Review of An Introduction to Public Speaking

Title: Introduction to Public Speaking

Author: Brent C. Oberg


Many a times situation comes to speak in front of people, that too sometimes impromptu. But do all of you are ready to serve your thoughts whenever required in front of number of crowds? No, not everyone! Right? Keeping this very thing in mind, an English teacher from Colorado, comes up with a book titled ‘An Introduction to Public Speaking’. This book covers the basic tactics and do’s and don’ts as how to face public and speak in front of them confidently and as required.

As the back cover says:” A new introductory text on public speaking that emphasizes practical exercises and activities

Each of the following chapters supports one or two specific learning objectives:

-Communication Apprehension- overcoming apprehension through introductory public speaking activities

-Techniques of delivery- the principles of effective presentation techniques

– Listening Skills- learning the skills of critical listening

-Topic section, organization, and Research- choosing a dynamic topic, organizing a speech, and effectively using research

-Different modes of Speaking-delivering impromptu, manuscript, and memorized speeches

-Speaking with different purposes- delivering persuasive, informative and entertaining speeches

-oral Interpretation of Literature-learning the skills of storytelling and oral interpretation

-Applied Activities-using public speaking in applied, real-world situations”

What it says in the blurb, it maintains the same in the content. Many a times it happens that content in the blurb showcases all goods and talk big and the cover design shine opulent, but the content inside doesn’t feed as the covers show. This case is definitely not present here.

This book highlights on various topics required for public speaking that plays a vital role in making the speech perfect. The topic that are covered in this book are communication apprehension, Techniques of delivery, listening skills, topic section, organization and research to be done while choosing any topic. Different modes of speaking, speaking with different purposes, oral interpretation of literature and applied activities. All these topics are narrated in a precise manner, giving required details, neither too much nor to less, giving it a proper balance.

One could get theoretical knowledge from anywhere but what requires most is the practice of what we have learnt. After teaching readers the tactics of effective speaking, at the end of each chapter readers would be served with an activity to perform which is the must part of the book, if you want to make a dynamic change in your presentation skills.

Author has used a very simple narration style so that any reader could understand his thoughts easily and work on it simultaneously. There is a proper flow in the content of the book, as if a beginner is reading, he/she should get a proper background and comfort while going through it. The arrangement of the content in a proper way serves reader’s mind a proper and fruitful meal.

A good book covering various activities a speaker needs to know about!

Rating: 4.6/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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