Review of A winning Attitude

Author- Rosie Hamilton Mcginty


Some walk with positive attitude,some with negative attitude.Does someone walk with winning attitude? What actually is winning attitude? Very few of us actually know what in true manner winning attitude refers and others simply misunderstood it.Well to clear my these doubts, I picked up this book.

‘A winning Attitude’ , to change your life change your attitude by Rosie Hamilton Mcginty aims to enable readers to be motivated, self- guided, do right to others, open the way to empathy and become caring and compassion.

This book consists of 120 thoughts tends to change your attitude.As the title seems promising content is not that much promising.Though some thoughts are really good and perfect for the book but the rest doesnt intend to take position what the book actually wants to give.It is a diminutive book.Rarely took half an hour to complete or even less.

Rating- 3/5

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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