Review of Chords of Life

Author- Angad Singh Saluja

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‘Chords of Life’ by Angad Singh Saluja is a twiggy book where author poured out his heart and tries to open the pages of his life and what he thinks or learnt from the various fragments of life through the ink of his thoughts.Though the book is diminutive but it holds the strength to twist your mind and melt your heart.

As what poet says about this book-‘Chords of Life is a collection of real life experiences and stories written in the form of both long and short poems which would easily strike a chord with the readers.”Chords of Life” is here to break the myth of people regarding poetry and offer everyone an experience of their life time.The ease of vocabulary,real situations from heart and simplicity in its own sense would make every person witness some chapters of his or her own life through this book.

Life can be tricky and tough at times questioning your ability to deal with it.Still keeping faith,we move ahead trying to balance in the turmoil of different emotions, relations,situations and experiences. I myself have suffered many setbacks from time to time and witnessed different shades of life.Words have the power which no weapon can match and “Chords of Life” is a simple attempt to help and inspire the society in some way so that the world is a better place to live in for everyone.The set of poems are divided into the following three categories-

Life and Me
We have to understand questions related to our inner conscious, self realization and different feelings with respect to life’s dictatorship.

Life and Relations

People are changing colors and relations are not being valued leading you to different setbacks from time to time.

Life and Survival

There is no need to move beyond the individual level and focus on survival and worldwide problems like of “Development”, “Global Warming” and “World Peace”.’

His poems are very easy to understand and they speak more of life.Rhyming words at the end added charm to his poems.Though his poems are enclaved of simplicity, they show images of reality.In this book,poet dealt with those issues which often becomes the reason of dispute between heart and mind.Balancing them,author came up with positivity in his thoughts and wants to evocate the same in the readers.

No doubt,some of his poems are intentionally written to give messages to readers which is far more required for everybody to adapt.Poems like ‘Global Warming’ , Peace’ are sure to alarm people with a push.Though some of his poems are long but it tells interesting story in few words.

‘Chords of Life’ is the perfect title for the book as his poems works as a bridge between reader’s heart and poet’s heart.’Chords of Life’ is a book which reveals the secrets of life via poet’s heart.One could easily co- relate with the poems compiled in this book.

A 74 paged book ,which you could easily complete in a single go and there is no way to put a dictionary along with you while reading it.If you are yet to read a poetry book and wants to go through a book which is festooned with simplicity and richness in thoughts,you can go through this book. The one who doesn’t able to understand poetry can understand poems of this book with ease.

Rating- 4.5/5

Reviewer- Shweta Kesari

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