Karma Kurry by Jeroninio Almeida and Jyoti Nanda

Cover of Karma Kurry

Karma kurry is a short anthological story for mind, body, heart and soul. All these stories will make your mind to ponder about the realities of life, order an action to your body, and pump up life to your heart. It will show you the images of well being…

This book deals with almost every phase of life.
It not just contains 26 different stories but 26 soulful, spirited tales that are as effective as medicines to one’s life.
It will push your arms to bring a change and let you work differentely as many qualified and unqualified people did to initiate a change in the life of those in need.

It has the captivating stories of the real heroes of the world.We admire actors or people in a particular fields,but often forget to admire the people who practise the highest morals of humanity.This book holds the admiration stories of such people.

This book contains the inspiring stories of Gul Panag,Geeta Chandran,Anita Pratap,Chewang Norphel and many others whom we know only by their professions but not by their personality.

My favourite quote from the book-

‘Life isnt about its share of hardships and challenges’


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Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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