Review of 100 thoughts that lead to happiness

Author- Len Chetkin


‘100 Thoughts that lead to happiness’ by Len Chetkin Is a diminitive book festooned with 100 thoughts that will show you the path to happiness. All these 100 ways are very simple to evolve in life and author emphasised on every single thought in a very effective manner.

I didnt feel for a single time to put this book down.Though to be happy is not a very easy task specially in todays era where work has taken its toll.But it is must to be happy and feel happy in your working area too.This book also tell how one can be happy all of his/her life and it doesnt about of a particular field.

Who doesnt want to be happy?Who doesnt search for happiness? If happiness is missing in your life and you are searching and seeking for happiness then this is the book for you.I think everyone should go through this book.

All the 100 thoughts also tell you how to implement them in your life.Before this book,I have read other thoughts/quotes book too.But those books simply say their wisdom words but they didnt tell the way how one could implement them in their life.Learning wisdom pearls is another thing and implementing them in your life is another and is worthy.

This is the book which serves you more about happiness,show you the path to happiness and make you learn how to walk on that path.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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