Interview of Bhavya Sachdeva (Owner of Lampshade Publishing House)


1. How is your publishing house different from others?

a) Our publishing house has a wider reach in the sense, that we have a tie up with 60+ Colleges and 50+ schools in Delhi-NCR that would allow us to conduct seminars to promote the books.
b) We know a couple of distributors personally that would make the book available globally.
c) We plan to launch the book in 2 cities. One of which would be Delhi and the other would be our Author’s choice.
d) The royalty offered by us (12.5%) is way higher than our contemporaries.
e) 100% transparency will be offered to the author. f) We would not charge you anything, 100% Traditional methods.

2.What made you to open a publication house?
I had always been an avid reader. Also I had a theatre group in Delhi. I started it when I was merely 17, there we wrote scripts and conducted plays. So I understand the stories well. Comparing the scripts of theatre and books, I started realizing that publishers can publish anything, promote it and make it a bestseller. For them it is the revenue that matters, I however, prefer only quality scripts. To promote quality in writing, I came up with the idea of Lampshade, our publishing house.

3.What is this venture of yours meant to you?

This publishing house is my dream venture. I have always worked hard in whatever I done, in my life, be it writing for theatre or editing for companies. So, I plan to put my heart and soul in this venture of mine and give the world some quality writers.

4. What are the four top most things you take care of while publishing a book?

a) Only Quality Manuscripts will be published.
b) Top notch editing and proofreading.
c) Excellent cover designing to attract the readers.
d) Global availability of the book.

5. Why this name-‘Lampshade’?

In the practical world a lampshade is used to diffuse the light the bulb emits. Similarly, we plan to diffuse the writings of our authors among the reading audience of our country. I ensure in a couple of years our Publishing House will provide you all with some really good writers.

6. What is the moto of your publication house?

Lampshade’s key moto is, ‘with a magic touch’. Meaning, we add a magical touch with world class editing and proofreading. Moreover, we will encourage writers from every part of the country to write and write well. Only quality in writing will be promoted.

7. Can you tell us something about the upcoming books?

We are working on 3 books right now. Two of them are love stories and one is an anthology. All 3 of them are with fresh writers.

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Thank you for giving your precious time and wonderful answers.Wishing you and your publishing house a great success.

Interviewer- Shweta Kesari

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