‘A Kaithali Street Tale’ by Arjun Chandrashekhar

Review by Shweta Kesari


In Kaithali Street, the days get boisterous for Arjun with the arrival of an American researcher and his son – Mr.John and Julian John. Arjun’s friendship with the Yankee teen develops to tremendous dimensions through unexpected events of adventure and humor. While Julian John enjoys everything around him in the foreign land,with a tourist’s air of frolic.
Events take unexpected turns,separating the teens to the distant corners of the world.However, they are able to keep their friendship strong, despite the distance and time.
Synopsis lucidly depicts the tale.

A Kaithali Street Tale by Arjun Chandrashekhar is a story of two friends Arjun and Julian and their hangout tales in the street. I was back to my school days. I felt like I was reading a detailed chapter of my English course book.

There were characters whose names are in Tamil which often drew misconception and difficult to recognize till the ending. There were also some sentences and words in Tamil but the author has provided its translation too. It has the complete essence of Kaithali street. A novella of 96 pages where you can find a beautiful tale of true friendship.

It is a good book for school students who love to read and wants to increase their vocabulary. As good vocabulary is used by the Author.


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Review of Chase your dreams by Heena Priya and Atiya Shazi Ahmed


Review by Shweta Kesari

Chase your dreams is a debut novel by two young authors Heena Priya & Atiya Shaazi Ahmed.

The description is very simple and lucid. The story takes us back to both our school as well as college life. The title of the story is well suited and readers can read it in a single go which makes it an extraordinary read.

It is the story of two besties kashish and samaira, the story of their legendary friendship, the story of their struggles. The story makes you optimistic by showing even if the whole world is against you, there is a true friend beside you.

As written in the book itself, two  best friends are the greatest source of inspiration to each other.  Really, its true in this case. Readers can learn a lot from this book and this is how the purpose of the book as well as the authors would be served.


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Review of Chanakya’s 7 Secrets of Leadership by Radhakrishnan Pillai and D. Sivanandhan


Review by Shweta Kesari

I was always glued to fictional / non-fictional stories of love, romance, suspense and thrill. I never tried my hand at a Business/Strategy book nor did I wish to. When I got this book to review, I was wondering how could I review it, as it seemed difficult to even read. But I had to do it.

When I started reading this book, I was soon engrossed in it completely. I kept on flipping pages, time kept on ticking and I didn’t have the slightest idea of time and I completed it in a single sit.

Chanakya’s Seven Secrets of Leadership – Swami, Amatya, Janpada, Durg, Kosha, Dand, Mitra. There are Some salient features of each of this seven secrets of Chanakya’s; means secrets within secrets. This book dealt with real and inspirational stories of people who remained unknown to many. I was astonished to see how intensively one could write such a mind throbbing thing. Old stories have been taken from history to set examples. The language was easy to understand and far more to shoot your mind. Most of the examples were set on a great leader D. Sivanandhan.

As mentioned above it was the first time I was reading such a book, so reviewing this book like any other wouldn’t be fair enough. I’m just telling what changes and challenges it brought in my life.
– Be ready to accept the changes.
– Plan for the best and worst scenarios
– Always consider yourself a leader
– Make people feel happy and secure in your leadership
– To do leadership its not necessary to have the tag of a ‘Leader’. One is a leader in one’s own aspect.
– Accept your faults and be true to yourself.
– Think and put it on action.
– Stick to your goal.
– Sharing success and failure stories with others so that they can learn
– Listen to other’s stories so that you can learn.
– Leadership is making the impossible possible
– Keep on learning.
– One should be open minded and ready to learn from everyone.
– It is foolish to take everyone’s advice. This book is not only for the people who are in management and corporate world, but for everyone who is keen to live life and wish to attain success in every aspect of life. A book that would balance your mind and enliven your thoughts.

My favourite quotes from the book:
– “Common sense is not so common.” “Leadership is not by rank or designation; it is by attitude and competence.”

Rating: 5/5

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Seasons of Love

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“I can’t do wrong” by Shweta Kesari

Photo of my soulmates

I am not dumb

Yet I won’t speak wrong

I will keep my soul hidden

In the blanket of truth.


I am not deaf

Yet I won’t listen wrong

I will keep my head couched

In the bucket of saints.


I am not blind

Yet I won’t see wrong

I will paint my eyes

With the colour of nature.


I am a human

Surely, I will commit mistake

But can’t do wrong

With my soulmates

Even by fault.