Review of Dead lawyers tell no tales

Author- Randy Singer


‘Dead lawyers tell no tales’ by Randy Singer is an interesting and intelligent book penned with intelligent imaginations. I loved the tale and loved the way author has presented it in a rare humorous way. The author’s pen has the power to draw the readers towards his writings.

The title of the book didn’t seem happening to me rather it did sound more confusing,not giving the clues of the content it holds.But after reading the blurb of the book,it seemed happening and I was excited to read it.

The protagonist of the story is Landon Read who was prisoned because he was charged of organizing a point-shaving scheme.To prove his loyalty and innocence,he earned a law degree and waited for the perfect time when he could prove his loyalty.Landon along with Harry McNaughten started to work on a murder case.From here,the story strengthen to its best.It equipped with suspense and thrill and I was turning its pages with no pause.

No doubt,author’s writing skill is excellent.But along with good writing skill a good plot is also necessary.So here it is the complete flavour of an excellent book.This book not only contains an excellent plot but also contains an appreciating writing style.Its worth to read this book and highly recommended and one would really enjoy reading this book.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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