Review of A Letter from my father


Author : Kanak Aggarwal

‘A Letter from my father ‘ , debut novel of Kanak Aggarwal, is a simple yet emotional story of the protagonist namely Daksh Aggarwal.The story revolves around his childhood and the way how his relationship from his father played an effective and major role in shaping up his life.

As the back cover says ‘ Daksh Aggarwal is a simple 18 year old Delhi guy who had only one prob in his life- his complicated relationship with his father.He has been passionate about making his dad feel proud of him.He saw both painful and happy times…he witnessed life and he witnessed death.His life was simple still complicated.

Out of all the complications was he able to set up a happy life for himself? Or in his bumpy journey of making his dad realize his worth he ended up doing something terrible? What does the letter from his father has got for him in it? Find out.’

The title of the book perfectly suits the story.The cover picture though not so attractive ,but gives a simple illustration of the story.The synopsis on the back cover generates an inquistiveness to find out the hidden mystery of Daksh’s life and the content of the letter written by his father to him.

Initially, I felt that the story is just another usual ones among the crowd where the author just wants to display his whole life starting from his childhood.But ,the circumstances changed and the story suddenly started to travel on a new track and there it grabbed my attention and interest.

A facile writing fashion has been adopted by the author. The story is laced with simplicity in writing style and complexity in exemplar’s life that kept my interest alive, and the story was also relatable to some extent.Some events really touched my heart ,and are enough to make anyone go emotional. The letter written by exemplar’s father to him is really an heart-touching moment and there it left its impression.This short story also gives a message to all the parents and their children.One could easily go with this book in a single sit.

At some places story is descripted more than required which I felt that could be avoided, and where the story actually wants to go in depth lacks elaboration there.The storyline is good and it could be implemented in a better way.I think the story should go in more depth then it will create its own new aroma ,and it would be more relatable then.But, being a debutant author Kanak has done a nice job.

It was a light-read pack for me,laced with emotions of a boy and his father portrayed in a nice manner.Albeitthe story is short ,but is tear-jerker.A good book to spend some time with , and to learn the lesson Daksh’s story teaches.

Rating: 3.7/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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