Interview of Author Vipin Behari Goyal


Which is more splendid according to you- A night in heaven or a night with your favourite book?

A night in heaven, of course. I want to know if it is same or different from my imagination. Then I would love to write a book “A night in heaven”.

How literature is changing its way nowadays?
The positive change has come by technology. Book reading gadgets and e-publishing has influenced the life of new breed of writers and readers. The negative change is depth in writing has reduced. Either the readers prefer to read light work or the writers are not taking up their profession seriously.

Which book you have completed in the shortest span?
Apsara. I wrote the whole book in trance, and flow of thoughts was so rapid that sometimes it was difficult for me to keep pace.

When had you started writing your debut book and how long it took to complete?
I had been writing poems, articles and stories since school days. My first book about Pushkar was published 18 years back. I wrote my debut novel “Tall man small shadow” in 2012 and it took about six months to finish it.

Focus on the incident of your life which turned you into a writer?
In my school when I was selected as Student Editor for School magazine.

Share your literary experience with us. I have enjoyed my journey so far. My publishers and reviewers are amazing. So far my three novels have been published by traditional publishers and I have self published two novels as eBooks. I find both the arenas are equally exciting. I see a great future in epublishing.

Define in your words
Books- Windows
Life- Ferris wheel
Characters- immortals
Dream- Suppressed desires
Authors- scuba divers for pearls.

Interviewed by Shweta Kesari

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