Review of Chase your dreams by Heena Priya and Atiya Shazi Ahmed


Review by Shweta Kesari

Chase your dreams is a debut novel by two young authors Heena Priya & Atiya Shaazi Ahmed.

The description is very simple and lucid. The story takes us back to both our school as well as college life. The title of the story is well suited and readers can read it in a single go which makes it an extraordinary read.

It is the story of two besties kashish and samaira, the story of their legendary friendship, the story of their struggles. The story makes you optimistic by showing even if the whole world is against you, there is a true friend beside you.

As written in the book itself, two  best friends are the greatest source of inspiration to each other.  Really, its true in this case. Readers can learn a lot from this book and this is how the purpose of the book as well as the authors would be served.


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