Review of Computers : System & Applications


Author- P. Sudharsan & J. Jeyabalan

‘Computers : System & Applications’ by P.Sudharsan & J. Jeyabalan is a computer technological book which gives a depth insight on the basics of computer :it’s system & applications,as the name depicts.This book holds those topics,which are very basic for the begginers to know about and help the students who needs to learn about computer efficiently.

As the back cover says-‘ Computers: System & Application has been designed for the course of ‘Fundamentals/Introduction of Computers’ for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of all universities in India.It integrates all the basic concepts and latest information about computers.

Key Features:

  • Simple and precise description of concepts
  • Introduction to computers,programming,operating systems and networking

  • Includes latest concepts such as computer security,multimedia systems,cryptography,computer viruses,virtual reality and mobile computing

  • Review questions and self- review excercises at the end of each chapter

  • Illustrated with appropriate diagrams

The contents of this book are student-friendly and give a complete coverage of computers,and the latest advancements in the field of information technology.It also includes some of the most popular Microsoft applications such as MS Word, MS Access and so on.The self-review questions help students to self-evaluate their understanding.’

The blurb itself says it all.Descripted diagrams are amalgamated and put forth in the book which makes easy to learn and seems interesting to gain knowledge more about it.Along with this,the language used is simple to understand and is effective in its own way.All the neccessary topics have been covered and explained lucidly with the apt diagram and liable details which results to an easy grasping process.Review questions given at the end of each chapter covered almost all the core topics inscripted in the chapter and henceforth it gives a quick knowledge of how much you have grabbed and how much still left and needs to be revised.

Contents of the book holds- a basic introduction to computers which includes its history,classification,input & output devices,memory units and communication devices,Computer programming,Operating Systems,Networking, MS- Office,Database management system and advanced concepts in computers.

The thing I most like about this book is,it deals with some recent topics like-internet & it’s applications,viruses and their types,multimedia,virtual reality,Mobile & Wireless Communication Systems and Network Security.To grow ahead in the computer field,these things are vital or core to learn.Indeed,a helpful book where you can have all the core things about computer at one place.

Rating -4.5 /5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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