Review of Day is Night


Title : Day is Night

Authoress : J.R. Jyoti

“Day is Night:A collection of 62 Short Humorous Stories” is a short fiction book that encorporates various incidents and facts authoress has came through in her life and which many of us have also been encountered in our life.

As the back cover says ‘ Tickling the funny bones is known to produce chuckles, giggles and hearty laughs-all tonics for healthy living.

Day is Night is a tickler capsule packed with 62 ingrediants, aimed at clearing hazy vision, lifting sagging moods and keeping despair at bay.

Illustrations are added to hasten the action and enhance the effect.

Caution: Side effects such as sharp pain, a burning sensation, uneasiness and prickly pinpricks have been observed.Don’t, however, panic; these are indications that the medicine is working.’

Title is unique and catchy and so do the cover,and only this very thing made me to pick this book.What more fascinated me in this book is : witty comparison authoress has made of different situations.I liked them at lot. A picture is provided in each of the 62 stories that very-well defines the topic.Pictures are likeable and funny.And they perfeclty suits the title. I thought of this book as an amalgamation of short stories, as mentioned on the front cover, instead I found authoress’ views and perceptions on some topics she has chosen to tell readers about.

Authoress observations and perceptions are laid down in this book quite nicely.Although authoress claimed the stories to be humourous, I couldn’t say all of them are humourous but some of them are. This book will help you to see many realities of today’s era and generation.The good thing is authoress has showcased all of them in an eloquent manner with appropriate pictures festooning the articles. Writing style is nice and authoress has avoided unnecessary description gaining one more plus point.

Readers would get several flavours to taste in this book. Some articles are really hilarious and witty, while some stand at the niche of good, some at nice and the rest are just okay. Each of the article holds a message but not that powerful. The articles I liked the most from this book are :

Face to face with Sati
Of Face-lifts and Facials
Marry in Haste, Repent at Leisure
Dress Bound
Obvious is elusive
Infatuation Thy Name is Husband
Nothing is Good or Bad
The Bright Side of Things

It felt like I was reading 62 different articles that are amalgamated in the book. Such content would look good in magazines or as articles in newspaper.For me this book doesn’t work out well, as I had expected a lot after seeing the title and the synopsis.

Rating : 3/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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