Review of Corporate Stunts

Title : Corporate Stunts


Author : Navin M.Karmakar




Blurb : Young rebellious Nish joins Revenge. Corp unaware of the fact that his co-workers have resigned leaving behind enormous workload & a single female colleague in the team. Later on, more crisp to the situation added when a married man joins them and the interesting story of compatibility & survival starts among them.


Further, friendly Nish ties a strong bond with his four funny colleagues. They fight with never ending work, unpredictable management and perform every corporate stunt helping each other.


 The story further tones up with his flirting skills with girls and he gains a title of lover boy. He fell in love but is ditched. Friends will they be able to handle his broken heart & help him overcome his pain?


Will Nish & his friends succeed to prepare & execute their job escape plan? Enjoy a hilarious corporate journey of Nish and his colleagues; a story of Office-Premise.


My View  :

‘Coporate Stunts’ is a story of corporate world where an employee unmasks his experience about Corporate world trying to portray it with the support of comedy.What readers would get to feed in this book is the working ambiance corporate holds.What I expected from this corporate stunts is a plot,a well-crafted plot which could tell the workings of corporate world with a story which would act as a supporter to complete the journey.In the beginning, author’s words strike with such a great intense assuring that it would be a enjoyable ride.


He tries to accommodate such scenes in the story which could bring a smile on reader’s face,but there are just a few moments where his lines touch reader’s heart and forces him/her to curve his/her lips. His jokes and one-liners make sense to his own world of Revenge,but to readers they fail to compel their magic to lighten reader’s heart.

There was no twist and turn I could discover in the journey, it follows the track of boredom serving the monotonous content to the readers. Instead of humorous chips what more I got to gulp in this book is corporate tamasha,colleagues’ reactions , their bindings with each other and a little heartfelt conversations.

The story needs to be accelerated with patience. Events happen with such a great pace,that reader demands for some time to dwell into one event and switch to other.Incidents lack the flavour to lure readers,sometimes it feels like same chapter is being read by me again and again.Only at some places, author takes some step towards difficulty where he has to serve something different.He also incorporated a love story in the story, but that too faded in the shadow of boredom.


I like his writing fashion,it has all  an Indian reader seek for.Simplicity, effective articulation, selection of appropriate words.His writing fashion has the potential to reach to reader’s heart.He let’s out the words from his heart with great ease.What more his book demands is humour and a good plot.

His story of corporate life doesn’t have something interesting to serve to readers.Comedy born, when tragedy happens,tragedy happened with him,but comedy soon died before even giving a glance to readers.


Rating : 2.5/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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