Interview of Author/Poet Kukogho Samson

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Kukogho Samson

1. ‘What Can Words Do?’ is the title of your book. How have words brought changes in your life?

From my time as a child, I have known the power of words. My father’s words and my mother’s words in relation to each other taught me something that has remained with me as I navigate life. As an individual, words, spoken at the right times have save me from many a problem and earned me many a laurel. I am a believer in speaking your mind and also speaking positive – these principles have proven to me that words are powerful. Healing a non-physical wound is only possible with words. I have healed and been healed with words. I am the evidence of the power of words.

2. You are helping young Nigerian writers in improving their writing skills and boosting their talent. Who helped you when you were newbie in this field?

Actually, the reason why I decided to help young writers, not only Nigerians, is because I had no one to encourage and groom me as a young writer. Even my father had no interest in what I wrote. Unfortunately, the person who helped me take writing serious, ended up stealing all my earliest writing – an accusation I cannot prove.The young writers have so much talent that would go to waste or be misused without guidance, hence my starting the WRRPoetry Group of social media initiatives which now includes a virtual college. A press is coming in the future.

3. Did you think of dumping writing poetry when your poems were rejected by a newspaper?

At that time, I was making more progress in my writing career. I did not bother. It was like being pinched by your brother while getting a hug from your mother. I am a very practical person and I know that life is a mix of good and bad. I strive to minimize the bad but I do not baulk at challenges.While some were rejecting my poems, I was being celebrated in other places.I am poetry; stopping poetry will be the death of me. It will never happen.

4. You were named the number one poet of Nigeria in 2013. Did you ever expected that?

All what I do, I do for the passion of it. It never came to my mind that I would be anywhere hear the top 20, because I did not give it a thought that people were watching and appreciating my efforts.But I am happy I was named. It’s an encouragement. I hope for more.

5. How would you relate poetry to happiness, soul and life?

Poetry is an evidence of consciousness, an expression of ‘aliveness’, a conduit for emotion and a channel for the expulsion of inner poisons. If I am happy, it appears in my lines. When I am sad, I detox with verses of poetry. My soul is made of verses of poetry and I can heal any problem with verses of poetry.Like I said, poetry is my life and I am nothing without it.

Thanks for the wonderful answers and giving your time. Wishing you a bright future.

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