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Title : Dark Soul

Author : Mitali Priyadarshini

“Dark Soul:A lament within the core” ,debut novel of Mitali Priyadarshini, is a fantasy based romantic story of Tom and Kristaine,the protagonist.This is a story which is sprinkled by witty imagination,infatuation, love, suspense , mystery ,haunt, and numerous feelings.A simple story blended with wild imaginations in which one after another you are welcomed by new adventures.

As the back cover says ‘ Ailing mother dies screaming that her unborn child is evil and now the only family Tom knows is granny and best friend Kristaine.

At a height of time when he’s experiencing his first love,he realizes that he’s possessed and soon finds his girl missing and holds himself responsible.

In that tumultuous situation he bumps into a mysterious world only to find his dead mother alive who reveals that his father is to be blamed for his mishap.

Now can he get back his only love?

Is he giving to survive with the nasty secrets forever or will he find a way out?

“What if I wake up one day to find you all dead…because of me?”,Tom asked with innocence.’

The “Dark Soul”,the title itself holds a dark mystery.Along with it,the subltitle ” A lament within the core ” helps to generate inquistiveness within the readers.Both the title and the subtitle are appropriate for the story and are catchy enough to gain reader’s attention.Cover design is simple yet speaks very well about the story and suits the title.After reading the blurb,I could easily smell the fragrance of the story emanating from it.It was working as a magnet and attracting me towards it.

I was reading fantasy book by an Indian writer for the first time. When I started reading the book,I was not sure whether it could stand on my expectations or not.Let’s check out,how well it worked on me.

The story from the very beginning cuddled me in it’s arms.I was completely glued to the story.Every facet of the story is interesting and blended with multitude of emotions.Storyline is fantastic,though at some places future events were predictible,but still it was holding its charm. The love triangle of Jessica,Kris and Tom is beautifully presented and is blended with proper amount of suspense and emotion.(The facet of the story I liked the most.)

A simple writing fashion has been adopted by the authoress.Even a novice reader could go through it with ease.Articulation of sentences is also nice.It is a blend of romance and fantasy that worked accordingly.Both has their own aura and authoress balanced both the things very well.From wild imaginations to crispy love,readers could feel everything and can visualize every scene profoundly.The story was pacing in a constant flow.I couldn’t feel any undemanding description or lacking of description anywhere.Rather the story is portrayed in a friendly manner.Authoress way of moulding sentences created perfect ambience for the story.

There is no such bigger downfall of the book.It’s just that suspense could be created in such a way that it wouldn’t be predictable for readers.Apart from that, a very good work by the authoress.

And now that I know authoress is working on the sequel of this book,I’m eagerly waiting to hold the sequel of the Dark soul in my hands.Wishing her very good luck for her future endeavours and I hope the sequel would make me even drool more.

Rating : 4.7/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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