Review of Bringing Up your Baby

Title: Bringing up your Baby

Author : Komal Porecha


Bringing up a Baby, the most beautiful and toughest task involves a lot of effort and attention. Although almost everyone does this task, but doing it perfectly and understanding your child to the best is the question. ”Bringing Up Your Baby: the comprehensive guide for your baby’s first year’, by Komal Porecha is a lovely book that covers stories of her twins along with how readers can learn from them, what to do at particular action of his/her child.

As the back cover says:”

The baby book you’ve always been looking for…

Once you’ve delivered your baby, you know that the fun has just started. From your parents, to friends and neighbours, everyone has advice to give you about how to care for your baby. And as well-meaning and confusing as they may be, how do you know what’s right for you and your angel? After all, you want to give your precious newborn the best, don’t you?

Mother of twins and a gorgeous boxer, Komal Porecha tells you everything you need to know about that challenging, trying, and fulfilling first year of baby care in an inimitable tone that will leave you going back to her pages for her pages for her wealth of information and her dab of warmth. From bringing your baby home, to breast feeding, diaper changing, to doctor-patient routines, to regulating your child’s sleep patterns, Bringing Up Your Baby is every Indian’s mum’s blessing and best friend.”

This book talks about the different stages of a new born baby, their activities, habits, ambience including some lessons of do’s and don’ts and some hilarious anecdotes authoress shared from her experience. Guidelines from pediatrician are also given at the end of each chapter that helps you know more about your child. It very smoothly narrates the stages and the important aspects of the child’s growing age with appropriate information with the help of pediatrician.

From miniature acts of child to his/her likings at particular age, authoress has covered almost a precious chapter of her twins. Through her story you can have lovely pictures from an old album if your child is a grown one. The acts and incidents narrated by authoress makes you remember of the days you’ve spent with your child and it altogether brings you a rejuvenating feel and an urge to live those days again.

Without a shadow of doubt, first few years of child’s are the most important and building facets of his/her life. Not only for the child, but also for the parents, as child need their attention and importance at every level.So, it is very essential for the parents to understand the innuendos of their child and to learn from this book how they can let grow their child in a better way.

A moderate writing style has been used by the authoress which is good to go with along with the content. The information and guidelines are given in an attentive and friendly way. Through pictures, charts, facts and figures authoress has gathered appropriate information and presented in this book so that readers could get as much knowledge and information from this book.

Recommended to all the mothers out there to reminisce their most wonderful moments of life and especially to those who are mother of a new born and soon to be a mother of a baby. This book could help you a lot.

A book written by a mother for a mother!

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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