Interview of Vasanthi Sankaranarayanan (Translator of novel Oorukaval )


Your opinions about the book ‘Oorukaval’ by Sarah Joseph, which you have translated?

In my opinion, the original of The Vigil, “Oorukaval” is a significant addition to Modern Malayalam Literature. The form as well as the visualisation of the concept is novel.

The thing you like most about Sarah Joseph’s writing style.

I like many things about this book, but foremost the language in which it is wrtten, lucid, clear, lyrican and imagiative. The many styles in which the theme is presented is notable.

How long it took you to complete the translation process?

The usual difficulties that any translator faces when translating from an Indian Regional Language to English. The construction of sentences, the constant moving from the past to the present and fragmented narration all pose problems. English is a precie language and useful for official communication. But, it does not have the vocabulary or style to capture the genius and flow of Indian languages. In the matter of representation of emotion also it falls short.

What are the difficulties you faced during translation?

Difficult to answer and I don’t want to venture into this sphere.

According to you,which is more tough-Malyalam to English translation or English to Malyalam translation?

“Ini gnan Urangatte” (Now let me sleep) written by P.K. Balakrishnan in Malayalam which is an interpretation of the Epic Mahabharatam.

What draws you towards this book?

Very much. Otherwise I would not have attempted to translate the same.

Name a book which is your favourite and you would love to translate.

Very difficult to give an answer

At any moment,you thought that you have taken a wrong decision of translating this book?

No. At all times I have enjoyed the process of translation.

Now after the english version is published,how do you feel?

I feel very happy.

Thank you for giving your time and wonderful answers.Wishing you a bright future.

Interviewer- Shweta Kesari

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