Review of Disconnect


Title : Disconnect

Authoress :Devra Davis

Cellphone: the basic need of every human-being after food,cloth and shelter.From past few years, it has changed the world and people’s lifestyle to a great extent.No matter, whether the loved ones are near to people or not, but the cell-phone is always close to them.Where it has so many pros, its obvious that it would have cons also.

Devra Davis in his book “Disconnect: The truth about cellphone radiation” reveals the other side of the cell-phone which many of us are unaware of.And if you are one amongst them who use cell-phone , then it is must to have knowledge about both its pros and cons.

As the back cover says ‘ More than five billion cell phones are currently in use, and that number increases every day.Yet, the latest research ties cell phone radiation to lowered sperm counts, an increased risk of Alzheimer’s ,and certain types of cancer.What are cell phone companies doing to increase product safety? And how far will they go to protect their interests?

In Disconnect, Devra Davis, a National Book Award finalist, offers a clear and compelling account of the sea change that has taken place in way physicits and biologists think about radiation in the microwave spectrum.Synthesizing the cautionary advice of leading experts in bioelectromagnetics and neuroscience,Davis explains the simple safety measures that we must take-before it’s too late.’

If you are already a learner of latest technolgies then it might not be of that much useful to you as you may know many of the information provided in the book.But if you are a novice and doesn’t have much knowledge about technology, but feels to gain the knowlegde of darker side of cell-phone(which should be known to everyone specially those who use it) I ask you to go through this book once.

It tells us about tech details and how it effects us.Devra Davis’s research helped her to prove in this book how does cell phone play a disastrous role in our life.Albeit, a very useful device it is, but the authoress through this book help us to know the dark side of this device.

It also tells which system of our body may get effected from the harmful rays emitted from the cell-phones.Though company tells us some basic safety measures, but didn’t sound completely profitable, as with the increament of features and innovative technologies,it is posing it’s evil side more rapidly.

It couldn’t stand out as I’ve expected after reading the title.It seemed approaching and full of unleashing the other side of cell-phones, no doubt, it does but not to the point.

The author tries to convey message to every readers as how to protect themselves and their family.Effects,measures,symptoms and precaution you can all find in this book.I think one should read this book atleast once and protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmfull radiation emitting from cell-phones.

Rating :4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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