Review of Dance to the 7 tunes of Success


Author – Nishit Lal

‘Dance to the 7 tunes of Success : Change the world with your standards of excellence’ by Nishit Lal is a mere encouraging and motivational book that leads you to the path of success by following some steps required to reach your goal.A diminutive book that holds powerful thoughts and would give you a push to roll up your sleeves.

As the back cover says- ‘ It’s time to breakthrough,not breakdown.It’s time to give your all and not give up.It’s time to put your best foot forward and Dance to the 7 Tunes of Success!

Success is not just about achieving your goals, it is about making the most while you’re on your way to your goal.You are happy when you achieve success,but you also achieve success when you are happy

Dance to the 7 Tunes of Success puts together the 7 invaluable pieces of life’s puzzle in the right sequence and pattern to bring out the real potential in each one of us.The 7 tunes of life work wonderfully in rhythym to reveal the gifts we possess.It is thus time to break out our comfort zone and create a legacy for a more purposeful world.It’s time to broaden our horizens with new and powerful ideas on being happy and making a positive difference to life.

Let the ideas take you to the next level.Let that time be NOW! ‘

‘Your difficulties do not make you weak.Your reactions to your difficulties make you weak.’

We all know that we all have weekness in us floating in the upper layer of brain ,and blocking our way to success.Some has more weak points and some has less.Some have similar ones and some have different.But weakness is a part of everyone’s life.The above quote taken from the book gives us a push to how to overcome from our weaknesses and how one thing enters the door of weakness.This book is amalgamated with many such great thoughts drawn by the author to lace the book.Wonderful quotes demonstrated by other writers in the beginning of each chapter works as a morning’s fresh start to wake a new day.

The vital things author thinks to be required in the path of treading success is 7 P’s (7 tunes)- Passion, Purpose , Productivity ,Perception, Possibilities , Practice and Potential.Indeed, a catchy title,that does justify with the content of the book.The thing I like most about this book is author not only focussed on only these seven subjects but he also gave light on various other subjects related to them.Author has amalgamated some great quotes in the book to festoon and boost up your thoughts. Simplicity in language and positivity in thoughts is what I think is the backbone of this book. Delightful and real life examples are stitched in the book to make readers more ardent about their goal learning from someone else’s story.

A book which works as a catalyst to bring out the positive change in yourselves.Indeed an excellent attempt by an Indian author to come up with a self-help book which really serves you some new flavor blended with some old thoughts.

Rating- 4.4

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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