Review of Business Management Simplified

Title : Business Management Simplified


Subtitle : Practical, actionable solutions for entrepreneurs

All in one guidebook to start run and grow your small and mid-size business to the next level


Author : Sanjay Shah







Blurb : Right from its beginning, every business faces a lot of challenges throughout its journey. Entrepreneurs want to make a positive difference to this world through their business. But they face a variety of challenges in managing their businesses. They need solutions to these challenges. This book provides simplified solutions to management challenges faced by business leaders and managers.

A lot of management theory exists, but business problems are practical. Matching the theory to solve the practical problems is a puzzle that managers and business leaders have to solve daily. This book presents management ideas and advice into easily executable, actionable and practical form which can be implemented quickly.


Management is unnecessarily made complex by jargon. This book discusses all the business management issues in a very simple language, without using any jargon.


This book is for you if you are an entrepreneur, a business leader or a manager looking for a practical guidebook you can refer to for solving your business problems. You can pick it up whenever some question arises, refer to it and continue moving ahead.


This book can become your companion to take your business to the next level, always being at your side, helping you, showing you the way whenever you ask, all through your journey.


You will surely get solutions to most of your business management problems here.


My View: In this fast-paced world where number of Gandhis available in your pocket plays a crucial role, many strategies and field are chosen, in which one among  many is to become an entrepreneur. Small scale business to high-scale business, most of the people choose this field to climb the ladder of success, but what makes a small-scale business small and a high scale business successful and large. Sanjay Shah in this book comes up with some strategically approached to boost up your business and entrepreneur skills.



The book promises to help readers in Meaningful Marketing, Better Branding, Caring Customer  Relationship and Sensible Selling which are considered as the core components to handle business. This book doesn’t just hold some theoretical concepts which cannot be implemented in real life, but this book is full of practical thoughts which can be easily implemented and work upon. This book becomes a means of solving a business related problem or prepares one to deal with difficult situations.



His words and thoughts doesn’t follow a particular genre or a particular field, he sums up his thought in a generic way so that every entrepreneur could relate to it and could make the book best of his/her use. He suggests various ways to heighten your business and the various ways as how your business and your product can reach to many lives. Author has covered almost all the points and terms that one would encounter while handling business. He deals with each of the term with great care, making sure that how his few words can make or break one person’s business.



The presentation of author’s thoughts is very friendly and can be easily captured in minds. Using bullets and point wise details and not feeding the hefty and heavy paragraphs author makes the journey easy and comfortable for readers. To top it, he has used a very simple and matured writing fashion to lay down his words infront of readers, which made the journey comfortable for the readers, and at the same time, made author’s thoughts transparent to the readers, which results in better understanding of his words.



If you are into any business or if you are thinking to start one, this book would work as a great guide. This book takes care of the fact that even if you don’t belong to management field, the content of the book takes the responsibility to let you know about the concepts you should know that too in a precise and comfortable manner.


Rating : 5/5




Reviewer : Shweta Kesari



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