Review of Diary of an Immigrant Bride

Title : Diary of an Immigrant Bride

Author : Nim Gholkar

Cover of Diary of an Immigrant Bride

Blurb : 998 Australia. Anjali Jathar is looking forward to life as an immigrant bride following her arranged marriage to ambitious divorcee Ravi. Settling in, she explores not just a new culture but also her newfound freedom. But life is less than perfect. Ravi’s constant travel and preoccupation with work leave Anjali feeling increasingly unloved and lonely.

Enter Jake Ellis. Charmed by Anjali’s exoticism, he finds himself gradually falling in love with her. And so begins an emotionally intoxicating roller-coaster ride.
‘Unravelling Anjali’ is a cross cultural tale delving into love, lust and relationships. What happens if a woman meets her soul mate after marriage…and it’s not her husband?
A riveting read, ‘Unravelling Anjali’ is a vivid portrayal of commitment, betrayal and the struggle to find one’s identity in a foreign land.

Review : A classy cover welcomes the reader with a neat depiction of the story in support with the title and the blurb.Though all of them make it very clear the theme of the book,but what makes reader wondering is what special this book would have in store for its readers.All the three core external components ofthe book attracts reader and forces him/her to take a try.

Talking about the story-line of the book, although the theme of the book is quite common and known,but the chain of episodes it holds is quite interesting.They are simple and relatable, and most of which we often heard of, which makes the events easy to visualize.The characteristics of the protagonist is very-well mentioned in the book,although the count of characters in the book is more, of which some could be easily eliminated,but all in all,characterization is done in a decent manner.What I like most about the story is, the way it bids adieu to the readers, the end, emotional and touchy,I hadn’t thought that it would end like that, giving such a vibrant feeling.

I like the manner in which story is portrayed,clever description,albeit it gives in depth description,but would be beneficial for those who find difficulty in visualizing scenes.The journey and thoughts of the protagonist is very-well described in the book and that’s why readers can easily comprehend what protagonist is going through.The reader keeps on the moving with the protagonist,hand by hand,empathizing with her,learning all the traits she has learnt and discovered.

What act as the hindrance in the journey is unwanted details.At places, authoress dives into depth which is not that much required to connect to the story.I wanted the story to be straight-forward and on the track in order to provide a proper flow to the story.

A well-narrated light read!

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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