it. The pursuit ‘series’ essentially focuses on modern – day romantic relationships and the various challenges it faces in modern times. Modern – day relationships are more about sustainable partnership between couples based on some new parameters. I am interested in examining these new parameters especially women’s role in it and how it will impact these partnerships. But I’ll have to wait for the right inspiration for my next “pursuit.”

6.Sum up your life in the form of a poem.

-I live

From Moment to moment

Each new moment thrills me

It makes me wonder

About all the mysteries that I’ll get to solve;

Be enlightened

In anticipation;

I wait with bated breath

For the next to arrive

Like an excited child

On seeing her new gift

At times I’m too caught up

In the web of life

Moments pass me by unnoticed

Leaving behind important lessons

I pick up a few threads;

Abandoning the rest for another moment

At others I don’t pay heed;

Stumble, fall, make mistakes

And if the moment is right I learn

Or wait for the next turn

Some Moments are short lived

Others stay longer;

take their own sweet time to bid adieu

But moments must pass

They’re never meant to stay

I live to greet each new moment

I live from moment to moment

7. A message for your readers.

Believe in yourself,
Live life to the fullest,
Make people smile,
And read books.

Thank you for giving such a wonderful answers and your precious time.Wishing you a very bright future.

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