Interview of Sanchit Mehrotra


1. How did you commence writing? What are your beliefs and opinions about writing?

Ans: I used to write articles for school and college magazines, or for competitions like debate or creative writing. While in college, the fondness for writing grew, as I started to put my thoughts on paper in the form of poems. It was just for leisure, though. I had never thought that this leisure I am fond of, and my thought-flow will take the form of a full-fledged novel.Now I am willing to take my writing to a new paradigm, take new challenges, and touch new heights. I wish to push my thoughts to newer level, and churn out more poems and novels.For me, writing is something that soothes my nerves, give a shape to my thoughts, and make me
feel complete. Writing is something that started as a hobby, but eventually has become a passion, that satisfies me.

2. How did you come with such an anomalous climax for your book “Nothing Between Us”?

Ans: The climax was instinctive. Midway while writing, while I was working upon the ups and downs in Siddharth’s life, and how destiny played its game with him, this idea flashed through my mind to give this twist in the climax, so as to give a shock to the audience.Moreover, while observing people around me, I usedto think how different real life is from movies or romantic novels. Maximum romantic works havehappy endings. In real life, however, majority oflove stories ended on a sad note, i.e.people finally separating from the person they loved, and then destroying themselves, being stuck in the past. I used to think how difficult it would be, separating from the person you love, this failure in love andrelationships. So I thought, why not portray it.

3. Your book “Nothing Between Us” depicts deepness of true love. So, what kind of books do you like? Romantic or any other category?

Ans: I like romantics, and also suspense thrillers.Frankly speaking, I don’t read much, but veryselective work.

4. Rapidly, describe your book “Nothing Between Us” in just one line?

Ans: Two people, when in love, dream and crave to stay together, forever. For some, dreams become reality; for few others, destiny has other plans –shattering their dreams into pieces, separating thelovers, and destroying their lives in the process.Such is the story of Siddharth, Avantika, and Kaya.

5. While writing, did you experience anything which totally amazed or startled you?

Ans: While writing ‘Nothing Between Us…’ I felt an emotional bond with Avantika. After writing the scene, when she falls prey to destiny’s plans, tears came in my eyes. I put my laptop aside, and
started sobbing. I was unable to write further for some weeks, feeling as if my own girlfriend had died. I never felt so attached with any girl till then,but my own creation. It was all very intriguing.

6. As we all know that ‘Writing is just a different means of communication’. According to you, up to what extent readers can connect or link to your books?

Ans: After reading my work, readers would feel that they personally know the characters, as their friends or neighbors. They would feel like they have been to the places, they would have done something or the other once, narrated in my works.Readers would feel that the story that is being narrated belongs to someone they know well. Such would be the connect readers would feel with my work.

7. Who are your favorite writers whose works incentivize you?

Ans: Can’t name many, because I don’t read thatmuch. Still, Ayn Rand, Geoffrey Archer, ChetanBhagat and Ruskin Bond (in childhood) are amongst my favorites. I don’t miss reading comic strips in newspapers, though.

8. What do you enjoy the most apart from writing?

Ans: I am an avid music lover. I love motorbikes,and love to drive cars as well, preferably at higher speeds.

9. “The more you know about your partner,the greater your love will be. That’s why it’s easier to turn friendship into love, than vice versa.”How much do you relate with this?Or do you believe in love at first sight?

Ans: I agree with the first statement. Being happily married for eight months, I feel the more I know about my wife, the more I feel for her, the more I love her. I now realize that love at first sight is an overrated expression. Until you know the person
you crave for, you cannot fall in love with him or her.

10. Would like to share something regarding your upcoming projects?

Ans: Right now, I am working upon a murder mystery-thriller. This is about investigation going on regarding serial killings, where dead bodies are found with their organs missing. Can’t reveal anything more at this point of time.

Thanks for the wonderful answers and giving your time. Wishing you a bright future.

Interviewed by Shivani Chauhan

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