Review of 1000 Kilograms of Goa

Title: 1000 Kilograms of Goa



Author: Rohan Govenkar


1000 kilograms of goa by Rohan Govenkar









Blurb: Seven years after they last met in college, four best friends set out for a reunion holiday to Goa. Strange but alluring circumstances compel them to break the stereotype of a beach vacation and let themselves wild.


Instead of treasuring memories, they memorize treasure-maps. Instead of scoring keys, they duplicate keys. Instead of haunting discotheques, they break into haunted-like houses. Instead of partying at EDM festivals, they gatecrash birthday parties. Instead of hitting on random hot women, they grow into subjects of hot pursuit. De-stress becomes distress, and their jolly vacation transforms itself into a cabaret of headless chickens.


What motivates them to let adrenaline shoot to potent levels? What inspires them to act in a manner they’d term insane in their otherwise normal worlds? Is it a fair gamble or just another wild goose chase? Or is it really a goose that lays the golden eggs?


Find out as you lose yourself in the frenzied, gripping and adventuresome tale about the 1000 kilograms of Goa.


My View:

A story that presents divergent shades of an ideal holiday destination i.e. Goa which is also known as the “Pearl of the Orient” It brings a group of four friends together for a fun reunion where they set out for a sporting treasure hunt. This excursion marks the beginning of a thrilling adventurous ride with a risky chain of events.


The weird yet riveting title of the book drew my attention towards it. To add on, the mystifying blurb made me want to know more about the story. However, the opening is not very much compelling but, I found it absorbing after going through certain chapters.


The plot holds a good amount of intrigue. Elements like suspense, shock, mystery, entertainment are amalgamated in a fine manner. Furthermore, there are romantic encounters and interactions that the characters have. I wish there could be more. Certain parts of the story hold a great amount of thrill and drama in it.


All the characters seem to fit the setting of the story. Each one’s quality and unique trait predominated the plot. Moreover, the language is simple and effective. The pace seems to flow better after each segment and gives a few more details that make the story sound interesting.


The debutante author did a brilliant job while describing about art,places, people and culture of Goa. From the kind of language to the traditions of Goans are well depicted. The Russian mafia plays an important role in the story and that’s what makes the script realistic and gripping.This clearly shows how author took care of minute details which is praiseworthy.


The book mainly concentrates on the dark and dangerous sides of drugs and the rise of the criminal mafias. A lot of twists and turns are involved which grabbed my attention and raised question marks in my mind.


How will they reach to the hidden treasure? Will these people be successful in keeping the treasure to themselves? How they would be saved by the criminals? Will these friends stick together till the end?


At times bewildered and surprised by the events in the book, the reader will eventually enjoy reading until the final episode.


Overall, it is an engrossing and light read full of adventure. Especially aimed at a younger audience.


Rating: 4/5


Reviewer: Shivani Chauhan

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